Interpretation of North Node in Scorpio or the Eighth House

South Node in Taureans love the idea of the earthly life. They are used to the safety of terra firma. The earth is a firm enough foundation where they can rest their anxieties on. As long as you don’t fly too high, or land painfully, the ground is a safe haven for those who need a sense of stability. These bulls prefer events, people, and things, not change so fast. They love their routines like people love their caviar.

I once knew two people with South Node in Taurus. One wakes up the same time every morning, combs his hair, brushes his teeth, and then goes online to his favorite political and music forums. There is an earthly charm to him. It’s the simple things in life; a cup of coffee, a walk through the park, tea at noon, reading at about two in the afternoon, hanging out with friends every Fridays through Sundays, and rent a video once a month (this was back in the nineteen nineties). There’s a sense of warmth there, and sensual enjoyment of life.

But, of course, there’s a difference between a love of soft comfort and a rigid, fear of anything that looks, talks, walks, smells, and appears, different. There can be a resistance to anything that takes these strong bulls out of their routines. They may even harbor a hate for anything that they’re not used to. And these people can take awhile to get used to things. They are not a fan of abruptness, or sharp turns. This brings me to the second Taurus South Node I knew. He is one of the family members I get along with, and if you show a different side to yourself, it can take him years to respond to that ‘new’, different, side of yours. He isn’t malicious towards the different side, but any change of course can catch him and other South Node in Taureans, off guard.

Accepting change, crisis, and transformation

One dark side to earth signs is that they can be plagued by fear. Taureans can fear loss of security and money, Virgos can fear getting something wrong, or forgetting a detail, and Capricorns fear a loss of reputation and a heavy karmic backlash for their bad deeds. The great thing about this is that earth signs are intelligent, prudent, and watchful. Of course the positives of these adjectives can turn into a rigid and dominant fear of change. Something Taurus South Nodes could bear to learn about. A change in routine can annoy and anger these people. The first Taurus South Node friend could get grumpy if he didn’t get his morning routines in. I noticed he was disoriented on his forums (I was on the same forums as him) if there were any changes in members, routines, moderators, and categorizations.

In past lives, or earlier in this one, South Node in Taureans were used to their security and safety. But in this life, they might be given a crisis (or more than one) to help them deal with life’s unexpected turns. This will make a lot of South Node in Taureans uncomfortable and unstable. Don’t be surprised if a parent decides to move (if you’re young), if life leads you in a situation where you’re forced to survive, controversy follows you (or someone close to you), or you get let go at a company you’ve been working for for years. Not all ‘crisis’ are bad. Sometimes it’s life’s way of tapping you on the shoulder to make a change, or taking you to the next level. Sometimes, a change will improve your life rather than destroy it.

That’s not to say that change is always easy, or pleasant. Before there is a new beginning, sometimes the old life, ways, or ideas, must decay. It’s hard to work at your new job if you’re still at your old one, isn’t it? It’s hard to have an honest, new relationship, if you’re still with your ex. And it’s hard to have a clean life if you’re still addicted to drugs! These are all generalizations, of course. And some South Node in Taurus people won’t like the words change, decay, or death. Some may prefer phrases such as, ‘Things don’t really change, they just change expression,’ ‘Things don’t die, they just change form,’ or ‘I didn’t really change, I just became more of myself.’ Don’t blame these people completely for their fear of decay, after all, Taurus season is the peak of Spring, a time where plants bloom, grow, and spread.

If decay and death are too dramatic, or irritating, for words, and/or phrases, perhaps transformation and ‘a change of setting,’ are better ones. South Node in Taurus must learn that transformation and even moving to a new place, isn’t always smooth, or goes the way they desire it to be. Sometimes the only choice these tough bulls have is to walk through the dark forest before they can see how the transformation(s) in their lives benefit them. They need to learn to see the big picture before wallowing in their own negativity, or blame others. There is a lesson that transformation can take a long time, and can really tear people at their roots.

Dig deeper: The Human mind

The North Node in Scorpio is about truly what is deep down inside a person. Scorpio is all about the human psyche. This lifetime is a lifetime to tap into your unconscious, and conscious, mind. Get down to the roots of why you do the things you do. I can hear some Taurus North Node folks digging their heels in the ground even harder. That’s because Taurus is a sign that’s literal. They see a chair as just a chair.

Yes, Taurus can be tender and sensual, as well as warm and friendly. But they’re not open and emotionally naked. The North Node in Scorpio asks them to dig deeper into the emotional world of the human psychology. This journey will help South Node in Taureans get the help they need to make changes in their life. It might also get them unstuck from a rut they’ve been stuck in for decades. South Node in Taurus has already mastered the world of the material and the literal, but now they have the opportunity to go into the world of the symbolic and subliminal. An ink blot test isn’t just weird spots on a white surface; they reveal a person’s inner most interpretations of the world, their desires, and unconscious biases. South Node in Taurus will have the opportunity to learn how to ‘read between the lines’ when it comes to human behavior.

Don’t just listen to people’s words. Watch their actions, and their body language. These clues will help you get to know someone’s intentions. North Node in Scorpio has the chance to become a detective. You might learn other people’s motivations, intentions, and true feelings, from the clues you gather from them, rather than just their words. It is true that the way someone stands is just the way someone stands, but sometimes it can reveal someone’s energy, and emotions, about a situation, or person. North Node in Scorpios are learning to go to the depths of the psychological world.

Other people’s resources and energy

In this lifetime, North Node in Scorpios are learning to appreciate other people’s resources. They must learn to manage and share other people’s resources and energy. North Node in Scorpios have already mastered putting value on their own talents, resources, and energies. Now, they are learning how to arrange, manage, and value, sharing resources, and energy, with another person, or a number of people.

Don’t be surprised if you North Node in Scorpios inherit money, or pass down a good sum of money to your children. In a way, you are ‘passing down your seed’ to future generations. Scorpio energy likes to do that, for they are related to the reproductive organs.

North Node in Scorpios may end up marrying someone rich. Marrying someone isn’t something Scorpio takes lightly, so it’s unlikely to be for superficial reasons. The money may just be a coincidence, or incidental. The deeper side of a marriage, rich, or not, may be about learning to share each other’s energies. The relationship may end up being about managing, sharing, and enjoying, each other’s energies. Scorpio can be a deeply spiritual and/or soulful sign. Your relationships are likely to not be superficial, or you are learning to go deeper in your relationships.

Another aspect of this North Node is that Scorpio North Nodes may end up working in a career that manages things such as oil, gas, and coal. This takes the idea of ‘managing resources’ to a more literal level.

Overall, North Node in Scorpios are people who are learning about the more psychological parts of life. They are learning about the subtleties and deeper aspects of humanity. That not everything is as it seems. These people get to play detective and sharpen their observation skills. They also are learning to manage energies in relationships. Things sometimes are a bit deeper than they can imagine. Maybe South Node in Taureans can dig deep into the subliminal while also adding honey to their tea.

Do you have North Node in Scorpio, or the eighth house? Are these challenges familiar to you? If not, what challenges, or lessons, are missing? Do you think you are on your way to mastering your North Node in Scorpio, and/or the eighth house?

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40 thoughts on “Interpretation of North Node in Scorpio or the Eighth House”

  1. I’m just glad this was published before Christmas. People are too busy on Christmas to read this!

    I know how popular Scorpio is in the astrology community, so I was extra ‘exacting’ with the writing in this part of the series.

  2. Yikes! I also realized, I need to shorten my writing by about three, or four, paragraphs. This one was a little long. It’s Scorpio, so I probably unconsciously wrote as ‘full’ as I can about this delicious sign (Scorpio).

  3. I am a north node Scorpio in the last degree of Scorpio in the 8th house, with the sun and mercury in the 8th house. I also have Neptune in Scorpio in the seventh close by, as well as Saturn in Sagittarius in the 8th house. Yes, your post applies to me, times three, in intensity and upheaval. I do love a routine when I can afford the luxury of conditions to be able to have one. I’m grateful if I can have a routine!

  4. I’m a north node 8th house in Taurus. I have planets in Leo, Aquarius and Scorpio that form a loose t-square. I still wonder what it means.

    1. Mike – are you an investment or mortgage banker or insurance agent with a well known financial house? Maybe a divorce or Wills/Trust lawyer? NN in Taurus 8H is dealing with others’ tangible assets.

    2. Richard Simmons (the exercise guru from the 80’s) has this. He’s one of the least boring people I can think of, lol.

  5. Yes, this article is about me. I have an Aries SN in the 2H and a Libra NN in the 8H. I (Sun) have always felt that I am (Aries SN) a “muse” (NN) in another’s life (Libra).

    Great article anonymoushermit! Thank you.

  6. Great post! Yes North node in Scorpio 4 degrees conj Neptune 4 degrees and Jupiter 4 degrees (6th house). Kapow!

    South Node Taurus 13 degrees & Asc; I used to farm my own animals and trial natural healing methods, which lead into a new career as a Homeopath (health detective.) Wonderful explanation of my whole life really, hadn’t realised as clearly as this that the “routine” played such an important part (via the dogs/farm animals routine), plus the very big need for life in nature and all its levels of understanding.

    The deep investigative side of North Node in Scorpio is ever present, deep, and tuned to the human mind. via resources, also thru the combined levels of natural healing thru to daily awareness and material resources thru marriage. Thank you again. Loved the detail you have written here and the specifics.

    1. Scorpio and the 8th house are both a feared sign/house, and both sign/house are objects of fascination and intrigue.

      I felt tremendous pressure (from no one in particular) to make this article as thorough as possible, hence the details and specifics.


  7. NN in Scorpio here, in the 1st house, conjunct my Ascendant.

    Every paragraph you wrote, anonymoushermit,rang true to my experiences. All of them.

    I always identified some of my Taurus traits to my 7th house (what I see in a partner, how I am in partnership) yet couldn’t fully relate to my SN in Taurus (something I’ve done in the past which I still have in me.)

    Yep. I’m so SN in Taurus.

  8. I’m NN in Scorpio, 1st house conj. Ac and Moon. There are some things that apply to me. LikE I love my routine, until I don’t ?. But I remember your article about Nn in first house and that description was much more me.

    1. The house is probably more personal than the sign. The sign spreads over one and a half years. Everyone in your 8th grade class had North Node in Scorpio! LOL. But not everyone in your class had North Node in the 1st.

  9. Oh I can relate to this – I’m a NN Scorpio in the 4th house… gotta go deeeep. The lessons are hard indeed. I am very interested in psychology, an actor by trade so I study people and behavior extensively. My NN is square my Moon (chart ruler) exact within 15 minutes. My Taurus SN ruler Venus, is also square my nodes forming a grand cross. A complex structure I am trying to analyze!

  10. Nn in eighth house.

    Definitely learning about peeling back layers. Learning how to ask “whats really going on here”. Not in a conspiracy theory type way, but looking at things at their most fundamental.

  11. Ah very nice Hermie.

    Nn in eighth house. Ya, learning how to accept crisis and change.

    I think Im really learning about whats real, by peeling back layers. Ive started to ask a lot “whats really going on here? Whats the essence of the situation?” Learning to keep uncovering even though it can be scary.

    Still waiting on that inheritance though;)

  12. I just happen to have my NNode conjunct with Venus in 7th house, and in opposition to my Moon in 1st house. At some point, my relationship broke as I got too comfy and bullish (I was the one who often got dumped, by the way).

  13. I have what I call my “core stellium” (Sun-NN-Mars-Merc) in Libra. So your previous write up on NN in Libra pertained to me.

    By house (more personal than by sign), my NN falls in either the 8th house (if using Placidus) or the 9th (if using Equal). So this current write up applies to me too.

    And boy did THIS ONE hit home! I have read it and pondered its implications at least 4 times now, and I am not done! (Printed, underlined, highlighted, annotated, and splattered with food!)

    Tons of bells went on, missing pieces of puzzles I had been trying to solve, unsuccessfully, are now falling into place…

    So: a HUGE, deeply heartfelt THANK YOU to you, anonymoushermit!

    I had been looking forward to this one, and it did not disappoint! I shall now look forward to the next one (9th house) as I also have 9H-3H issues that need a good prod and fresh perspective from someone else’s eyes.

    Again: ***thank you*** for this very, very useful series!

    1. “So: a HUGE, deeply heartfelt THANK YOU to you, anonymoushermit!”

      That’s A LOT of pressure. I’m glad I’m done with NN in Scorpio/8th house. Don’t get me wrong, I love Scorpio/8th house energy, but I knew that it’s not a house to write about ‘lightly’. 🙂

  14. Hey. Trying to understand this myself. I have my Sun, Mercury and North node in the 8th house in Leo. But i also have intercepted signs. Scorpio in the 11th that has unaspected Uranus and Taurus in the fifth which has chiron aspecting everything creating two yods with neptune sextile pluto and uranus in middle. My eighth house then becomes cancer sharing an intercepted house with my 7th which has Mars in cancer. Im lost.

  15. I just found this! I have SN in Taurus in the 6th House, and yes I love my morning routine, doing some Yoga, and just making a good cup of tea or coffee, sitting in the garden, watching the Hummingbirds, Crows and Hawks. Tending my Tomatoes. I am spontaneous myself yet if someone suddenly says “let’s go camping” during a hot time of year where suffering is involved-I get scared! “No! Don’t take me away from my routines!”.
    Life has thrown me many curve balls but I have always seemed to manage. I get used to things, get my routines in order.
    As far as my SN in the 12th, I have been to counseling many times for different situations. I try to work on myself too.
    Anonymoushermit, this was not too long! It was just right! ; )

  16. NN in Scorpio in the 2nd house and relating to your explanation is a mixed bag. I’ve always been interested and studying the deeper psychological layers, my own and other peoples. I might have an extra dose of Scorpio energy with Neptune Moon and Mars there, in addition to the NN.
    What’s true is that I have learned how to manage shared resources early on and was blessed by inheritance, financially and otherwise.
    But change has always appealed to me (Sag Sun), I moved often and live far away from my place of birth and upbringing.
    The work I do is exactly what you describe, observing and listening more than talking and knowing better. I counsel people through trauma, using the body more than the mind.
    The one thing I’m not happy with is the fact that I don’t function well ‘alone’ (Libra AC) and struggle to earn enough to save or invest. But marrying rich would be wonderful, not to have money but to put it to good use and cause. I’m meticulous with resources, and honest. There’s hope.

  17. Avatar
    ConfuzzledFish 🐠

    Newbie. So that post was a lot to read and digest! NN in Scorpio in the 8th house, SN in Taurus in the 2nd house. Pisces sun, Pisces rising and Virgo moon. Am zero-minus on discipline and routine, always have been. Something tells me Saturn in Pisces is going to whip my butt on that one. At 65, I think I might have to finally accede to a minimum of structure and routine, to curb my chaotic existence! Any insights welcome 🙂

  18. nn scorpio 12th house (conjunct uranus) south node conjunct chiron…yeah. I am ruled by food/routine. Drawn to scorpio types – friends, partners, family all tend to have charts heavy with pluto. Going towards the immaterial. towards fasting, away from false comfort of earthly delights…towards mystic oceans.

  19. I have NN taurus 8th house, pluto conjunct SN 2nd house, moon sextile pluto, moon conjunct neptune, sun semi-sextile sun. Obsessed with transformation, human psychology, discovering my true values, learning to enjoy life and be vulnerable with the people I love. Very sensitive to energies and noticing shifts. Feeling like a detective when interacting with people 😉

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