Mars Leaving Scorpio For Sagittarius – Whew!

mars vintage bustMars in Scorpio has been squaring Jupiter over the last week or so.  Seething, possibly subconscious anger is being openly expressed. It’s a worldwide (Jupiter) trigger (Mars) in a sense.  If you want to better understand this, search “unconscious mars” here.

I have not enjoyed this at all though I can appreciate the fact that it’s probably healthy in a “puke it up” kind of way.  I’m not just talking about other people, I’m talking about myself as well.  It’s a bit like having termites. You ignore them for awhile but then the day comes when you get out there with your permethrin and that’s that.

The square aspect has peaked. Mars will ingress into Sagittarius on Saturday. I think we’ll notice this shift. People inclined to sneak around and take pot shots will move on.  They’ll become “bigger than that”.

On some level, Mars in Sagittarius is about striving to be open, forgiving and high-minded. It’s nearly the antithesis of what we’re seeing now so I think this will be interesting to watch.

It may also help on the “holiday spirit” front.  Mars in Sagittarius can manifest as a drive to have fun.  It’s a big ol’, “I’m outa here!”

Do you recognize this storyline? Can you see it playing out in your life?

24 thoughts on “Mars Leaving Scorpio For Sagittarius – Whew!”

  1. I’ve been so angry the past week. Things I thought I’d dealt with popped back up again. I released the anger and sent it on its’ way in peace, but who knows if it’ll pop back up again, my natal Mars is in Scorpio, I always seem to be seething about something, lol! Jupiter has been opposing my natal Leo Jupiter position, too, which I’m not such a fan of.

      1. ‘It’s been ten days of snipers and knives in the back.’ Likewise for me. But I was not amused. A burst of serious rage from me last Wednesday (GMT). A piece of unexpected sculduggery from a ‘helper’ on Thursday. Felt all was lost until I wrote a surprisingly sober email. Today, Friday, wrote a further sober email. Calm came to settle, and headache is gone. Very grateful for that. Trans Jupiter trine natal Gemini Mars (that’s been there for a while), and transit Mars trine Pisces Sun? I want no more anger from me. Thank you Elsa, for another wonderful revelation, this time re Mars.

  2. I got the “puke it up” analogy. I have Mars in Scorpio too though it is conj Neptune and at pretty early degrees. I have been puked on more than have been puking up, but last night must have been the last hurrah, because I got it coming both ways. The collateral damage has left a wasteland that I can’t see coming back from. I am happy to hear though Mars is leaving Scorpio. Whew! Though I welcome the Christmas Spirit, it will be a non event this year. Hope to have a better one next year.
    Happy Holidays to all here and May you have a Joyful and Peaceful Season.

  3. Well I can honestly say the last week has been the “week from hell” more about a lot of challenges tension stress one after the other. Then of course there is the “sniper” (aka bitch manager at work, thank goodness shes not my boss) but it doesnt make life any easier. I came up for “air” yesterday and today is the 1st true day that I have started to feel at peace again. In fact I am also rebelling against the “sniper” Im Leo with saggy ascendant. Shes been a total bitch. Ive tried to forgiver once before. Sorry no more!

  4. I also have natal Mars in Scorpio, and last week and 10 days, I thought I will have a heart attack of all the anger I was feeling, other people stupidity and ego, and usually, I keep quiet, but last few days I just couldn’t keep my mouth shut and I stood for myself and things I work for.

    1. I understand!
      I wrote this so people would know the exact aspect has passed and a shift is just a couple days away.

      I’m thinking it’s easier to hold your fire if you know it will soon be released anyway. At the moment, it’s like living in a Godfather moveie!

  5. Been hitting multiple brick walls recently (yes, I’ve got a headache!). Got plenty of Scorpio natally but natal Mars is in Sagittarius so…bring it on!

  6. Sag sun and I have natal Mars in Scorpio. Boy howdy, it’s been something lately!

    Elsa helped me a few weeks ago via consult to make a decision about leaving my current job for a new opportunity. Everything finally fell into place and I received my formal offer. Ever since I gave notice at my current job, my boss and my branch director have been furious and stabby with me for “not telling them I felt stuck in my job” and just accepting a new job without providing them the opportunity to counteroffer. Truth is, I’ve been saying it to them for a year and I went unheard.

    I start my new job on Monday and I’m looking forward to my new adventure while trying to leave my current job with as much grace as I can scrape up, haha!

  7. Oh yes! My husband went on an organized religion rant last night and I told him I felt threatened not by his words but by the intensity of the energy he was throwing around! Fifteen minutes later, in true Gemini fashion, he hugged and kissed me! Perfect illustration of your point!

  8. Yes, my closest neighbours are Belarus and Ukraine, (here from Poland, eastern flank) this escalation crisis is just getting out of hand, someone’s got to pull the plug on this. Come on, there are different solutions these days to old problems….she says through her Mars in Libra, trine Venus in Aquarius.

  9. Elsa, I’m exactly a 1degree Taurus, ascendant Cancer… but with most planets in Pieces lol. I’ve never really felt like a Taurus other than my drive for comfort & stability over lotsa money & extravagance. Yet lately, prob almost a month now— I’ve been totally crazed about wanting to get rid of everything out of my house(I mean clearing house literally, wtf??) really, REALLY bothered— yet I just can’t seem to be bothered to do it? haha. Any thoughts??

  10. Yes I think I am affected in a weird way I have these lingering memories that are not real not really any good for me I was taking giant steps eight or nine years ago and I intend to keep playing the giant step game because this teeny weenie wiggle like a worm is not gonna do it anymore.
    I know More is waiting for me and I can do more

  11. ❤️thanks Elsa , finding your words felt like Christmas Eve , I don’t mean to be whiny:(
    I chime in as it feels like a way to finger wag the vastly skies and begin my forwards March,(yeah watch this Jupiter) even if I am just banging a pot with
    A spoon, bet if checked you are leaving traces of glitter in your trails❤️

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