Legacy: The 8th House In Astrology – At Peace With Dying

The 8th house is concerned with legacy and the inheritance of energy. This operates in various theaters.

I  have a packed 8th house. I’ve mentioned being a person who propagates the energy of the dead (tag – legacy). But I am also concerned with leaving a legacy.  Specifically, I want to leave something for my children. This came home with clarity some ears ago.

Pluto was transiting my Sun at the time. I didn’t like the way my life was set up. In spite of what I felt was a heroic effect I had no luck at all affecting change.  I tried all kinds of hi-jinks but found myself powerless against the forces. It occurred to me the situation could be neatly resolved if I died.

Now I don’t mean I was suicidal. I’d just thought everything through and it seemed to me this would be an elegant solution if it were to play that way.

I arrived at this idea because the conditions were so bad and I clearly blocked from leaving them.  I tried to embrace them. I did my best in the circumstance but when I tried to imagine myself living in the scenario “for the rest of my life”, I just could not get that movie to play.

Based on past experience, if I can’t imagine it, the odds are virtually 100% the thing is not going to happen. So if I can’t get out and I am not going to stay long term… well it seemed logical to me I might die.  I thought it would fix all this.  It would fix it, but what about my kids?

My kids were young and I had started writing by then. I’d written daily for two years and had a couple thousand pages done anyway. I was intently involved with my daughter… I had transferred a tremendous amount of energy to her and I realized at the time that if I died she would not only survive but be able to thrive on what I’d given to her.

My son was a toddler at the time and while this concerned me, if you die then you die.  If there was any question of this at the time it was cleared up with the gal in Fish Story: A Tale Of Two Pisces died as she had a daughter who was Vid’s age.

I mulled this around and while it is surely not ideal to lose your mother in childhood, I came to be a peace with the idea and it was because of all the writing.

My grandfather, Henry left his writing. He kept carbon copies of his correspondence over a sixty year period so I can access his energy very readily. Reading the letters I can know what he felt and thought about a wide variety of things.  Considering that, I realized I had created a body of work that my children would inherit and this meant they would know their mother and know her in her own words.

Once this dawned on me I relaxed and I have stayed relaxed around my own death since. Specifically, I feel I can die at any time and have no concerns about it because I have produced this body of work for the next generation.

Both my kids have 8th house Suns you know and when I die, if they ever want access to my energy, it can be found on hard drives and hearts around the world.

10 thoughts on “Legacy: The 8th House In Astrology – At Peace With Dying”

  1. I have Pluto/Jupiter conjunct in the 8th house at the top of a kite and grand cross. Tell me about death. I died once in a car accident. I said “I want to live. I don’t want to have to do this all again. I want to see my children grow up.” and woke up in the morgue. I had the same grand cross personally that is going on in the world now. Death/Rebirth/Death/Rebirth…..

  2. I have always been stumped at my saturn in 8th house. I am childless and pretty much alone. No real close friends. My family lives on the other side of the country. Anything I wrote during my life and crises were rubbished or burned because I disliked myself so much or because I didnt want my jealous spouse to find them.

    Not this time. I am keeping my notebooks. Maybe its a start to learning the lesson of saturn in 8th house?

    Thanks for the insight Elsa.

  3. Chamirose, what you wrote really touched me….

    Trying to understand the 8th house. I have asteroids there: chiron, ceres, and juno….not conjunct. The first two are in aries and the last is in taurus.

    Yeah, quite a legacy here, very clear, very passionate, very feelable. I think I made that word up. Feel-able. The blog makes you feel. (I am cancerian with moon in 1st house so feelings rule over here)

  4. right on, cancer ascendant. moon 4th house.
    thing is weird, i never let myself really feel before.

    Yeah, Elsa’s writing on the 8th is really moving me. It really feels more like Chiron in 8th than Saturn, cause it really feels like a deep wound. I think one I caused myself. (We make our own excuses dont we?, sometimes?)

    I did my solar return for 09/10 (sept. 21 birthday) and the triple conjunction is near my saturn. Hahahaha. I’m scheduling a consult with Elsa on this one! Its staring me straight in the freaking face! hahaha. Thanks moonpluto!

  5. funny, i try to erase/remove my energy any time i can. Wish i could be born, live and die without leaving a trace. aquarius 8th house

  6. wow. i am learning so much from this community about how fantastically different we all are! No planets in 8th pennyroyal?

    I also have moon conjunct mars in scorpio 4th house. So that’s kind of an 8th house booster shot.

  7. hm. mom has a four planet stellium in the eighth, in cancer. and five kids. guess that definitely counts as a cancer kind of legacy….

  8. There was an article online about Flo-Jo doing this with the letters. Apparently she was psychic and knew she’d go at an early age, so she was writing letters to her daughter at 16 when she was 2.

  9. When my first was born I was overwhelmed with post-partum depression, and while I guess it’s mostly a hormonal and chemical issue, I was also flooded with so much emotion about my daughter. I loved her so much the instant she was born that my biggest fear instantly became “What if I die before she ever knows how much I love her.”

    Now I have two daughters and while I still cringe at the thought, I am confident that they would never doubt how much I love them because I write (a lot) to them in journals. My legacy as a mother is EXTREMELY important to me. My 8th house is empty, although I am a Scorpio ASC and my Mars in in Cancer…oh yeah and Cappy moon (traditions?).

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