Mars Opposite Neptune: Martyr, Gaslighting, Narcissist & Deflecting Attack

Mars in Leo will oppose Neptune in Aquarius on November 6th, 2011.  This is a tricky one.

You’ll see people fight (Mars) by deceiving (Neptune). We often talk about “gaslighting” on this blog (tag) and that is one form of this.  I’m talking about being tricked into your own self-doing or even tricking yourself into sacrifice which damages you. This is an aspect of a martyr. It’s confused (Neptune) action (Mars). It’s a drunk firing at the wrong person for the wrong reason, while trying to help.   Well, gee. Thanks.

A suicide bomber is an extreme example of of this energy. It’s a flashy, attention-getting (Leo) attack (Mars) that is supposed to serve (Neptune) humanity (Aquarius). Misguided?

Mars Neptune a sneak attack but it can also have a person imagine they’re being attacked when it’s not happening. You can easily find yourself in a hall of mirrors under a sky like this.  Are you feeling attacked because you are being attacked?  Or is it your imagination? Is the attacker attacking by creating the confusion?  Oh brother.

The Occupy stuff also fits this profile. What are we all up in arms about again? Who knows. Who is backing the movement?  Who knows? We’re pissed for reason non-specific and confused as to why people are pissed as us being pissed!  We’re pissed off for and by humanity?

There is legitimate danger here because we are talking about Mars.  You want to avoid (Neptune) angry (Mars) drug addicts and other confused and deluded people.  However, it’s just as likely people are their own worst enemy under a sky like this.  A drunk who punches a cop is a good example of this. Not sure who is causing the problem there.

People who want to avoid trouble should be able to.  Mars is involved in a grand trine with Jupiter and Pluto making this a matter of choice.  You can get into a argument with a fun-house mirror or you can make hay while the sun shines because that option is there.

One more thing!  This is also the “You’re a narcissist / No you are” aspect. Personally, I’ve got better things to do.

“You’re a narcissist, Elsa.”
“Yes, now if you’ll please excuse me…”

That’s how you deflect (Neptune) an attack (Mars).

Can you see this aspect playing in your life?

35 thoughts on “Mars Opposite Neptune: Martyr, Gaslighting, Narcissist & Deflecting Attack”

  1. Love this! Thanks so much, Elsa, this is sooo helpful. Am dealing with just this type of person at my treatment center job.

  2. How long will this transit last Elsa? I have a lot of angry drug addicts and drunks in my family, sounds like a good day to avoid them. I think I will just stay home and not get involved if I can help it, and focus on the home front.

  3. Hmmm. I’ve got an interesting situation going on right now where I feel rather obligated to let a family member know that I think his son might have a rather serious mental illness. I’m no psychiatrist, but there are some massively delusional thought processes going on in this adolescent kid, and some of them seem like they could lead to self-harm or other-harm. Not necessarily in any immediate way, though. No threats have been made. More just the adolescent expressing hatred for his much younger sibling, describing the sibling as a cancer who smells bad (untrue) and makes a bad taste come into his mouth just by being around her, to the extent that he has to hock loogeys and spit and gags when she’s around. (She’s a delightful child. Nothing at all wrong with her or ‘cancer-like’ about her.) He avoids her at all costs, refusing to eat dinner with the family, and everything erupted in a huge drama the other day over all of this. Should I hold off on having a discussion with this father about my concerns re: his son’s possible delusional thinking until this transit has passed? Or is this a good time for it?

  4. Oh, and it isn’t all aimed at his sibling. He has been suspended from school for having these same issues with a boy in his class, to the extent of having to get up and leave the classroom because he’s so disgusted by this perfectly harmless boy, and believes him to be so foul that he can taste and smell him. He was suspended for walking out of the class and not coming back. Though, if he was having violent impulses about this kid, maybe that was the best he could do.

  5. The adolescent is an Aries sun with Gemini rising. Moon in Leo. Mercury in Pisces. Mars in Cancer. That’s about all I know of his chart.

  6. This is why I love this blog. It gives me a heads-up to avoid trouble.

    I just realized that this is what my ex has always done (deny the abuse like it never happened). Trans Mars will be in my 7th, and Trans Neptune is already in my 1st. He’s the Scorpio (traditionally ruled by Mars) and I’m the Neptune (4 Pisces planets 1st and 2nd). I’m also the Mars because I’m an Aries Sun, so he’ll make it all seem about me.

    I already see this on the horizon. It’s been creeping me out, and now it looks like he’s going to step it up a notch. He’s been giving me compliments. He used to say he’d never compliment me because it would give me a “big head.”

    He called me to “thank” me for giving him some paperwork that helped him in court.

    I don’t like it. I am going to be extra-vigilant in not engaging in any of his “history revisions.”

    He’s been trying to blame me for this divorce since he walked out. Of course, when it suits him, he boasts that he walked out on me.

    Ugh – I’m hiding.

  7. One of my clients asked me how to avoid problems here. I told her to be actively (Mars) compassionate (Neptune). 🙂
    That should do it..

    1. Oh my. This is just fantastic advice. I have this aspect natally and I am prone to fighting the wrong battles, self-undoing. Active compassion is sort of what drives me through the world, though I’ve never thought of it like that… Always thought I just had a shitty Mars.
      I know I am not doing enough. AT ALL. Thank you for the reminder and kick in the ass.

  8. Oh wow…I’m supposed to attend a benefit that day for someone who committed suicide…lots of people will be there that I haven’t seen in awhile. Thanks for the heads-up!

  9. t. mars will be conj my n pluto. Alrighty now t. neptune will turn my natal aspects into a T-square with Saturn at the apex. Come on Saturn let’s turn a corner on this.

  10. Natal mars in pisces understands this. So it will be business as usual? Ceptin that transiting mars will be conjunct my MH pluto. Perhaps transiting neptune on my ic will offer some relief from taking the scoundrels too seriously.

  11. Natal aspect. It is a huge debility. For me the only things that work are —

    To get away from all other humans for a while til I can get my perspective back.

    Go to my sun and use logic on a problem that has nothing whatsoever to do with me.


    Do Virgo. Utter Virgo. Vitamins, supplements, Pilates, vaccuum, the house, vaccum the car, sort my closet by color, do some weird skincare ritual. Doing Virgo balances Doing Pisces.

    Even knowing all that, I really think that aspect is the absolute worst thing about me.

  12. Avatar
    curioius wanderer

    This is on my ASC/DSC axis, Mars on the ASC. I can already feel myself getting fired up, even though Mars is still transiting my 12th…I think my best bet would be to just mind myself extra hard, because I can see where I might easily do something on an impulse (Mars) and get mis-perceived by others (Neptune/DSC).

  13. Yes, another bit I enjoyed was when an astrologer said in summation of a certain planetary lineup;

    “In your case, you’re not paranoid, they really ARE out to get you.”

    But I was oblivious. Didn’t know, didn’t have a clue for years and years past that consultation.

  14. I have this Natally – but Cap Neptune and Cancer Mars.

    I hope that I can see through it. Neptune is still squaring my Sun at the moment. I’ve been in a haze for quite some time now.

  15. To me, what continuously happens to me is the whole Overestimating overidealizing people. And then I get super burned and let down by it. 🙁

  16. Actively Compassionate – although I don’t want to be, you are correct, Elsa, because that has already worked.

    I was annoyed when he called me on my cell, wasting my minutes. However, I was very polite and I told him how GLAD I was that the paperwork helped him.

    BAH! LOL! I must say he was satisfied with the exchange and ended the call. Usually, he’s yelling and accusing me of things.

    Eva – You also have to arrange them by sleeveless, short-sleeved, and long-sleeved, then by color. Aquarius ASC with Uranus in Virgo.

  17. my comment got binned…

    well, this falls on the cusps of my 3rd/9th. i have been looking to transcend some thwarted energy in these areas of my life, so i welcome this transit.

  18. Thank you for this. Timing could not be better for this post 🙂

    I’ve been working hard to keep my head on straight and see the truth in people and things lately. This transit is going to hit my 3rd/9th too. Have a lot of detailed and house/yard work to do so seems a good time for that. And as you said Elsa, focus on compassion.

  19. actually this opposition squares my natal Jupiter at 29 degrees sag in the 8th. Still new at this astrology bit and read it incorrectly the first time 🙂

  20. this is kinda scary elsa! How to tell the difference between being actively compassionate and being a martyr? I guess it should be obvious but I feel soo dumb! I did tip the pizza lady nicely though! She had to wade through water to get to the door o_o lol

  21. Natal Pluto opposing Lilith. Getting hit by Mars Today. Neptune still lurking for later, not on that axis yet.

    Clothes dryer broke but I simply cannot seem to care! Much too busy tweeting and posting links to the Occupation. Let there be earthquakes.

  22. On Monday or Tuesday morning, right at the exact opposition of Mars and Neptune, I had a dream in which I was castrated. I wasn’t aware of this transit until later in the week. What an interesting manifestation!

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