Mars, Mercury and Motorcycles

The AMF bought a new (old) motorcycle on Friday and brought it by for me to ride yesterday morning, after picking it up at the shop complete with new tires. Woooooo!

I haven’t ridden a motorcycle in more than 20 years! However, I could ride like hell when I did, and it all came me back within a matter of minutes. What a feeling! I am pretty sure I was born to ride a bike!

My Mars is conjunct Mercury in the 9th house. I like to gooooo, baby!!!!

Mars is in Libra and Venus ruled, so I wear lipstick of course! I like to look good (Venus) when I assert myself (Mars).

So where is your Mars and what does it go for?

15 thoughts on “Mars, Mercury and Motorcycles”

  1. Mars in Virgo in the tenth. I live to serve, for reasonable compensation.

    My Mars is opposed Saturn and squared Mercury, so I have to work very hard to keep my fears from limiting my ability to assert myself. I have to be disciplined about taking care of myself and I have to be vigilant about taking the mental high road. The consequences when I succomb to fearful thoughts have been pretty dire.

  2. p.s. I loved to ride motorcycles with boys when I was young. I never was brave enough to learn to ride on my own, but I would have liked to had I found the courage.

  3. mars in leo on the midhaven from the 9 th house side – and sunshine desert adventures on an XR200 honda in search of treasures is one outlet.

  4. Mars sextile Neptune — I like to DANCE!!! African beats, in a trance until my elderly knees tell me to behave myself….

    And the rest of it I have no idea. It looks like a lotta Mars, but maybe this is normal?

    Mars in the Second House 2nd hs
    Mars in Capricorn
    Mercury Conjunct Mars
    Mars Square Jupiter
    Mars Trine Pluto
    Mars Trine Uranus
    Mars Sextile Ascendant
    Mars Sextile Neptune

  5. Mars conjunct Merc in 7th house (aquarius) Love one to one interactions with people with lots and lots of exchange of ideas…and the pace has to be real fast to keep my attention !

  6. Avatar

    I love riding as a passenger… but I mean, I’m scared, damnit! I just haven’t done this often enough! But… still, it feels so good just to be in pure movement, wind blowing past your face. Hmmm.. I think I’d rather be a passenger with someone I trust, while I look around at the scenery and focus on what it feels like. =) I love going places I just wish I could do it more often!! Wahhh. Someone please take meeeeeeee.

    Mars? My Mars likes to debate/defending people (for, I think, a good reason)! and explain to people why I don’t feel good about things they said/did. I love (bicycle-)biking, writing and wandering around alone for hours when I need a breather.

    Mars conjunct Moon trine Ascendent, in Capricorn, 9th house
    Mercury conjunct Saturn opposite Ascendent, 6th/7th cusp
    Mars & Moon sextile Mercury & Saturn

  7. Holy lotsa Mars 9th houses!
    My Mars is in the 3rd house, in Aries. I am infinitely grateful that it is trined Neptune and conjunct with Venus. Let’s me take it all down the necessary notches. Especially as Mars is also opposed Pluto, and squared to the moon.

    My Mars will lead me into pedantic, irritating arguments if I am not completely conscious of my intentions. Useless arguments are the worst for me. I have a large family of highly mentally energetic people. I think dealing with them prepped me for not being a complete nut as I go out in the world.

    Dancing, dancing and more dancing. Dancing is absaloute therapy for me!

  8. I _love_ to ride. I can’t ride by myself, though… I don’t even know how to bicycle! I make it a point to only get on the back of the bike if I really trust the rider, though. And if they’re experienced.
    I would _love_ to learn to ride on my own. Manual two-wheeler first, though. They’re less lethal if you wreck. 😉

    As to my Mars… Well, if any of you have been following along, you know I’m a rank amateur. As many times as I’ve looked at my chart, though, I’ve never read the interpretation for my Mars! Surprising, ’cause I was sure I had.
    I have Mars in 4th house Libra. I don’t intuitively understand the lipstick comment Elsa made, though, so maybe that’s a 9th house thang. Also, I have a pretty bad temper. I get mad quickly and frequently, then get over it just as fast, which didn’t make sense to me with placement in Libra. But once I read about the other planets influencing my Mars, which seems to be pretty inflicted, hoo! Makes tons more sense.

    The thing that helps me the most is just _expressing_, honestly and directly. I feel my anger, own it, express it, then let it go. Same with my lustfulness – own, express, let go. It took me looooong time to work that out, and I was miserable until I did.
    Otherwise, I’m kinda clueless. The subtler aspects of Mars elude me.

    Looks like a lot of Mars to me! I’ve got one less interaction than you, and that seems kinda excessive. 😉

  9. I’d rather keep two feet firmly on the ground than ride a motorcycle. Or get on a rollercoaster. The merry-go-round is about as daring a risk as I’m willing to take. Also, I’m a serious control freak. I cannot be a passenger – I always have to be in control 🙂 I also love to debate, and can flip sides mid-discussion, but it has to remain polite and civilized or I’ll just walk away. Or, a, smack you upside the head with something. It can go either way.

    Mars in Virgo, third house, opposed by Saturn in Pisces, ninth house. My Mars goes for books, museums, libraries, classical music and lots of solitude and quiet. It also gets all fiesty and in-your-face over bullies and bad manners (Mars is tightly conjunct Uranus, Moon and Pluto). And I love ballroom dancing – no hiphop silliness for this girl 🙂

  10. Ah yes… to feel the whoosh of riding a bike.

    When I was 20 I was in the bush (Australian outback)with my boyfriend and my older brother and a 185 CC motorbike. Both guys stood either side of me straddling the bike. I practiced the clutch, the gears and the accelerator with the motor going but standing still. With much encouragement I let the clutch out
    ……………brrrrrrrrrrrrr BANG!!?!……….
    straight into the fence. Quickly both fellas were picking me up off the ground and dusting me off. Not hurt I said “Could we point me in a fence free direction?” Brother B. suggested I should also know where the brakes are. hmmmm. top suggestion.
    So like a real trooper I got back on, tested the brakes, and rode and rode and rode all weekend on terrific traffic free, flat country dirt roads. Loved it. Ya know I’ve never ridden since.
    Brother B. later moved away from that country house. New boyfriend didn’t have a bike.

    It was a great environment to learn. I had other opportunities to ride in the city but as an absolute beginner I just couldn’t manage the idea of traffic, signs etc. The flat country of the outback really appealed to my youthful and exuberent Sag Sun.

    As for Mars, its conjunct Mercury in Cap, 8th House – talk is deep, penetrating, tenacious, long years in higher education, writing thesis, love research, reading, writing, now I buy and sell books on ebay.

  11. Mars in Leo in XI, stellium of three
    Five major Mars aspects in my natal chart
    Own two Harleys (and I’m not a guy) and run the roads every chance I get!! Also noteworthy – I’m a black belt and most at home on stage. Yeah.. No Mars here 😉

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