Uranus Transit – Jack Up Your Life & Save It In The Process

sparky on Christmas eveIt will be difficult to write this and not come across is a negative way. But it’s something new I’ve thought of and I like to bring as much I can to this blog which is known to be weird and original.

I realize I am getting to know someone and I think I may get to know them well. I don’t know that the person in question wants this to happen and I’ll tell you why. I’m hard. I trigger people. I make them uncomfortable. I can’t be controlled and I can’t even control myself, reliably.

Given this information, I would personally opt away from me. I’m not being hard on myself or anything. Just look at the facts!  But what’s happened in this case, is that forces beyond my control or theirs, look certain to throw us together, and keep us that way, maybe for a very long time.

Since realizing this, I’ve been glad, sad, grateful, scared and intrigued. I’ll explain that this way – I know fate when I see it!

But I feel bad for the other party. You can’t really want a challenging person like me to come into your life and knock over your delicate items. But as it stands, I am needed, because this person’s life has gone monotone.  Everything is “utility” if that makes sense. Nothing stirs the pot.

It can go well…

rylee blockedMy dog, Lila, lost her best friend, Rylee, a black lab. They started playing together when they were puppies.  This went on for two years, before Rylee’s parents cut her off.

Rylee became depressed. You can see her there.  She not only got sad, she also got real fat.

Lila protested and cried her eyes out for months…and then she also got real fat. So fat, we called her, “Fat Lila”.

But then a neighbor dropped this little white dog off with me – he was lost.  We found the owner two days later…who oddly enough, asked me to keep him!

Well I loved the little dog, so I kept him. And he loved, Lila! He loved her so much, he humped her 800 times a day..she promptly lost twenty pounds! That’s right. Lila is a Beauty Queen again.

We have since got the little white dog snipped, but I credit him with saving Lila’s life. She was truly distraught until the little white tornado arrived.

So the next time some lunatic comes into your life, some crazy force of nature, you might want to have a little faith around the outcome of the situation.

How do react when someone insane shows up on your doorstep?

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  1. I try as well, but if I have to try THAT dang hard, what’s the point?

    My little white dog tries to get along with everyone….but if we’re going to beat on him all the time and try to curtail his movements, I’m sure he’ll run away, like he did from his last home!

    He’s so happy, he runs down the hall, skipping and kicking his leg out, about every third step. He’s not like other dogs. He’s the spark!

    1. I think the point is that I give my best effort every day, until I no longer have any to give. At the end of the day, I can go to God with a clean conscious, knowing I gave my all and it was the best I could do :).
      That fulfills me,

      ps, I highly value the ‘sparks’ 🙂 variety & spices and all that good stuff!

  2. If the tornado could make me laugh, I would put on a pot of coffee or bring out a bottle of wine and invite them to sit on the couch and lets chat. I love people who have a sense of humor, crazy or not.

  3. If anyone’s seen the movie “The Sound of Music” from 1965. Julie Andrews plays a wild and free nun. In the end she wasn’t meant to be what she thought she was meant to be, fate led her in another direction.

  4. I always think that there is a reason someone enters or leaves my life, for good or for ill. There is always something behind it (thanks Universe). Also, it flips around and I can appear in someone’s life, and sometimes not always in a Glenda-the-Good-Witch form, if you know what I mean.

    I think there are times we are welcomed on someone’s doorstep, and then times where we receive no welcome. I think it just depends on the doorstep.

  5. I can really relate to this: “You can’t really want a challenging person like me to come into your life and knock over your delicate items.”

    With merc/mars conjunct in my 1st on my ASC, I’ve at least learned to tone it down and how to be a bit more gentle (as opposed to being a tornado blowing thru). I’m just me and it’s just who I am. I’ve learned to accept that and even be happy in that. I’ve got a 12th house sun and people tend to project their demons on me as a result of all that. I’ve even learned to be ok with that.

    The point here is just that I tend to be the crazy person that enters people life, yet what you said applies. I’ve learned to have faith that I’m in their lives for a reason and I’ve learned how to flow with that (it’s still not easy, but the perspective is amazing)!!!

    1. Me toooo…. Uranus on the Midheaven! They sense a spark of craziness…my normal, isn’t everyone elses and I am quite normal 🙂

      1. I have Uranus/Pluto in MC
        People generally like my “crazy”

        But I attract Uranian people and love them but they often fray my nerves

  6. I’m the crazy one. I have Uranus in the 10th, my planets are swimming in water signs and I have no Earth planets. For whatever reason, Earth signs are always attracted to me.

  7. Insane people have shown up on my doorstep regularly, and as someone who has those qualities myself, I laugh at the chance to think about it from both sides.

    I guess I am showing up on your doorstep again, Elsa, as I am not working and have finally begun to resurface! Howdy! And, yes, I have had some doozies appear in my life, and usually I look for the gift. Usually, they are a gift, though I may be required to stretch myself, and sometimes it is difficult. Sometimes, very difficult. But usually, I know it is a window of opportunity. There have been times, though, where I go on red alert, and know in hindsight to listen to those internal warning sirens. I don’t always roll out the red carpet.

    Right now, I have such a visitor, and it has been a challenging and enlightening process.

    Miss you, Elsa! Happy Holidays.

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    ROFL “the tornado” I’ve been called odd and strong names. It probably doesn’t help that I’ve pluto touching pretty much everything in my chart.

    I like how he is your “ex” 😉 I am forever thankful that my husband likes odd and strange, he’s one of the few that didn’t run away.

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    Warped by Wuthering Heights

    I would welcome this as I’m really stuck in the mud, and shaking in my boots right now over that upcoming Jan. 4 full moon!

  10. I throw the door wide open for crazies. I have Uranus in the 7th house, and a mother who taught that it was a sin to bore people! 🙂

  11. I was going to say that I felt the Saturn in Sadge is significant, in that allowing a lurcher into your life is like letting in a little Irish hurricane and you have to be disciplined yourself to cope – the result being the dog trains you too. We have cleanest kitchen floor and everything up high to stop her getting into our greyhounds food. We need to stay positive and praise, praise every tiny thing that she does right, rather than get angry with the constant disruption and consistently ignoring commands, and which gets you nowhere. And ultimately the responsibility of adopting a rescue puppy is going to lead us down new avenues I can feel it. It’s a real education as we were promised here on the blog.

  12. How do react when someone insane shows up on your doorstep?

    Differently than I did when I was younger. When I was younger I, more than likely would have said “Oh you think you’re crazy? Watch this!”

    However, not now. To answer the question posed if someone crazy showed up on my doorstep I’d shut and bolt the door. I’m full up on crazy. 🙂

  13. Also, that’s a good question. “Who do you bar the door for?”

    I open the door to crazies, bar the door for people with dark hearts, bad motives, vicious gossips and such.

    These are the people who reliably, bring heartache.

    1. You’ve got a point there. When I married my husband I married into a family that has multiple members with diagnosed personality disorders (diagnosed by doctors). Constant manufactured drama, manipulation, and vicious gossiping included. So fun, exciting, and invigorating crazy I can do but I just can’t deal with crazy as in what I’ve experienced in the last 20 years with his family. Something happened to me Elsa when Pluto transited my 12th house and crossed my ascendant. I’m not the same person I was and now I find that I just don’t put up with a lot that I used to put up with. My mother has even said she sees a difference in me. Pluto took my spark with it when it plowed over my venus, sun, mercury, mars, and ascendant after it had opposed my moon. But, it did give me power—isn’t that life though? You have to give something to get something.

      1. Your husband’s family sounds just like my husband’s. Now I too like crazy – I have Venus conjunct Uranus after all – but this is sick stuff, not harmless fun at all. These people are mean and cold and vengeful. And stepson, he of causing four years of chaos, joined their ranks.

        These people are so mired in their jealousy and backbiting that they can’t tolerate people who really are “good” crazy and fun to be around. I’m glad I disassociated myself from that mess years ago. I saved myself more heartache.

        1. Good for you! My husband distanced himself from them to a certain extent (he joined the Army) before he met and married me. He had a brief marriage while young to a woman that also has the same issues as his family. A couple of years after we married he saw that his family was deliberately trying to sabotage our relationship and he also saw how they were trying to triangulate our children. He cut them off. Our life has been so happy ever since!

  14. These dog stories are pure unadulterated joy. I am so glad your dog friends are doing so well. The love of pets is enriching in ways that just can not be described fully. I lost my aussie of 14 years in february and it was so devastating, Saturn in scorpio, major loss. We now have our new aussie pup. Talk about letting crazy into your life, there is no more crazy breed in the world. They are not for everyone but that kind of crazy suits us well. She is the epitome of high energy, controlling behavor with the herding and all, and she obsesses about being the center of attention always. We call her an attention whore. I still miss my old dog every day but we have been blessed by our new one and she is getting a little bit better every day. All that crazy is good.

  15. Such a cute story and timely for me too, I think I have a little kooky knocking in my door, been ignoring it, it’s a sweet kookiness and maybe I should answer

    For me those tornado people have always been Scorpios, transformation

  16. If you want to see the dog that led to all these dogs, search “Dora” on this blog.

    She found my husband on a beach in Puerto Rico. She had been hit by a car and had mange…all messed up.

    Long story short, he smuggled her home on a plane, in his coat…and had her for 19 years! She cost him a fortune! She even got heartworm…he treated to the tune of 3K and she survived!

    Anyway, my husband actually thinks that Lila is Dora, reincarnated.

    Seriously, he thinks this. He tested it once..

    Lila was barking outside, which she does…we were calling her, she was a puppy. She ignored us. She’s very independent.

    So he was whistling for her…doing all kinds of things and no result.

    Then he said, “Watch this.”

    He did the Dora whistle…she had a whistle just for her, from him….and Lila came tearing in the house so fast, jumped all over him…

    That’s was when I could see what he met.

    Dora was blind for years, smart as a whip, but weak. So she came back in this young energetic body.

    It believable. Dora would not want to away from my husband for long.

    Also, Dora is how I became Catholic. She died…and it was a few days before the Blessing Of The Animals at the local church. Jilly (who reads here) mentioned this.

    Dora had never had a blessing in all her life – long story. So I wanted to take her…

    I made my husband call the church and check on this. Dora had been cremated. They said that deceased dogs could not be blessed…but I could bring her in my purse and she would receive the blessing too.

    So I did that, with my other dog, Lucky/Cluck/Clunk who was her boyfriend, she was disinterested in. And the dogs got blessed.

    Lucky died right after, Dora…about three weeks later. He was a large dog and also long-lived, more than 15 years…he was from the pound.

    Anyway, RCIA starts right about the same time of Blessing Of The Animals. I saw this in the bulletin and decided to go. Saturn was in my 9th house – religious education.

    So that’s how this all came about. We had no dogs for six months..and then I got, Lou (Lila aka Lysistrata Desdemona) off craigslist.

    My song jokes he’s got a craigslist dog, one from death row and another got kicked out of their house…and Dora…well jeez.

    When she found my husband, she was bald except for a strip of fur down here back.

    He was laying face down on the beach and she climbed on his back. Flipped him out – he thought she was a chupacabra or something. 🙂

    Anyway, we’re moving and these dogs will happy when we do! 🙂

    1. I am pretty sure Lila is Dora. This is a convincing case. It is a moving story without a doubt. Thank you for sharing this. A good dog story is always good but this one tops the charts!

  17. Elsa! I love this…I too trigger people! I make them uncomfortable….my son even calls me a human spoon because I “stir the pot” for almost everyone. But I have finally come to love that about me… I’m ok being a spoon 🙂 Im not sure of my exacts…but my birthday is coming up next week. 12/31/57 10:47am I am finally liking who I am …..or accepting anyway
    thanks for your post…made me smile

  18. “You can’t really want a challenging person like me to come into your life and knock over your delicate items.”

    I actually asked the universe for exactly that. *laughs* I’ve felt stagnant and asked for something / someone to come along and help me strip back the unnecessary layers so I can move freer, feel more alive again.
    Man, was that prayer ever answered… *chuckles*

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    Warped by Wuthering Heights

    I love these heartwarming doggy “tails” — wish everyone would adopt or rescue. Adopting my dog four years ago set me on this crazy wandering odyssey for my own “forever home” — living in an apartment with no yard at the time was misery for me in winter — my #1 goal is to give him the best life possible without freezing my butt! We’re incompatible — he likes it cold, I like it hot — but there’s a happy medium out there somewhere and we will find it!

  20. I’m usually the insane one, so I really wouldn’t know. Of course, not everyone gets to see the insane side of me, since I tend to keep people at arms length & then if I get spooked, I just disappear on people. I’ve never seen you as insane, Elsa. Though you do tend to trigger my 4th house very strongly. I cry a lot when I think of you. It’s not a bad thing, though.

  21. Hey Elsa, I’ve been going through your past blog posts recently mainly researching what your thoughts are about Uranus transiting sun/venus/mercury since I’m going through the opposition transit. I really enjoyed reading this post. To be honest I’m not sure I’ve really ever experienced someone someone insane showing up on my doorstep, but I feel that I can relate to you in that I am that insane person. I make people feel truly uncomfortable. I don’t try to or have the intention I just do. I can also relate to it having any control over myself I actually told this to a friend earlier while explaining to her why I had to ask someone to cut me out of their life because I know I would keep coming back. I knew if I had the ability to come back I would and I wouldn’t be able to do it unless I was blocked by that other person. If I’m blocked there’s no way for me to pop up. My friend was saying “you do have the choice to control yourself” I really don’t or as you said not reliably. I’m not sure if it’s Uranus or Pluto or both that have this effect on me, but with this opposition I’m experiencing I’m hyper aware of myself, but also aware that my life is just nuts my career life my love life which are both up in the air right now just nuts and I can see that all of my friends and family are just shocked even more so they think I’m nuts and I feel nuts to a point, but I find comfort in knowing that whatever this means is pushing me in to the future. What makes a person need someone who’s insane and what makes an insane person need someone who’s not insane? Do both need the other?

  22. When I was young, I embraced the pot stirrers. They were magnetized to me. Then I started shunning them later when I was trying to be an “adult” Now that I’m sufficiently bored of all *that* and cast off all those shackles, I’m back to embracing them. I realized I actually am one of them–just a little more subversive. (Pluto in 3rd)

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