Mars, Masculinity, Chivalry and the Modern Day

Ben and I, still catching up. We were discussing the soldier.

“Well Ben, it’s just this unfathomable level of maleness,” I said. “Maleness from another world. Chivalry I guess. My kind of maleness.”

“Tell me what you mean,” he said.

“Well for example, take that helmet incident. We were outside a bar and I was swinging this helmet at him. I was yelling. I was mad as a hornet, you can imagine.”


“So we’re out in parking lot… big scene. And apparently two men started walking up behind me. They were going to grab me, the crazy banshee, I guess. I don’t know what they were thinking or going to do. I didn’t even see them coming up. I was busy swinging and swearing at him but he saw them over my shoulder in between dodging my attempts to kill him, that is and you know what he did?”


“He yelled at them, you leave her alone! Don’t you even think about laying a hand on her! She can swing that helmet or whatever else she wants to do. Touch her, and you’ll deal with me.” I laughed. “Can you believe that? I’m standing there trying to kill him and he going to defend my right to do it. This was his organic response at 19 years old. And I had to stop and think, standing there with a helmet in my hand. Jeez. Do I really want to kill this guy? Hey. Maybe I ought to not kill this guy. Because this is an actual maaaaaaaaan I’m killin’ here,” I said with a chuckle. “And as a man who likes men, surely you can appreciate this.”

“I do appreciate it,” he said. “I like that.” (Ben has an Aries Moon)

“Yeah, so do I. So he’s got this automatic reflex to defend a woman in a culture where a man can beat his wife and his pal will take him out and buy him a beer and it really is something to behold. And he was just a skinny kid back then but that didn’t seem to matter. He acted on instinct. It’s as if he is a Mars archetype, born to defend women and children and to witness this automatic reaction… well it stopped me dead in my tracks. Who is this person? What is going on here? It was because the thing was that pure and after he did this, I quit swinging at him.”

“You did?”

“Yeah. I started swinging at his bike instead.” I laughed. “You know. I still had this adrenaline going but after he defended… protected me like that, I did decide to not try to kill him. He had proved to be on my side. But you get my point. His instinct is to protect a woman and he just responds to this kind of stimulus like something going off in his head. No training about it. This was long before special forces.”

Is their something “pure” about you?

6 thoughts on “Mars, Masculinity, Chivalry and the Modern Day”

  1. Chivalry is so HOT!!! That kind of masculinity just makes me weak in the knees. Maybe it has something to do with the region of the country I live in, or it’s a generational thing, but that quality just seems immensely rare.

  2. Not me particularly but my S/O is Aries Sun/Moon/Mercury/Jupiter/ASC w/Mars in Scorpio . . . he just keeps expecting others to have his high standards. And keeps getting disappointed but I love that bright spirit! Only man I ever met who either didn’t run away or wasn’t looking for “hurt me more, it feels so good” . . . shudder.

  3. not me.. my dad. for the longest time I thought he was a bit of a bore- he takes things so seriously! but it’s kindof nice to have someone around who’s morals and actions are rock solid.. and always have been. there is never a question for him- you do what is right. and that’s that. I wish more of the world were like that… it would be a better world.

  4. I love this kind of maleness. And I always create situations to test a guy for this trait. He’s gotta have it if he wants to be with me.

    Sun/Mars/Venus in Aries

  5. I’m finding this blog is a learning experience.

    I always thought of this as a bad trait in my brother just setting him up… But, then reading this… Leading to taking another look at his chart… It might be something important for his ideal relationship to ever occur and continue.

    Perhaps men born with that level of female-tolerance are supposed to be with women who need it. In the same way, I’d need a Cap with Pisces Moon rather than run-of-the-mill Cap.

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