Stellium In A Composite Chart

Libra Stellium composite chartI have a client on the hunt for love. This the composite chart between her and the man she is seeing.   Can you believe this?

I think it they get together, they’ll be unstoppable and I am rooting for his, hard!

There is only one square in the whole chart.  Jupiter square Saturn – big deal!

What dominates the composite chart between you and your partner?

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44 thoughts on “Stellium In A Composite Chart”

  1. Hmmm first I notice that Saturn conjunct Jupiter opposing Neptune. Also Sun Moon conjunct in the 10th in Taurus and Gem Venus opposing Sag Mars.

  2. I have a sun moon conjunction with my best friend and grand trines with a few other besties. Guess it makes for a strong composite.

    Question: if there is a stellium like that, or if there are good aspects and only 1 square in the DAVIDSON chart (not the composite), would you feel the same way as you did with that girl’s composite in the above?

  3. My business partner and I: Sun, Venus, Mars, Pluto all conjunct within 3 degrees in the 8th house in Leo. We also have Moon and Mercury in the 9th in Virgo.

    I don’t think we’ve even begun to tap the potential of this. No really negative aspects that I can see in the chart….just this big, intense, terrifying, transforming 8th house thing.

    The Davidson chart is almost exactly the same, but adds Uranus and Jupiter to the 8th as well.

    Would the Davidson be more important than the composite chart in a business partnership? I’m curious!

  4. An stellium in cancer at the 1st house… with Venus, Sun, Mercury and Vesta all really tight by º.

    Venus in a composite chart 1st house is really good

    1. I have Sun, Venus, Mercury, Mars, Uranus, Neptune in 1st house in Composite chart in (Capricorn) Moon falls in 8th. Jupiter in 10th & Pluto in 11th.

      I’m curious how this might play out.

      The only hard aspects to the 1st house is with Pluto and Saturn in a (semi-square) and it’s only to the Sun.

  5. Cool!!

    Leoman and I have a whopping stellium in Gemini/7th opposing Sag Moon. We really have a blast together. Scorpio ASC and 8th House Sun in Cancer helps for a deep connection.

  6. She has two grand trines in Air. Merc rising, Mercury conjunct the Sun in Pisces. I’ve never seen anything as beautiful as her natal chart. I’ve got Aquarius moon so I’m really into those Air trines. Saturn ruled with a Scorpio stellium in the 10th. I work for her.

    Our composite shows Uranus on the Scorpio ascendant and is dominated by a packed second house ruled by Venus. Venus and Neptune tightly conjunct in Sag, and Merc and the Sun exactly conjunct in Capricorn.

    It’s complicated, but I knew her a decade ago and she taught me her values because mine had been hopelessly broken by an abusive Saturn figure. Then I stopped seeing her, and seven years later she called me to work for her because she needed someone with similar values to support her in her social service work. She makes me laugh, like in the giddy embarrassing way. However the woman suffers from an insane temper. She’s like Eminem as Christ, she spits holy venom and I’ve never heard her utter the word ‘sorry’.

  7. V/s and I have stellium in the 12th. :-/ Sun, moon, Merc and Saturn. Yikes. Mars in 10th and Venus in 2nd. 12th hidden, sacrificed relationship.

  8. My husband and I have a 1st house Libra stellium (saturn, Venus, mercury, sun). Uranus conjunct Asc. Scorpio moon.

    We are committed to each other and people can see it. But we dont take ourselves too seriously. We laugh a lot together and like each others company. we are just happy we found a partner second time around and its pretty cool.

  9. Wow! The Aussie and I have the same Virgo stellium which shows up as a Virgo stellium in our chart which opposes a Pisces stellium on the other side (Sun/Merc/Chiron). We have an Aries moon, conj the DSC, Jupiter in the 7th too. And of course, the Venus/Saturn conj, not surprising given our natal charts. solemnity to the chart but also some high flying energy too.

  10. With my wolfman, the exactest aspects are
    Taurus Sun in 8th House trine Cappy moon in 4th House (by 0,22°).
    Pisces Jupiter/Mars cj (by 1°), 5th House trine MC in Cancer by 1°
    Libra AS with Pluto conjunction (3°orb)
    Deep, fated like true love relationship so it feels…
    We have a T-square with Venus opp Neptune sq Jupiter/Mars sq Venus. I’ve read Venus opp Netpune could provide a lot of disillusions in a relationship. We do have “over the top” dreams together and we’ve fantasized quite a lot about them with some deception already. But the trine sun/moon feels stronger to me.

  11. We have a first house stellium in Capricorn – Sun, Venus, Jupiter with Mercury in Aquarius. A rather cool Basket Pattern of Cappy Sun, Mars in Scorpio, Saturn in Virgo & Cancer Moon. There is a T-Square with Neptune in Libra sq the Sun-Moon opp . . . I guess a few romantic illusions aren’t all that bad. We’re still together after 21 years. 😀

    BTW . . . neither of us has any planets in earth signs natally, so it’s our relationship that keeps our feet on the ground. I had hardly any possessions before we got married and now we’ve paid off a 20 yr mortgage & I am co-owner of 18+ acres w/ house & outbuildings. Go figure . . .

  12. Lots of Scorpio and some Leo… There’s a lot of intensity but alot of love…

    The only thing that worries me is that my Saturn lands on his moon in the 11th and his Saturn lands on my moon in the 8th… We’re both lunar Scorpios!

    He goes out with his friends, I hate it but I try to be understanding… I need sex all the time and he’s more in control of that aspect…

    There’s tons of love though and we always try to meet in the middle…

    It does worry me thought that we might not stand the test of time…

    So far its been almost almost a year and its going well…


  13. Our composite is amazing.

    Five planet stellium in 11h/12h Sagittarius:

    Then, Mercury and Sun both at 8deg Capricorn in the 12th house. Our rising is Cap. We look responsible and stable on the outside, but under all of that there’s a lot of fun and adventure.

  14. I never gave much importance to Composite charts till I checked mine with someone special and was amazed to see Sun conjunct Venus(less than 1 deg orb) in 3rd house,Gemini.This conjunction also conjuncts both our natal Venus in Gemini.Ours has been an online relationship and will always remain one.So I guess Composite can definitely show what kind of relationship it will be on the whole.

  15. Love the comments here. my honey and I have first house Libra stellium with 7!!! SEVEN!!! Planets! No squares, all conjunctions and sextiles. So much Libra it throws off my libra balance —

  16. We have Sun-Mercury-Jupiter stellium in 11th house in our composite chart, which I think is awesome, but I’m more concerned about other stellium – Moon-Saturn-Uranus (Saturn in 1st, Moon&Uranus in 2nd house). Is it very bad?

  17. Whoa. That is almost identical to my birth chart. I got all of them except the moon in my 10th.

    It’s definitely some focused energy! Unbeatable energy!

    1. I have a composite with a friend I have a crush on with sun-mercury-Pluto are all at 23 libra and Venus-mars at 17 libra so all sun-mercury-Venus-mars-Pluto conjunct in libra within 6 degrees in 9 house. They sextile Neptune at 23 Sagittarius. The chart has no negative aspects. Moon is not aspected in the 2 house. He is married but we are both very attracted to each other. So much so he says he is afraid to be alone cause he may make a move on me… I feel so strong love and desire but don’t know if he feels the same, he is so scared. I never want to lose him but am afraid he may decide to disappear from my life… Think the stellium in the 9 may make him divorce but is pluto’s influence enough

      1. Thanks. Would you please comment on my sun-mercury-venus-mars-pluto composite stelium? It consumes me and sun conjunction to pluto is exact so he should be more affected. Is that all he gets from pluto? Fear?

  18. I have a composite.stellium in the 8th house, 7 planets!!! Mercury, Venus, mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and Sun. Moon in 5th house, Neptune in the11 and Uranus in the 10th.

    Karmic connections?

    1. Elsa,

      Thank you!! I am still learning how to read charts, etc.
      I am not sure if this stellium is a good or bad thing!!!

      Also, I did a Davison relationship midpoint chart, (Composite chart, midpoint method), I saw 7th house stellium:
      PLUTO 23 libra
      VENUS 19 libra,
      SUN 17 libra,
      MERCURY16 libra,
      JUPITER 8 libra,
      SATURN 8 libra.

      MOON 4 cancer
      True Node 8 leo
      Chiron 20 Taurus
      Vesta 29 Gemini

      Neptune 21 Sag
      Uranus 26 Scorpio

  19. I have second house stellium (mercury, saturn, uranus and neptune) with my ‘so-called-friend’, I had an instant crush on him when I first met him, felt a very magnetic pull towards him and good Lord even if i don’t feel that pull now, I have a very deep feeling for him.

    Plus, our composite Ascendant is in Scorpio, with Pluto in the first house conjunct Venus and the Ascendant. The Sun is there too. Our composite chart forms a bucket with mars as the handle in the 8th house of Cancer.

    Its a very confusing and difficult relationship. One day we are flirting with each other like mad, and the next we are being aloof to each other. This has been going on for 10 years.

    We started of as friends, and now I don’t even know. To add, i found him very intimidating at first, until the day he stopped being a snob. I feel like we are being an old couple already. I feel content, hardly ever wish for another relationship. Except sometimes when all I really want is someone who can love me back.

  20. Me and the love of my life has a composite chart with:
    Sun 0.03
    Venus 2.03
    Mercury 8.20
    Neptune 25.39
    all in scorpio in the 4th house, ruled by libra. There was always a feeling of fatedness between us, but there seems to be some kind of a quiet power struggle that we both try to control and a volcano of intensity is always under the surface. Our problem seems to be that we both know that the tention(good and bad) is always there and we are so desperate to keep the lid on, that we keep distancing ourselves from each other. All that scorpionic energy is a lot to handle. Don’t know what to do.

  21. This looks so familiar! We have Jupiter, Sun, Mars, Mercury, Moon, and Venus ALL conjunct, ALL in Leo in the 11th. If you count BML sandwiched in there, then it would be a 7-body stellium.

    All square to Uranus but all trine Neptune.

    Wild, huh? ?

    Yep–we have faced horrendous obstacles and crazy unexpecteds but conquered them all. Having a stellium like that gives an “Us against the world” sense. ?

  22. Hello Elsa,

    My daughter and I have a very unique chart….we have an Aquarius rising with Uranus conjunct the Ascendant in Aquarius from the 12th house as well as Neptune conjunct South Node in Aquarius in the 12th house. Moon conjunct Venus in Aquarius in the 1st house….LOTS OF AQUARIUS ENERGY!!!

    Aquarius rising
    Moon in Aquarius – 1st house
    Venus in Aquarius – 1st house
    Uranus in Aquarius – 12th house
    Neptune in Aquarius – 12th house
    South Node in Aquarius – 12th house

    What can all this chaotic energy create???

  23. As a person with a natal grand cross, mystic rectangle, and grand trines – I’m not buying into this type of stellium composite glory nonsense as the end all be all. The two parties involved, mathematically, would each have pretty similar charts to get this kind of “affinity” – something as simple as each other’s half-birthday in the same year. Why I don’t read composites. Going through hundreds of charts, it’s pretty common to have stelliums with others when your own planets are fairly localized. For Sun/Venus, the planets don’t travel so far from each other.

  24. Avatar
    Radhi Arumugam

    We have a 1st house stellium with sun, venus, mercury, uranus in libra/scorpio. Moon squares them from 10th. I love him so much, but still haven’t met in person. Not taken off ground yet. 🙁

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