Mars opposite Chiron In Pisces: Veiled Aggression

Chiron paintingWe don’t think of Virgo and Pisces as vicious signs. But when Mars attacks and Chiron in Pisces represents a sensitive wound. Basically, we’ve got people trying to stick a knife in others where it hurts the most which brings us into the realm of cruelty.

Virgo is critical. Mars in Virgo favors a verbal or written attack. Neptune represents fog and what I call the hall of mirrors.   When you put these planets together, aggression is veiled or obscured or sneaky.

However, if you sling arrows aimed to undermine someone, you’re liable to wind up undoing yourself. Think along the line of “unintended consequences” or the old saying, “Joke is on you”.

Being from the “verify your target before you shoot” camp, I feel these are terrible conditions under which to start a war (Mars), so I’d avoid it (Neptune) it possible. Instead, you can transcend your wound (Chiron in Pisces), and aim to serve (Mars in Virgo).

If you need inspiration, check out, Roy Benavidez’s story. He saved the lives of eight men, despite suffering 37 separate bayonet, bullet and shrapnel wounds during a six-hour fight. He kept going back to save another man, in spite of the fact he was nearly dead. He fought and saved lived until he was (mistakenly) zipped into a body bag himself.

Mars is a hero, I think people forget.


8 thoughts on “Mars opposite Chiron In Pisces: Veiled Aggression”

  1. Thank you. I’ve decided to stop any anger I have toward one person who has betrayed me time and time again. She’s shooting arrows at me and I’m just trying to move on. I cannot control anything anymore and it’s scary as hell but I just gotta be myself and believe that things will all be exposed for what they really are.

  2. your “verify your target” policy reminds me of my own:
    1. don’t point a weapon unless you plan to shoot.
    2. don’t shoot unless you mean to kill.

    I think I’ll move yours to number one in my queue.

  3. Mars is conjunct my pluto(conjunct venus) in virgo opposite my chiron (conjunct jupiter) in pisces. Yes I am in pain. I am going up north soon to see my very sick mother.

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