How To Interpret Out-Of-Sign Aspects

“I have Mars at 28 degrees of Pisces *trine* Uranus at 0 degrees Sagittarius. Since they aren’t in the same element, how would that make a trine act differently?”

Good question! Think of it in terms of dressing or putting an outfit together. There are colors that you know do well together. They blend. That would be the straight trine… it’s a no brainer.

A case like yours is more complicated but easy to understand when you realize that colors that usually clash do have certain hues that complement certain hues of the usually clashing color.

So if you dress like this or if you ARE like this, you are somewhat exotic and you’d probably be well advised to accentuate this flair in your personality.

Do you have an aspect out of sign in your chart?

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45 thoughts on “How To Interpret Out-Of-Sign Aspects”

  1. Sun in Virgo 29 degrees conjunct mars/pluto in libra 6 degrees.

    Sun in 29 virgo square moon in capricorn at 1 degree.

    I like that idea – abit funky!

  2. What a great analogy! I was just reading something online that made me realize they might be out of element, but they are in the same mutable modality unlike elemental trines. Interesting to think about how they work together…

  3. i have sun trine moon and sun trine mars in my chart, out of sign.. because my sun is at 27 degrees scorpio and my moon and mars are at 5 and 3 degrees aries, respectively

  4. “quite the bore!” – yeah right! 😉

    Sun 29 Libra conj. Uranus 2 Scorpio

    Mars 1 Cancer “trine” Sun 29 Libra

    Sun 29 Libra “square” Saturn 2 Leo

    Hmm, all of these out-of-signs involve my Sun. It’s almost as if I was **supposed to** be born a couple of hours later and be a Scorpio. (Would be a hell of a water chart if I were.) You know, as “supposed to” goes. 😉 I guess I’m so much more interesting this way!

  5. I have jupiter at 1degree leo trine neptune at 22degree scorpio. So does that mean I have a larger than life imagination or fantasy world,lol.

  6. nope.
    at least, no major planets (juno and her husband jupiter are in an out of sign opposition, but that’s a bit obscure…)

  7. I must not know what you’re talking about…again, because I have several.

    Libra moon exact sextile Sagittarius mars
    Virgo mars exact sextile Cancer venus
    Libra moon square Cancer venus
    Scorpio neptune sextile Libra neptune
    Leo sun square Scorpio neptune
    Sagittarius mars sextile Libra Jupiter

    Need I go on or am I lost?

  8. SkyPie – lost

    Of what you listed this is the only one “out of sign”:

    Scorpio neptune sextile Libra neptune

    And it can’t be right because you only have Neptune in your chart once.

  9. “Scorpio neptune sextile Libra neptune”

    OMG! Scorpio neptune sextile VIRGO PLUTO

    I should probably go to bed soon. *Sheesh*

  10. I am very lost Elsa. This is what it says in the original post “Since they aren’t in the same element, how would that make a trine act differently?”

    Aren’t the signs I posted in different elements?

  11. I am googling trying to find a concise explanation and no luck. I am into something else right now, can someone please help SkyPie?

  12. Well it must have something to do with the degrees because I noticed people posted them.

    It isn’t unusual for me to hope for something more complicated.

    Don’t worry about it Elsa it’s no big deal but thank you for noticing and responding. I appreciate it.

  13. My sun is 0 degrees Gemini, and my Neptune is 29 degrees Scorpio. It is an out of sign opposition but on the 4th/10th axis and I’ve heard so many opinions on why it is/isn’t an opposition.

  14. SkyPie, out-of-sign means an aspect that is close to a major degree number (60, 90, 120, 180), but is just *out* of the signs that naturally fall that many degrees apart on the zodiac wheel.

    For instance: 1 Cancer Sun is *out-of-sign trine* a 29 Libra Moon. Why? Because the aspect is very tight – only 2 degree orb – very close to a perfect 120 degree trine. But…. Cancer and Libra are both cardinal signs! They’re 90 degrees apart on the zodiac wheel and most planets in those signs are *square* to each other!

    The signs that are trine Cancer are Pisces and Scorpio. The signs that trine Libra are Gemini and Aquarius. So this Cancer Sun and Libra Moon are only trine “out of sign”. The aspect is too close not to notice (and will show up in most astro software programs) but it is felt that it’s not quite the same kinda relationship as, say, a 1 Cancer Sun and a 1 Scorpio Moon.

    (All of the aspects you listed from your chart are *in sign*, if that’s even an expression. And way to go on so many sextiles! I have this theory that sextiles make happy, resourceful people. 🙂 )

  15. Cool I love that analogy Elsa!

    0 degrees Scorp Sun conjunct a stellium of Pluto , Saturn & Venus all in late degrees of Libra (25-27 degrees). Im an iron fist in a velvet glove!

  16. yay another beginner post!
    and yet another great analogy 😀

    I have moon in sagittarius conjunct neptune in capricorn

  17. SkyPie and gloria – there you go:

    “0 degrees Scorp Sun conjunct a stellium…in late degrees of Libra (25-27 degrees).”

    A conjunction = planets within about 8 degrees of each other. In the case above the planets are within about 5 degrees of each other even though they are not in the same sign, therefore it is an “out of sign conjunction” or more commonly it’s a “conjunction out of sign” but either one is understood.

    Translated, the planets are very close even though they are in different signs.

    There are like suburbs of each other, LOL. 😉

  18. I understand now.

    I think this is another reason why when surveyed 85% of astrologers admitted to being shocked at how inaccurate their interpretation of a person they had never met and knew nothing of was when doing a ‘cold’ reading.

  19. Finally I understand my out-of-signs aspects!
    I have Aquarius sun trine Scorpio saturn and Cancer ascendant
    Pisces moon square Cancer ascendant and sextile Aquarius mercury
    Libra pluto trine Cancer ascendant
    Thanks Elsa

  20. I’ve got my Sun in Sag @ 28’46 and My Sag Ascendant at 28’51 opposing my 0 degree Cancer Moon.

    Actually, I think it’s created more of a balance in my personality helping me to be more sensitive to others. It also adds a little introversion.

  21. The aspect is pretty borderline, but I many astrologers do allow a 8 degree orb for a trine. In that case, I have a 1’0 Gemini Jupiter trining 23’09 Virgo Mercury. The two signs are of course very different, but they are both ruled by Mercury, which is also my chart ruler. Also, if you include Arabic points, I have Part of Fortune 29’11 Taurus. Again, there’s an out of sign contact.

  22. ..this had me thinking a good part of the day…i have jupiter 0 aquarius and mercury 28 aquarius that make out of sign aspects..
    mercury trines mars in cancer
    jupiter sextiles my sun and moon in pisces
    jupiter also conjunt saturn in cap.

    so these are the mad hatter genes..i like elsa’s ‘exotic’ but with aquarius involved here…i’m afraid how i might mix and match ..or not

    i also have pluto in virgo trine venus in aries..more chalk and cheese!!

  23. Not a one! But I never feel “put together”. Something is always moving up, missing a button, slightly saggy, needs a bit of ironing, drives me nuts!! And I have moon in Virgo!! That’s probably why it drives me nuts!

  24. Long time listener, first time caller.

    This has always intrigued me as I have three or four out of sign aspects. What to make of an out of sign square? Does that mean these colors would normally go together, but somehow the shades are just a bit off? That would fit me well as many would say I am a bit off :).

    Mercury (0Can) square Pluto (27Vir) would seem to have a bit of significance in my chart, as I have four planets in Gem. I’ve never quite gotten my head around this aspect. It doesn’t help that Mercury seems sort of swallowed up by Sun at 29’49 Gem. The Sun/Pluto square I certainly HAVE seen in action *cough*, but I am not always sure what is Sun’s doing vs. what is Mercury’s doing, if that makes sense.

  25. Thank you.

    (Glad to be welcomed somewhere, it’s a little tough for me out here right now.) 🙂

    My Saturn at 0 Gem is involved in the out of sign party also, and I don’t know what to think about that either. I do know that the Saturn/Pluto trine softens some blows for me (or more accurately, gives me the fortitude to stand them a little better), out of sign or not.

  26. Yes, I do *head slap* !

    Mars 27° 40″ Virgo “trines” Sun 0° 47″ Aquarius

    I think it makes me feel like a misguided hero. I want to be someone’s hero whether they want me to or not, and usually it’s someone I adore, so I guess I try to impress them.

  27. 26° Libra Venus conjunct 0° Scorpio sun in the 2nd.
    That might explain why sex means marriage to me. And why the men go for marriage for the sex. And why I get very offended at their interest in the sex, not the partnership.

    Hmm. I’m not flattered if you want to have sex with me (that’s ego, thank God I understood this at a young age), I want to see what you are willing to do for me and help me with. Being exclusive or even marrying me hasn’t meant necessarily real partnership, and I should have been more demanding than that. Because if marriage isn’t total partnership, it’s not going to work for me. Your work isn’t done because you married me, that’s the bare minimum! I assumed being married meant a certain relationship followed, but I did not marry the right people who shared that view.

    At this point someone would have to check all the right boxes to get me interested.

    1. Wow, you’ve expressed exactly how I feel. I mean, exactly. What do we do Kumquat? Honestly I think we have it right, but its hard to reconcile that with the way that our sometimes stupid society works.

      As far as oos conjunctions I have Saturn in Libra conjunct Jupiter in Virgo.

      1. It might be as simple as barking up the wrong tree. Or being barked at by the wrong dogs, even better! If you have a quality that men are attracted to- a very romantic and sexual pull (you know if that’s it, you see how people interact with you) they will do anything to hang on to it. They will promise a lot. But turn mundane, have some problems you need help with, and see what they’re willing to do. Takers won’t handle your problems, they will whine that you’re suddenly not fun/sparkly/carefree/horny. These aren’t real prospects for partnership. With that Saturn in Libra (mine’s in the 7th) I think we both can commit easily- but the missing piece is discernment. You have to be able to see proof you are getting a great deal- and walk if it’s not there. Another thing? How about basic kindness? I’m sure you can think of times the situation required kindness, and you were instead shocked by selfish behavior. I think that’s a major red flag. And doubly important for those of us who tend towards forgiveness- it’s proof the person believes they can get away with it, and worse.
        I realize I’m talking about rejecting what we don’t want rather than getting what we do want- but some of us need to get over that hurdle! I feel that I have done that. I could go on- but maybe (hopefully) this gives you some food for thought. ?

  28. A small example:
    I have Jupiter 25 Aries 3rd house trine 0degrees Saturn/Uranus in cap-1st house.

    I absolutely love creating asymmetrical symmetry with my dress, in rather conservative ways. Wearing one colourful sock and one grey sick, wearing two different but complimentary earrings, while the rest of my dress is pretty plain.

  29. I have, you could say an opposite issue: A 0° aries mars square a 29° sag saturn. Especially because of the anaretic degree, aries point factors, I’m still trying to figure out how it affects, will turn out for me, would appreciate any inputs so I can work on it better.
    Because though I have other ‘more important’ aspects, I feel like without understanding this one better I may never be able to move ahead.

  30. The only out of sign aspect I have is sun in gemini conjunct venus in taurus. They are sister signs mix. It gives a zing to my venus and grounding to my sun.

  31. Avatar
    Shimmering Light

    Venus in Scorpio conjunct Mars in Sagittarius: I get bored with my own paranoia and look at the larger picture – lol!

  32. Pluto 27 Leo conjunct Jupiter 0 Virgo square Saturn 27 Scorpio
    IC 26 Cancer conjunct Uranus 1 Leo trines Saturn 27 Scorpio.

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