Adapting To The Gig Economy

gig workerI credit the Jupiter Uranus conjunction with expanding my confidence as well as my worldview, to the point where I could go on Fiverr and communicate my needs technical people on the other side of the world. I set up three jobs with two sellers. The results have been magnificent and I learned a lot in this process… not the hard way!

Before I committed, I visited forums where, Fiverr, sellers and buyers congregate.  I learned far more than I bargained for. Namely, the Fiverr seller is at the mercy of the buyer to a large degree.  The seller lives or dies by their ratings. One buyer can harm a seller’s business, dramatically. I’m talking, going from flush to starving for some months, until your offer finds it way back up in the rankings.  I don’t think this is fair, but I see the logic. If it was not set up this way, would I have used, Fiverr? Probably not.

Sellers are often terrified. The smart ones will avoid you / refuse your job, if you sound the least bit nutty.  Can’t say that I blame them! I’m sensitive to the idea some people are willing to damage a person’s reputation, without cause, for some type of gain. I was glad I understood the situation going in. I intended to hire highly rated sellers, acutely aware of what it takes to climb the ranks of a site like this. I decided in advance, I would cause no harm to anyone, no matter what happened. I just wouldn’t want that on head, so to speak.

More and more Americans are working gig jobs as the worldwide schema changes. It was during this period, I realized that I’m also a gig worker. If I always was, I didn’t notice and I’ll tell you why.  Years ago, people used to schedule their consultations, ninety-five percent of the time. It was as if there were some kind of structure or organization.  Now, the huge majority, ping me to check availability, day of.

I don’t mind this. I encourage it.  My Mars Mercury conjunction LOVES it, but that framework is gone.  Rather than knowing which days will be busy and which are more flexible, I’m sort of always “on”?

Thinking about it, it’s like being DoorDash astrologer!  We’re all socialized to want what we want when we want it… in a global economy, this feasible. I say that, because let’s say I have a server emergency.  I would like to contact the man who built the server, but what if he’s asleep?  Well, I would have to hire someone else, which the seller himself, suggested.  “Worst case scenario, if you can’t get a hold of me, you can hire…”  See?

This man is right.  The customer can or cannot be loyal to a seller and it’s the same with astrology. If I help you in a way that is real and tangible, you’re likely to hire me again. Some refer others. If not, you won’t!

If you’re not part of the gig economy, this may change in the future. In fact, I think it’s likely.  At that point, everyone is a waitress, if you see the tie there.  And security? What security?

I personally think we are one world at the moment. Saturn in Pisces; boundaries are beyond blurred at this point. Recently I said I was living in the future.  My blog has moved there with me, at this point, seeing as it’s hosted in Germany, with and my email server is also set up in a different foreign country. It simply doesn’t matter “where”. My blog is faster now than it’s ever been.

I felt really good, being a gig worker, supporting another gig worker. I tipped this last guy, fifty percent and still walked away a major winner. He was just that good.  Point being there are some ultra-talented gig workers out there. I’m proud to be one of them.  And the picture?  That’s the gig worker, trying to string it together, one day at a time.

Are you part of the gig economy?

4 thoughts on “Adapting To The Gig Economy”

  1. This is really contemporary! The description of your experience is real-time and me, a reader and follower of your site for 25 years gives me an education. I’d never heard the term Gig Economy but my husband does — he’s been part of it for decades ‘cept we call this Sidejobs … stringing one after the other.
    “On call”

    The morphing character of the economy and waitress lineage puts us all in the gig economy: working class retrospective. Paid by the hour plus tips.

    It’s a story to be sure!

  2. I forgot all about Fiverr! Several years back I found the website. Probably one of those internet articles. I bought something -?- I can’t remember what it was. But thought it was just a neat idea. Look how it’s expanded! At the time, I remembered thinking, who the heck will actually immerse themselves into this type of thing? It felt so nomad-ish.

    1. I’ve flirted with it before but I’ve never dived in like this. It’s a wonderful business for Fiverr. I tip the guy, pay 5% on top of the tip to Fiverr… who also takes 10% from the seller!

  3. I’m curious as to your description for Fiverr being “nomad-ish” ? Like the Tinker and Romani?

    Admittedly, I know nothing about Fiverr and have been a nomadic storyteller and artist living in a handmade wheeled home.

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