The Natural Zodiac Can Be Applied To Everything And Used To Solve All Problems (Part 3)

doublecappy writes on Pluto Moon – Opting Out Of Suffering:

Um…. so it just makes no difference? What doesn’t? Sorry, I listened like three times… Maybe I have some kind of block on this! (Though I can relate to getting it but still trying to control the outcome.)

doublecappy – Here is my attempt to address this:

How To Solve All Problems (And How To Never Solve Them) Part 1

How To Solve All Problems… Part 2

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  1. I really love these explanations (I keep hoping people want it elaborated upon so I can hear more), especially in regards to the 12th house. I have had Saturn in my twelfth house for almost the past two years and for the last six months it has been humping my ascendant like a dog in heat. The way I see it is, you know how in the Roadrunner cartoons how Wile Coyote would run off a cliff and keep running in mid-air until he realized there was no ground beneath him anymore and then he would plummet to the earth and get all accordion shaped? The 12th house is like that. No wonder it’s the last…you need a lot of preparation to get accordion shaped.

  2. And isn’t that the stages of grief? denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance…I’m constantly amazed at how astrology is verified at every turn.

  3. Heartbreaking, Elsa. And astounding that you can function, let alone give what you give, and always bring it around to the big picture. One of your many great gifts – the ability to translate your everyday into illustrations of the universal for your readers.
    Thank you

  4. I think we all like hearing this because generally the twelfth house is portrayed so negatively. These water houses are where you hear so much astrology that seems aimed at feeding fears. Relating it to transendence, even in the face of pain, helps to grasp this nebulous space a little further.

  5. Thanks for the timely reminder about the power of just ‘accepting’ things, including the crash of one’s plane. A very wise relative of mine, now gone on, advised me to accept my divorce, to just accept it, and that once I had, I would find peace. Of course he was right on, and of course it was very very difficult to accept what, to me, was the end of the world, but once I did, peace flowed like a river, and I began to heal. And once I began to heal, I could forgive everything, and once I forgave, I found the strength to start over, with joy. And I’m still here! Even though the plane crashed in a fiery ball! I’m still here and loooooooovin’ it!

  6. I have a repeating dream theme where the plane (car/train…) is literally going down and I realize I’m going to die and relax into it. I tend to have this dream whenever something activates my eighth house in pisces.

    I’d like to get my dream acceptance translated into real life. as in accept the metaphorical crash (not hoping for a real one).

  7. Relief from the pain body and transcendence into the unconscious? There is only so much suffering a person can bear but I wonder if the ripples of the seductive watery 12th house demand it’s own repercussions. Surrendering to the Gods as a sign of acceptance is an honourable but final act. I know from personal experience that when I pass to the 12th house without the full gut-wrenching turn of the wheel I know that someone or something will remind me that I may have thrown away the key to that karmic chapter in my life but the window is still open!

    How do you know when it’s over? That it’s due for the 12th house or whether it’s one more go round the block?

  8. Also, there is always hope, even in the darkest most desperate times (as the plane is crashing down). The 12th house will always be there but are there times where we can use it as a pit stop and not the last hall of residence? Is it possible to be bathed and to succumb to it’s healing waters but also be beckoned by the energy and re-vitalisation of the 1st house?

  9. Ah, now that’s what I’m talking about. I think it is ‘possible to be bathed and to succumb to its healing waters’ because nothing refreshes like getting cleansed of all the old stuff that’s out-lived its usefulness! Thanks for that message, Lynn! And let’s use some more of those ‘re’ words: reborn! retooled! reinvented! refreshed! rewritten! reimangined!
    And yes, revitalized! I feel like I’ve just had a long, tall drink of cool water.

  10. Wow. You guys are all very amazing.

    Elsa, I’ve got it. Thank you.

    Here’s my story. I *know* this but often don’t want to see it/accept it. I know it doesn’t matter (the very concept I didn’t get only mere days ago), but I often want to rail . . .

    It’s hard to be there too. If I accept this, then. . . yikes. But from what I’m seeing here, there is hope beyond accepting . . .

    1. Thankyou Elsa for posting my comment/question regarding the 12th … this is exactly where it belonged ..I cant seem to copy and paste it but here’s my response to your three videos you linked me to and perhaps to others here who may be able to comment.…
      Transcendence – right now this word seems to tell me give up. Just accept things. Give it to god etc… i apologise BUT this doesn’t give me closure, understanding, or a way to do any of these things. Maybe I’m still so mad? Maybe I still don’t get it? Maybe I’m just not ment to.
      Still…. it leaves me with such rage. I NEVER agreed to any of this… much less deserved such horror. I’m no victim, or require any pity parties – just do not consent to such fuckery.
      Much respect,
      Sharon x

  11. …and then you move back into the first house and can now _act_ based upon what you actually have left… because when you exhale, you (hopefully) let go of everything that’s out of your hands… but there’s always something you still have left, too, and that’s where i think your “get with god” or as i say it “spirit” comes into play….

    i like being an aries with a pisces mars. keeps me from getting too hung up on every damn crusade that comes by. the world is full of reasons to go do something and i only have so much energy or time…. *sigh* i just hope that other people follow what they’re called to pursue, too. delegating resources works, sometimes 😉

  12. 1st house- Fighting physically/emotionally.
    2nd house- Saying ‘no, this isn’t happening.’
    3rd house- Thinking of a way to get out.
    4th house- Grieving.
    5th house- Searching deeper in your inner self.
    6th house- Thinking of the details in order to get out.

    7th house- Weighing both sides of the plan.
    8th house- Psychology, like Elsa said. Why am I feeling this way?

    9th house- Why is God doing this to me? What’s the meaning of all this?
    10th house- Limit the problem.
    11th house- Hoping and wishing. Praying.
    12th house- Surrendering to the universe and believing there is a bigger plan.

  13. Wow Toni, that’s quite a list.
    Hahaha I said (Amber) earlier that I was glad I was out of the 6th. Well, guess what. I am still squarely there, though flipping through different houses in cycles. But yeah, can a virgo ever REALLY get out of the 6th house? (esp with saturn in virgo issues).
    This video is very moving…

  14. This is a big piece of Cosmic Pie and this ole girl she loves pie. I’ve been following the thread and watching the vids to eat just one more piece of Cosmic Pie. I am in the 12th house phase of my understanding and ultimate acceptance of the reassembled truth of my health. I am affected by the whole and after 15 years of trying to out run the natural zodiac I get that my plane is down, the losses are great, the grief exists, I have been pissed with the gods and they still hang in there to wait it out with me. I’m cappy moon in the the 12th living in a moon shaped house on wheels smaller than plenty of folks’ walk-in closet. I get to accept my fate and grow gardens where EVER my wheelie home rolls.

    The Cosmic Pie you’ve served up here Elsa and the wonderful conversation that was shared because someone (Double Cappy, thank you:]) asked is so perfect. I’m gonna try to translate this onto my blog today, maybe a great thing for a lunar eclipse that is supposed to be easy on the Scorps. Thanks a million Elsa and all.

  15. my comment (#8, how appropriate) mentioned my recurring dream about the plane literally going down… totally odd, but I haven’t had that dream since! maybe I just needed to understand why I have it!

  16. Another rich subject (part 3), rich comments here and deeply felt. Thanks Toni – duly noted! wow everyone here – TAKE A BOW!!

    Such rich, practical, spiritual fodder – thank you Elsa.

  17. This post is amazing -thank you elsa for your wisdom and loving service to us….
    I wonder: this sounds like saturn transiting through the houses- the cycle of getting a mature grip on solving your wound. Does that make sense?….. I was thinking this after attending the saturn-neptune-12th house workshop here.
    ( well saturn is transiting my 8th house neptune scorpio now)

  18. OMG! It has taken me 3 years to reach the understanding you described in video 3. My “airplane” crashed and burned in 2014: Loss of job, ran out of money, lost my home and nearly everything in it, and had to give away the 3 kitties I had adopted the year before. Ive been car and couch and livingroom floor camping ever since. Constantly searching for explanations and solutions. Two weeks ago I realized I was healed when I saw the same homeless woman on the same street I had seen 2 years ago. I no longer saw her as a victim or someone that needed to be rescued. She is on her own journey, she doesnt need to be “fixed” and that is ok.
    I am a double Cap with a 12th house Sun. My big lesson has been to transcend circumstances and conditions–my own and others–and accept, allow and patiently observe. Yes, I still prefer to have a living space of my own and have an animal companion, but for now I allow the Universe to guide and direct and unfold before me as I put one foot in front of the other.
    Thank You, Elsa, for the confirmation that has been waiting for me since 2007!

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