Astrology And Allergies

Visine“There are only two things I can’t stand in this world: People who are intolerant of other people’s cultures… and the Dutch.”
–Nigel Powers, “Goldmember”

Allergies are a reaction, a sensitivity, to agents in one’s environment. The most obvious examples of allergies are physical reactions, when particulates cause a physical reaction in the body. Sensitivity resonates to Neptune and Pisces. Sensing and particulates are a Gemini/Mercury matter. Between my Neptune and my Pisces Mercury and Sun, everything in my chart is touched by something Neptunian. What am I allergic to? What have you got?

Mars and the ascendant are associated with the physical, the body. Mars involved with Neptune and Pisces can result in physical sensitivities as well. Neptune involved with any planet or placement can result in sensitivity and not necessarily on a physical level. You can be sensitive to something and not have it disagree with you. It just means a heightened awareness relationship with the subject in question. I have Neptune in aspect to an 8th house Saturn and a heightened sensitivity to interpersonal boundaries. That doesn’t mean I’m necessarily good or bad at navigating interpersonal boundaries, just that they affect me profoundly. I’m sensitive to the non-physical particulates of the interpersonal boundary variety.

Managing these types of sensitivities is less straightforward than taking a pill or a spray that blocks the reaction. That type of remedy is Saturnian, and Neptunian types sometimes talk of employing a virtual “shield” generated in their mind, emotional or ephemeral body. Another remedy that resonates to the way one handles physical allergens is a gradual introduction of the substance. Exposing oneself to micro-doses of the offending substance builds one’s resistance to that reaction over time. This also holds true in the non-physical realm. If you’re allergic to crowds the remedy is to start small, start within your comfort zone of interaction and slowly build immunity by socializing in larger and larger groups until you’re more comfortable.

Do you have “allergies,” sensitivities, physical or otherwise? Got Neptune?

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  1. I’m allergic to jackasses. ;p

    I have Neptune sq. Saturn, and am a natural redhead, so my physical allergies are numerous and strange.

  2. I have food allergies and dust, animal, pollen allergies too.

    Mars in the 12th opposite Neptune in Scorpio in the 6th. Plus Virgo Moon et al.

  3. I’m allergic to nickel, I think. Can’t have pierced ears because even the tiniest amount of cheap reacts on my skin like holy water on a vampire. I bought a ” sterling silver” chain at Kmart a few months ago, wore it for half an hour I looked like I had been garroted the rash was so nasty. I’m like a crappy jewelry mood ring with this Virgo rising. It’s almost kind of useful!

  4. My Neptune in Capricorn aspects Mars. I am very sensitive to aggression. It’s almost ironic with four planets in Scorpio that aggression freaks me out. I use my will all the time, it’s not an issue of will. It’s an issue of aggression, any use of aggression at all shuts me down instantly. My boss had this thing of talking very aggressively with me, and she’s the best person I know. Yet she kept getting aggressive with me because she has an aggressive personality. I had to talk to her about a million times about it before I could explain to her. Soft tone, calm face. You can insult my mother and tell me God doesn’t exist if you use a soft tone and a calm face, I’ll accept that you’ve spoken your mind. You can tell me there’s no more cheerios aggressively and I’ll get incredibly defensive and tell you to jump off a short cliff. I’m sensitive to it. But I am a HIGHLY sensitive person, and it is a problem that I share people’s feelings so when they get aggressive then I feel aggressive and that feeling scares me.

  5. My skin is hypersensitive. I am especially allergic to poison ivy. I would break out from head to toe in mountains of blisters that became deforming. There are times when I was little I looked like the elephant man. The remedy for me, was as you said, shots containing poison ivy oil. I rarely have much of a reaction now. But, my skin is still reactive to other things like pine sap. I can’t touch live pine. I’ve learned that cheap furniture is often made from pressed pine and if I try to assemble it I’ll break out in hives. I’m very sensitive to shifts in moods of others and I’m highly sensitive/aware of the spiritual realm. Pisces moon first house, trine scorp merc in 9, libra sun in 8, sextile 11th house cap jupiter, and square sag Neptune and MC.

  6. WOW this was a wonderful way of explaining Neptune in contact with other planets!!! Such a great metaphor. Neptune conjuncts my Mars and Neptune sextiles my 8th house stellium including Venus, Saturn and Pluto. Wow so true about the Saturn /Neptune and boundaries. Im highly sensitive to them.. also affection and physical touch..makes wonderful sense looking it from this perpspective. Thankyou for this Satori 🙂

  7. Josi, I had terrible reactions to poison ivy too. I got it so bad in the 6th grade I was out of school for two weeks. It was in my eye, it was all down my face and body and I definitely felt like the elephant man. I remember marveling at our neighbor who proved that he was immune to the stuff by laying down and rolling in the same patch that got me, a day later and he was spotless. I have have first house moon too but it’s probably not a coincidence lol.

  8. I could start with: Neptune in the tenth, conjunct my MC makes me allergic to work ;-), but that’s not completely true! Neptune and Mars are tightly conjunct (same degree) so I am allergic to all kinds of things, although it’s hard to find out… This conjunction square Jupiter in the 1st house (in Pisces)explains the effect on my whole body. The worst, or most annoying allergy is my hayfever (Mars/Nept inconjunct and Jupiter sextile Moon in Taurus, nature and food…) and one time I had real bad eczema all over my body for 1.5 years. Nothing helped, until I found out that I am really allergic to cowmilk/lactose. Astro-logically explained by my Saturn in the 6th (health) house in Cancer! (mother-milk! Also a little allergic to my mother, haha) This Saturn being inconjunct Mars-Nept and trine Jupiter. At least I am glad I am not allergic to alcohol…

  9. Also, my rising sign is Aquarius, so the outbursts of allergy are sudden and severe. But I think it also means it’s on and off, so sometimes it heals or goes away, except for my hayfever. Completely invincible.

  10. As I sat here, miserable wiith hay fever after forgetting to take allergy meds two days in row, I wondered about possible connection to allergies and Pisces/Neptune. This post confirms suspicions…

    Pisces moon trines Neptune in 12th house. Both Neptune and Mars (conjunct ascendant) in 12th oppose Mercury in Gemini.

  11. I have Moon Virgo square Neptune Sagittarius, Neptune in the 6th, Neptune parallel Mercury and parallel Mars… I am allergic to many many airborne allergens, plus some mysterious allergies, perhaps delayed ones, that haven’t been figured out yet…and I’m allergic and/or sensitive to some medications.

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