Fighting! Mars Around the Zodiac…

Personally, my Mars is broken in Libra. Mars shows how you get what you want. It shows how you hunt, how you get the man/woman and also how you take out an enemy. The problem with Mars in Libra is that Libra is nice. Libra is not actually any nicer than anyone else but they do have to act as if they are. This is their job on the planet.

This means I may want to hit you with a bat but the second I think it I realize that these are not “nice” things to do. Since I’m not allowed to disturb the peace, that plate does not crash down on top of your head – which I regret!

The result of all this? Well no one is that nice, so when Libra blows – look out.

Mars is well placed in Aries, the sign it rules and the sign opposite Libra. Aries Mars throws the first punch. Everyone knows that gives a clear advantage. Aries knows instinctively, “nice” is incongruous with war. Libra Mars wants to discuss the unpleasantness over dinner – Aries is going to have Libra for dinner.

Worse, if Libra does manage to strike it can only use the same amount of force that has been used against them…and probably just a slight bit less. The reason is that Libra must balance everything. You hit me with force of 10, and I hit back with force of 9.8.Because this way, I’m the nice one. See how ridiculous this is?

Mars is also very well placed in Scorpio. Where Aries is overt (that’s their fist smashing into your face), an enemy with a Scorpio Mars will subtly dismantle you from the inside out using elaborate covert techniques. Where Aries will kick your ass in two seconds, a Scorpio Mars is much more insidious.

Scorpio has the poker face in the zodiac. They will lie in wait or perhaps slowly undermine you in a myriad of ways. Many of these will be psychological, Scorpio’s natural playground. Undercover cop? That’s a Scorpio Mars technique. You don’t know what’s happening until you’re in the bag.

The exalted placement for Mars is Capricorn. This is because Capricorn is goal-oriented and tenacious as hell. It just doesn’t quit until its goal is achieved. It’s a cautious planner who acts with integrity and so is nearly unbeatable. Think “controlled force.” They plan and have covered both their ass and anything your ass can possibly think of before they launch an attack. Further, they will keep going bumped, bruised, bloody, or whatever until victory is achieved.

Rash-acting Aries Mars can get in trouble when they punch a black-belt in karate on impulse because they did not take the time to size up the foe. Scorpio Mars can get in trouble when the psych games turn on them, and the cat becomes the mouse. Capricorn Mars is the creme de la creme. If you want to come out on top, you might pretend you have one.

Where is your Mars?

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212 thoughts on “Fighting! Mars Around the Zodiac…”

  1. I have Mars in Libra in the 4th house — don’t like it much. An astrologer I like, who also has it, says that it’s hard to win with Mars in Libra. When he said that, so much finally made sense to me in regards to my deteriorating relationship with my husband, Mars in sagittarius, but it’s on his ascendant, so I’m told even though it’s in friendly Sag, he is Martian because of it being on his ascendant — and his rising sign is Scorpio. Definitely hard to win!

  2. Mars in Virgo at 27° in 1H, so when I want to go somewhere or do something, I get up and do it and just get out of my way. I’m a very calculated fighter….is it worth it? Can I get it on the first shot? I can have a quick temper but it is very easily subdued.

  3. I have Mars in Capricorn in the fifth. I’m the queen of the poison pen. I have no trouble getting a man but keeping a man is a trick I have yet to master. Well, that’s not true. I’ve lived with four different men and I left three of them but now I want the fourth one back (he’s a Capricorn with Mars in Sagittarius in the third) and he’s not having it. Oh, and I sing a mean karaoke.

  4. mars in cancer. Un-aspected in 5th.
    i need a transit to cause me to become creative. but if it’s a bad aspect, i might shy away from art. if it’s a harmonious one i usually need some kind of motivation first. once the work starts flowing the project can be a masterpiece in the making, but, if its followed by a malefic transit i might sabotage my project. If it’s followed by another harmonious aspect i might complete it. lol. if there’s not enough impetus to complete the project, i may just leave it in the middle – incomplete.
    sound lazy?

    well now, that’s for my creative endeavours.

    as far as work goes, i’m a fan of routine, and riding the day out to the end, working late sometimes can be a problem.

    fighting: there are a thousand things i would do to the enemy, but first they’ll happen in my mind, and make me angry enough to ruin my day by putting the situation on repeat, like walter mitty nearly. end result, anger does not pay.

    Kitchen: i am a chef.

    Home: Militant at/about home

    I recommend martial arts to this placement, particularly an un-aspected one

  5. I have Mars in Aries in the equal 8th house parallel Pluto…I can kill in an instant, but I’m also capable of waiting to kill. If I’m waiting to kill, that means I loathe you…most likely if I loath someone, they attcked me first.

  6. I post back in 2014, but here’s what I know more of today about my mars in cancer.
    It’s in my 1st house conj. merc. so it thinks it tough, but really it’s just a marshmallow (cancer) 🙂

  7. I have Mars in Gemini in my 7th. I think the sign and the placement is not great. It’s square Pluto trine Jupiter. I don’t think I’m an aggressive go getter and, I end up popping a gasket when I’m mad. My two boys have Mars placed in good signs, one Capricorn one is Aries. The Aries has it in the 10th but it is heavily aspects. So my cute little triple cancerian(sun moon rising) has I guess a Mars feel.

  8. I gave Mars in libra as well. I do think it helps me be a mediator . Many times I have helped family and friends resolve their differences. I can be more passive aggressive which is not a good thing but it helps to keep me from getting punched in the face.

  9. Elsa, I have Mars in Capricorn and Aries on my 8-house. And Saturn in Scorpio on my house 2! Not always easy but i am so grateful for both!Thank you for your
    writing about this!

  10. Mars in Virgo conjunct the north node (seconds apart), in the 1 St house. Venus is close by…. enough to say that is a conjunction. Sooooo, I was a combat (Mars) medic (Virgo). And joining the military gave my life a completely different spin (north node).

  11. Mars in Cancer 5th house here. I agree with munkyface about creative projects- follow through can depend very much on my mood & whether other things (especially people) take precedence. Which is too bad, because I could really use the outlet. (Although I painted the walls of my house during a time when I was really pissed off & movement seems to help too- dancing, fast walking, passionate sex… LOL)

    Mostly I end up feeling powerless (especially if it’s a work situation where I have to be polite). Feeling powerless makes me cry from frustration. I have a lot of Libra though, so I will try to work things out. I use logic, compromise & compassion but my Leo sun (6th), Scorpio moon & Uranus (9th) get impatient with Libra’s kind approach. (Perhaps I’d enact well thought out ingenious revenge if I could leave the country?!!) But my 3rd house Taurus Chiron also puts a huge emphasis on communication so I can get taken out by someone simply ignoring me. *Sigh*

    I am rather stubborn though, so I will work tenaciously for what I want, & will fight for animals/children/loved ones. I usually need to be pushed up to the wall to fight for myself, but survival becomes no object at that point. I wish I knew what my secret weapon was, but I don’t even like using my deep insight to hurt others. So I went into a meeting with an image of Hawthorne the crab in my head (Sherman’s Lagoon). He takes such pleasure in pinching people’s toes, I figured it would satiate me while having to be so professional & composed. It helped some.

  12. My Sister in law is an Aries and she has Mars in Aries as well. She has a hair trigger and will knock the crap out of anyone that crosses her path. Now, my Libran father in law, her dad, has a Capricorn Mars and I will tell you that he is nothing like a Libran. He is not a nice person and once he caused a man’s death due to a confrontation over something the other man’s son did. Silly kid gave my fil the middle finger just because and of course my fil followed the kid and jumped him at his home and it caused the dad to have a heart attack right there. And my gruff fil has no compunction to this day for what happened. In fact, he is always looking for someone to fight with. The last one was a knock down drag out fist fight with his daughter. She punched him in the face and they rolled with each other, punching and kicking. Now, this man is a former Marine and well, to them it is always a Marine. The daughter is just like her dad and they get into fist fights ever so often. I have been trying to come up with an appropriate Rising Sign for the Marine since he doesn’t know his time of birth. I go between Aries and Scorpio. I lean more heavily with Scorpio because he holds grudges like a child holding a security blanket.
    I have a few Librans in my family and none of them can fall under what Astrology says Librans should be. They all have a sharp, cutting tongue and can be quite nasty to other people.
    As for myself I have Mars in Virgo and as I use the whole system, it falls in my 8th house. I have an explosive temper that can be quite violent. I will cut a person apart with my words and I know every weakness they possess and will use this to my advantage when pushed too far. A few years ago, my father in law pushed me this far and I exploded in a white hot rage and let loose with every flaw he has ever had. Later, my husband said his dad was still talking about how I had hit every weakness he’d ever had. It took a few years before the Marine would even speak to me. But a person can only be bullied so much without letting loose.

  13. Mars in Libra 26 degrees in my 7th house of Marriage Neptune is there too making it dreamy and transcendent. Not a fighter but like you say always working toward a peaceful balance with my Capricorn husband of 35 years. Didn’t work most of the time. He was all about power and I rarely feel or am interested in power. We had great love and passionate sex. But I always lived in freedom and he always needed powerful control. Never understood that about him (Pluto badly aspected maybe). I tend to think that power seekers are driven by a deep seated sense of insecurity which propels them on this journey of dominance. No insecurity here – not with my Aries rising! Know what I want, know who I am, and just move aside while I get it! Ain’t gonna fight ya.
    Interestingly, what I do feel is strength and most recently since he passed away I feel my own courage which amazes me. Since I have Aries in my first house, maybe there’s this “reception” of the planet that someone was writing about here. Either way I have always loved my man Mars and I still do especially when he’s talking with Mercury like he’s doing now for a while. Mars rocks!! Great energy and libido. It doesn’t have to be fighting. Guess it is that Libran Venus – just lovin’ it!
    Aries Rising

  14. anonymoushermit

    All Mars in Scorpio people I know are powerful as hell. All they need is to put their mind to it, and watch them. They scare me, and in the best way possible. Ambitious, or vengeful, it’s so intense.

  15. I have mars in Scorpio, same degree as my moon, 2 degrees from my Mercury, and 4 degrees from my Neptune, all in the 3rd. I just had a meltdown on the administrators(2 females)of my condominium association where I am overseas. They had been gunning for me for a while, and they finally gave me a fine for walking my dog off a leash. I had my mate’s identical twin with me. He was quiet, controlled, and described how he went to the city and how they were not allowed to fine people for that …. I meanwhile, interjected that I knew they were discriminating against me, I wanted to know what the charges were exactly, that their friends at the city couldn’t help them now, that that was a lie, that the next time they harassed me I would file suit against them, that they knew I had special dispensation to go about without a leash on my dog, they had better remove the charge because I was not going to pay it, that I was the only one who cleaned up after my dog, that if it happened again I would start going out to the street and stop picking up after the other dogs, etc. I literally was so upset after I initially left with the twin, that when I got back I couldn’t do anything the rest of the day.
    I come from a deeply Scorpionic family with 4 merciless older sisters, and I do generally feel it is within my right to yell and scream and slam doors to defend myself from injustice, and not ok to get physical unless provoked (and I can win).

  16. I have an intercepted mars in scorpio in the fifth house,and I find it makes my creative even more covert and hidden!!

  17. Mars in Libra, in 12th.
    Everything you describe is right on.
    Also, with the Libra appreciation of esthetic things, showing agression does not always seem very elegant… Still, the feeling is there & sometimes would LOVE to physically and violently bash people. Or dream up creative ways of getting their goat. Especially in a very inelegant and brutal way!!!
    Aside from agressive action (which is not all that Mars does, he also gives evergy for other things), the 12th house mode makes me want to keep my activities private, sort of like I don’t like people to see me in action. Maybe I think it is unladylike or something? Kind of paradoxical bc I don’t feel uber-feminine. But I guess that’s Venus. There are very girly types who can be really aggressive!
    Also spot on your decription of Capricorn Mars, this also describes their general MO, keeping impeccably unattackable. And so tenacious it’s painful. When they get their hands on you, they never let up. Jeez, fuggidabout me, already. I have a girlfriend like this. i haven’t punched her in the face yet, hope I never will, but the little film in my head… !

  18. I have a 2nd house Cap Mars that is part of an earth Grand Trine with my Moon in Virgo and Saturn in Taurus. My husband is a Libra Mars, I think his 12th house Libra Mars is complimented by my Capricorn Mars, I am strong where he is weak but I express action/aggression with calculated dignity which he appreciates. I also have a Stellium in Libra which includes my Sun conj Jupiter so that effects the expression of my Cap Mars too. Controlled force with a smile LOL

  19. I have Mars in Libra too- 99% of the time it’s niceness overload. I don’t see it necessarily as bad though. Doesn’t less bad karma come back from genuine niceness than from not niceness? Less guilt and self-hate? The challenge for me is how to respond when my niceness is taken advantage of. Sun and 4 other planets in Scorpio, however, guarantee that once I reach my limit on the use and abuse of my niceness, a swift and total eradication of the offender or situation can be counted on. I guess my multitude of Scorpio planets balance, or back up, my “weak” Mars.

  20. Elsa, could “taking whatever comes and rolling with it” be an expression of Mars in Libra? I frequently choose to save my energy by “rolling with it,” as opposed to fighting whatever “it” is.

    “Rolling with it” also fulfills the Libra desire for equality and balance, since opposing forces and viewpoints are equally valid and valuable in the overall scheme of things?

  21. this is great to read! when I was reading about celebrities and how some celebrity couples, and some of the men get taken away from other women, the women in question had libra mars and aries mars. (ie, Billy Bob Thornton was dating Libra mars, pisces stellium Laura Dern and Angelina Jolie took him away –she has aries mars) of course no man can be stolen but he seemed more blown away from her hunting skills, in the end he ended up with neither. And we read about Scorpio mars Jennifer Aniston and Aries mars Jolie. I don’t know if that’s taken into account, but I thought that was interesting. And I thought men were hunters. lol

  22. Wow! That was great! Loved all the comments, too.

    I have to add my own to the mix. I have Mars in Cancer conjunct the Sun (+2°) with Uranus lurking nearby. I suppose according to what is considered normal, this positioning of Mars is broken, too. What it means is that I take a lot of crap. I take it, and take it, and take it,… until I don’t. I almost feel sorry for the person who thought they were getting away with something pushing me that far because there is hell to pay. My Mars, finally unleashed, is nothing short of blind rage. There is no middle ground. I either do nothing or go completely berserk. That’s why Mars in Cancer is considered broken. It doesn’t act right.

    Mars is mean and selfish and warlike, but also, nothing gets done without it. It is the drive behind everything. It doesn’t matter how smart someone is, or how talented, if they don’t have a Mars to drive them, then nobody will ever know.

    In defense of police officers who appear too violent, policemen operate on a combination of Saturn and Mars. If someone won’t follow the rules of Saturn they have to resort to the force of Mars. What would you have them do? Let people go who resist arrest? No, they have to resort to Mars, and to those of us with misplaced Mars, it appears mean and violent. It’s why we hired them and not us.

  23. Mars in Scorpio.

    My most potent use of my mars though is just letting people fuck the selves over with their own self destructive tendencies. If I love you and you’ve been good to me I will do my best to help you. If you haven’t been nice to me the meanest thing I do is just withhold my energy.

    1. How smart you are! I wish I could be like that. I’m a rather dark Libra myself, but Mars is in my rising sign Virgo.
      Virago describes it well: ‘fussy little rages’ … about everything under the sun.

  24. Mars conjoined cancer ascendent,mutual reception and square moon in aries.
    I think the this is the same astrology as the incredible Hulk. 😉
    Overly self protective of feelings and will go to war when needs be.

  25. What about Mars in Leo? That’s an extremely good and intimidating placement as well. I personally have Mars in Capricorn but Leo is the LION of the Zodiac and will tear a bitch up.

    1. @pagansun, Betty broderick has that Leo mars, when it goes bad it is like a stalking lion on the hunt. there are positive versions though. but yeah verrryyy scary when goes bad! i find cancer/cap mars axis, from astrology sites reading alot of sadness/sorrow going on.cancer hides under the rock to lick their wounds and pains and capricorn pretends everything is allright under their bravado and deep pain.

      1. Indeed! More sites should speak of Mars in the signs. And yeah, I can see how both Capricorn and Cancer would handle their Mars in more covert way.

  26. Legendary french Canadian strongman Louis Cyr had Mars in libra and he was once the strongest man in the world. Mars in libra gives friendly strategy to people and enemies, I know people who had mars in libra and were even stronger then some of those with mars in aries or scorpio but the the people with mars in libra don’t want to fight for nothing, they fight only for what they beleve is right.

    1. Maybe so, but Mars in Leo also gives strength. It combines the fierce physicality of a fire sign and determination and endurance of a fixed sign.

    1. Andrey – you have a strong drive to accumulate or accomplish tangible materials/tasks. Venus-related stuff is important to you: money, beauty, homes, sensual items. You prefer to slowly do a job the “right way” the first time around; no short cuts.

  27. This thread’s been going on for years !

    I have heard that natal retrograde Venus can work like Mars. This explains me. I have a Leo Mars (retrograde by progression for pretty much my whole life). I don’t relate to the Leo energy easily, and it’s not my style at all in Mars matters, conflicts as well as general drive. I’ve gotten a little better in expressing Leo over the years, but it’s not comfortable for me.

    My natal retrograde Venus, however, is tucked in with my first house Scorpio stellium and she also rules my ascendant. My Mars style is pure Scorpio. Whatever you hear about Scorpio – that’s me.

  28. Oh, yes, yes, yes… My Mars is in Capricorn, in house 10, in a sextile to Saturn, plus conjunct Jupiter. I guess you could say I don`t give up – and the amount of time and effort necessary for accomplishing a goal I`ve set don`t seem to matter. I thought I was just stubborn and obsessive-compulsive, now I`ll know why I find it so hard to stay down 😀

    1. Wow, that is a great Mars placement. I can imagine you accomplishing anything you set your mind to, and make it look easy to boot.

      1. Oh, thank you! 🙂 But being the Libra Sun/Moon and Pisces rising that I am (Neptune conjunct the MC, and Jupiter, and Mars, hahahahahah), I can hear George Harrison`s “Got My Mind Set On You” playing in the background – “But it`s gonna take time, a whole lot of precious time, it`s gonna take patience and time, to do it right” 😉 I guess I`ve had to learn to laugh (Jupiter) at the amount of time it takes to finally get the things I want :)))

  29. Hahaha, can’t even wrap my head around this!

    Mars in the Ninth House 9th hs
    Mars in Cancer
    Mars Opposition Saturn
    Mars Opposition Jupiter
    Sun Square Mars
    Venus Trine Mars
    Mars Trine Ascendant
    Mars Trine Neptune
    Mars Sextile Pluto

  30. Just like Tina, I too have Mars in Cap and yes I am determined and patient and in for the long haul. And please don’t try and stop me! If you block my path I am even more determined to complete the task. Never been in leadership positions, instead I am a good team player and enjoy clear directions and bringing a project, however small, to successful completion has got be the best feeling of satisfaction, joy and pride.
    I often think with this Mars I make an effort to ‘use’ the energy efficiently; with pre-planning, anticipate problems to execute well. (ha there’s some Capricorn keywords there!)
    When I was younger I as very bored/disappointed by the textbooks on Capricorn: way too dry with words like formal, tightly wound, duty, serious etc. hey but we are not always working. Cap can be amusing and quirky as hell.

    1. Very well put! Yes, efficiency is absolutely key – I constantly find myself kicking my butt when I`m failing to find and implement the optimal solution or path. And I dig, dig, dig until I do find it – maybe that`s why it takes so long 😀 To some people around me, with a more fiery Mars, it looks like being passive or lazy, not taking action, not doing anything – and because I have those Libra Sun and Moon “nice guys”, those people assume they are entitled to tell me their opinion. That is, until I finally open my Mercury-conjunct-Pluto-and-Saturn-in Scorpio mouth 😀 😉

  31. My Mars is in my Gemini 4H trining my 8H Libra Sun. I do think (Gemini) through problems (Mars) then tackle (Sun) them using diplomacy (Libra). My Mars definitely fuels my intercepted Sun.

  32. Mars Capricorn (9H), strong beliefs, keep them to myself though. Once I have a goal I never give up, I push and push and push and push (even in my sleep), but I usually don’t let others see me push, except husband (who knows oh so well). Strong talker, my inner policeman. . . strong sense of authority. . . .

  33. Oh yes. I have Mars in Capricorn. When I say I make an implacable enemy, people have to believe it. But hey! It doesn’t matter whether they do or not. The result will be the same.
    So true what you say, Elsa.

  34. Mars in Virgo, I strike only when it is necessary and can be done with highest effectiveness. (Of course I have Moon in Taurus too, so I may choose not to even bother myself anyway)

    1. he he i also have mars in virgo xD but no taurus moon. true taurus can get lazy for sure but when get going really gets going xD

  35. Avatar
    Hildegarde's Noviciate

    Mars in Cancer in 10th. Gosh I wish I could say different.
    Even my son who is a 29° Gemini and a Moon in Cancer will look at me with a degree of passion.
    Talk about debilitated.

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