Uranus Transit Your Natal Moon: Just Because You’re Attached, Doesn’t Mean They Are!

With Uranus, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto transiting my Moon, things are poppin’ like popcorn in my home and emotional life. Things shocking, stabilizing, healing, killing, hopeful, expansive, you name it. My roots are electrified, I’ll tell you that. Some of this is painful which I consider to be inevitable.

Today I dug out pictures of my mother from the 1940’s, to send a cousin I’ve not seen since I was about eight years old. The pictures are for her mother.

Our mothers grew up together and were very close. The pictures were taken by my grandfather so I doubt her mother has seen them.

In this process I realized it’s possible to feel a close attachment to someone and have them feel no attachment to you at all.  This is a terrible pain and you may not even realize it’s root but if you can realize it’s root, you can detach yourself.

How’s that for a lesson of the day?

Update – I found this post today, nearly ten years have passed. My mother, my cousin and her mother are all dead now.

Shocking, huh?

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  1. I am with these aspects in my moon (Libra). My mother died day 04/08! I was separating the clothes and the photoso.. My emotional one is like yours. Changed house furnishes, due the death of my mother. Necessary to take off everything of it of the room… and this transit will be long… I wait to support the depression and that it does not have more deaths in the family. Many memories…


  2. Lucia- I am very sorry to hear about your mother.

    Elsa- This piece is bang on. The way you described what is going on in your life, is similar to how I feel about the things that are happening in my life now too. Things are popping like popcorn!

  3. Lúcia – I’m so sorry for your loss.

    Elsa – I’d definitely give it a ten. It’s probably been one of the most significant one’s I’ve learned to date, and will probably ever learn.

    When you find the root, though it may feel as if your heart is literally breaking in your chest, the relief when you finally face reality and feel the pain is difficult to top and you detach automatically as a result. The realisation that what has felt like a chronically open wound – the hoping and longing for something only to be met with constant rejection or indifference, which amounts to the same thing in the end – through which you have basically been hemorrhaging your energy has healed is amazing. You retrieve a whole chunk of yourself.

    Elsa, your thoughts and words are so fertile and nourishing and always spot on – Thank you.

  4. Oh Lucia, I’m so sorry. I wish you peace and healing, and soon.

    Elsa, love the part about how attachment can be one-sided. Okay. So maybe love isn’t the right word. How about resonates or understand? Yeah. Anyway. Now, how to detach….

  5. I just uncovered circumstances where I would very understandably be attached to someone but they would (also very understandably) not be attached to me.

    Now I have the deep attachment but understanding that they don’t allows me to release the pain of my sentiment not being returned. How can it be returned when it does not exist? No one is at fault either which is amazing and this is the point I wanted to made:

    Just because you are attached does not mean they are… and behind that, if they aren’t attached, you don’t have to be either because your attachment is probably based in part on the idea they have a similar attachment.

    In whatever case, this realization took me from a place of deep pain (Saturn Pluto) to total freedom and liberation (Jupiter Uranus)in roughly 4 seconds. 🙂

  6. {{lucia}} Be brave and I send you wishes of condolences..

    Is this kind of like “Step Away from the Corpse”? I keep tripping on it.

  7. Painful, and potent, and therefore extremely worthwhile.

    Thanks to some other things going on I have no idea if this is what the real deal is or not, so the answer is to take a breath and step back and see what card plays next.

  8. Just because I’m attached doesn’t mean they are…..what a different perspective! I’m going to have to let this idea simmer for a while. I think it could most definitely apply to a situation that has had me bouncing, emotionally, like a ping-pong ball. Once again, I come away from Elsa’s having had a revelation. Thank you.

  9. I get it and it’s important. I’ve worked at it for years, but haven’t found the root yet. It’s buried in secrets and lies. My parents are gone and my siblings won’t even give me copies of the family photos. My daughter said the other day: “Mom, you’re never going to figure it out by introspecting.” That broke my heart. I sniffed too close to the thing, and they shut me out, but I still played the part of thinking of the thing like it was me, and endlessly asking what I did to earn this. Excruciatingly comfortable.

  10. my Venus is at 8 degrees Aqua..and it’s an anniversary for me..of losing my very amazing but emotionally, probably a bit detached mum. And through a crisis, I learned the hard way how to detach when it really really does matter that I should for my own emotional wellbeing, too. “Step away from the Corpse..” they had to haul me away from my mum’s coffin as I couldn’t believe she’d gone.. stood there in a daze.

    Superb post Elsa, struck us all to the core I reckon, thankyou for sharing your light as you find your way to liberation!

    So sad for your loss Lucia.

  11. (((lindiloo))))((lucia)))

    Thanks for this post, Elsa. I especially appreciate this: “your attachment is probably based in part on the idea they have a similar attachment.”

    Basically sums up Issue #1 in my life. I’m a rescuer/mediator of sorts and I remember the day I realized I didn’t need to rescue people…they didn’t ask me to, and furthermore didn’t notice when I was trying to rescue them:)

    This is a lesson that anyone can use for a tricky aspect of their chart OR relationship, I think

  12. I agree: this comment really hit it for me Elsa: “if they aren’t attached, you don’t have to be either because your attachment is probably based in part on the idea they have a similar attachment.” This again reminds me that I need to be alert to what I am expecting from certain people in my life who may not have not just the same level–but ANY level–of attachment as I do. Still hard for me to put that “don’t have to be” into reality though…Venus Conj. Chiron in Pisces 2nd house opposite Pluto in Virgo. Ouch. The only opp. in my chart–and I find myself in this situation you describe–wondering how did I assume (foggy Scorp moon conjunct Nep) that the attachment was real on both sides? I gotta think about this a little more. So hard for me to let go even when I know I should.

  13. Lindiloo, Mena, Lúcia many hugs.

    Hits home, major issue, why don’t they like me because I like them and really want them to like me? Whaaa

    Heard an interesting take today, bad events in life don’t happen to us, they happen for us (and our growth) and while I know this to be essentially true, I think that I still have some knee jerk, subconscious reaction that is buried deep

  14. My prayers go out to all who have recently lost a loved one….Lucia, so recent…I am so sorry, and going through her things is tough, I am sure,…..so sorry….

    Elsa, I was extremely attached to my grandmother for years and did not get that she was not that attached to me in the same way and I actually mourned her while she was alive until the moment I realized that she just was not attached in the way I was and that this was not about me or actually was more about me, but in any event, it helped me tremendously to detach myself and love her in a completely different way that served both of us for the remainder of her life.

  15. My sympathies to everyone who is going through this right now. I am right there with you.

    It’s getting pretty tiring actually….Pluto on Sun from now till forever it seems.

    Grateful to you Elsa for addressing requests I put out to the universe so directly.

    Uranus/Saturn, indeed.

    I’m not sure how much more reality a girl can take.

  16. How do you cope with a parent whom is not attached to their child i.e., my son’s father. i feel this is open wound for him.

  17. Step Away from the Corpse indeed. Rueful smile. I’ve been thinking about this a lot in the context of my mother. And what I’ve ended up wondering is who is and who isn’t attached. I don’t often try to see her potential perspectives since doing that nearly drove me insane for most of my life. So it’s interesting that when I look at the Elsa’s example I keep ending up at the conclusion that I’m not attached and she is. — The complete opposite of what I’ve always thought. So what am I attached to? Maybe to the idea I need to be attached? And is there any point in trying to figure that out or is it time to step away from the corpse? lol.

    Anyway, thank you, Elsa. As always, you made me think about things in a different, and really useful, way.

  18. Shock. Great insight.
    Uranus will be conjunct my Moon and SN at 11 Taurus followed by my Jupiter,Pallas,Mercury at Algol,Venus and Vesta
    and I am both a bit scared and curious.

    1. Alice – In what House will all this action take place? Knowing this may be helpful for planning purposes and peace of mind.

      1. My third House starts at 11 Taurus and there is my Moon and SN. Al ends at the end IC and Sun at 4 gemini at 4th House. Close neighbourhood? I will be probably kicked off somehow from my old apartment that my grandparents received after fleeing Ukraine after 2n world war.
        Cutting of the roots ?
        Uranus rules my chart, ASC 5 Aquarius…
        Good indication thank you

  19. My husband will have this transit soon ?. On the less scary side there’s a good chance we’ll move homes in the next year.

  20. Well I have saturn and Pluto transiting my Moon (20 degrees Capricorn) while my daughter has Uranus transiting her Moon in Taurus. Creepy I must say..

  21. My moon is at 25 cap. I have family that have never been close to me. And lately, since this transit started (i never thought of it til now) they have started to say why don’t u call us often! Now these are my fathers parents and siblings they made it clear my whole life I was an outsider. Now that I’m older and they are older all of a sudden it’s why r u not close to us! Mind u i visit them every holiday my whole life with my parents since I’m small, I’m
    45 now, and I just accepted that they were closer to my other cousins and my fathers other siblings. We are a big Italian family and when my father married my mother they were young, 18 and 20. And it was taboo back then plus my mom was not catholic like they were and this was a horrible thing to them back in the 1970’s. So I felt the way they treated us my whole life growing up. We weren’t included in all their family outings that they did outside of holidays and frankly they didn’t hide how they felt when I was growing up. But I accepted it for what it was. And now recently that I’m grown and they are older they want to blame me that I’m not close to them. It has been mind boggling for me for a year or so. They even came out and said why don’t u call or come around us! The phone works both ways I want to say but I dont. I have put up with the treatment without a word of judgment my whole life but part of me wants to sceam Hello what in the world are u expecting Thanks for pointing out it maybe the moon transit to Saturn/Pluto. Do people never see their judgments or harsh treatments? It drives me crazy.

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