Mars Square Pluto In Aquarius: June 11, 2024 – All Quiet, Then BAM!

x-acto knifeMars in Taurus will square Pluto in Aquarius on June 11th at 1 degree.  We’re in a prolonged lull and I’ve been wondering when things will act up again.  Mars has been transiting Aries, just cruising along, unaggravated. Outside of Uranus, which can do what it wants at any time, there have been no significant triggers. I’ve enjoyed this time and used it to calm myself because I know periods like this don’t last.

Pluto in Aquarius describes something that blows when you least expect it. My friend, Ben, got hit by that. Stroke. Another close friend, hired me to help her sister, who apparently was so hysterical, my friend could not talk to her but she was worried.  “What’s going on with her?” I asked.  When she told me, I told her, “You don’t need an astrologer. Hang up and call her and tell her to take her husband to the emergency room, immediately.” I also told her, if her sister balked; she should go to her house and make this happen.

Husband in question,  made it to the hospital in the nick of time. He was in the hospital(s) for about seven weeks.  He’s recovered to a good extent now, but still. These events (and many others) that took place at that time, were life-transforming.

My husband is 2 degrees, Taurus, currently diagnosed with heart failure. I am in no way, walking on pins and needles; he wouldn’t allow that and I’m not like that anyway.  However, yesterday he lost his temper. He has great control over his temper, s0 I was very surprised.

Like, what do you mean, Ben, had a stroke?  What do you mean, you lost your temper?

These are Uranian-flavored events, in my world. As my husband was telling me what occurred,  “MARS PLUTO” flashed in my brain. I realized this could be a real trigger for all the crap, so-called, waiting to happen.

A lot of people run at high RPM on a daily basis.  Media hops them up; gets them excited, angry, whatever. I think it makes sense to quiet yourself at this time, especially if you’ve got planets near 1-2 Fixed. It really seems something is going to pop. You don’t want to be an “accident” waiting to happen! You don’t want to be “crusin’ for a bruisin’ as they say. Not in this climate.

aquarius-12th-house-stelliumYesterday, I worked with a regular client. This is not her chart; it’s the chart of her foe.  She has a 4 degree Scorpio moon, up against the other gal’s Mars Saturn conjunction, fueled by Pluto.

Can you feel the venom?

But it’s much bigger, as there is a family involved here and most all of them have Fixed planets between 0-4 degrees.  The beloved father is about to die. He’s 94 and will leave his family a nice inheritance.  They all know how to behave, but will they?

I talked to this gal, at length. We can both feel the quaking. It’s super interesting really, because in the entire family, there are only two people, “marked safe” from this Pluto transit over the next couple of years.  It’s astonishing to be able to see this, as we both simultaneously feel it.

One of the people, excluded, is the client’s husband. My husband is included.  That hits in a certain way. It feels like a ball on a roulette wheel, landing where it lands.

We’re in a time of drastic (Pluto) change (Uranus) and this includes a person’s life status, so to speak. It’s not just about, world events. It’s about individuals who’s lives are transformed in a nanosecond.

As I’ve said before, this has led me to be very mindful of other people. I really don’t want to cause someone pain, on their last day, or mine. PERIOD.

My main point is this: Pluto in Capricorn and Pluto in Aquarius are different.  Pluto in Capricorn… slow decay. Pluto in Aquarius – sudden collapse. Personally, I shift with the planets, having learned over the years, it benefits me to do so.  This change begets an internal change.

The Mars Pluto square will be in effect beginning tomorrow. From there, Mars will inch through the rest of Aries, ingressing into Taurus next weekend, then peaking on June 11th.  That’s plenty of time to get a handle on this…  X-acto knife, so that no one gets hurt.

Do you have planets at early degrees of Fixed signs?  What’s happening?

33 thoughts on “Mars Square Pluto In Aquarius: June 11, 2024 – All Quiet, Then BAM!”

  1. I have been trying to type what’s happening and I can’t quite get the right words to pair together to make sense to someone just reading this on the site.
    I’ve posted before that my mother was dying and she passed on the full moon on the 23rd. She was Aquarius sun. We were estranged.
    There was soooo much drama with this death. So much, it’s hard to wrap the brain around it.
    Something my sister said that she told my mother that I have changed, that I am not the same person my mother knew me as ( we have been estranged for the past 15 years)
    With all the drama- it’s amazing to me that family will still look at me like I am the culprit- though it is clear the drama came from her. Up to her last breath- drama.
    The veil was lifted and yet there are people who still will not admit the truth.
    I am okay with this. Their opinion of me does not make a difference. It does not change anything.

      1. Your latest post about the psychopathy is really hitting home for me. I relate on levels that I have been exposed to. The passing of my mother validates a lot for me.
        I am walking away with the understanding that for the majority of my life, I was seeking to be valued from a woman who did not find value in herself. This is a major release from understanding and I can move on now with the knowing. My father also past when I was 12, suicide. He lost his faith.
        Value and faith in yourself IS A MUST. You can not life properly without either.

        I am going through my Neptune square Neptune and Pluto square Pluto transit as we speak.

        1. Luna Bear – so true, self value and faith is essential for a good life. So sorry to hear about your estrangement from your mother. I believe we are all here to break cycles from the very dense past- and you are fortunate enough to have identified your mothers lack of self value and turn that cycle on it’s head – best wishes too you.

        2. Luna Bear, I am so sorry to hear what you are going through and thankful that you chose to share it. I have also had a long hard road with estrangement from my family. What you speak about valuing yourself is something Pluto has been trying to transform in me since it began transiting my 2nd in 2008. I have a strong Saturn Neptune signature too so I hear you loud and clear on faith. I hope you are able to find peace. Really appreciate your perspective.

        3. Thank you, LunaBear. I appreciated sharing your wisdom through these difficult circumstances and energies. I’m reaching towards some similar realizations in my own life.

  2. Sudden collapse is how I would describe my fall last week, when I fell of electric scooter. It was completely sudden, I was on a sidewalk going slowly. Not sure what happened at all. I have Venus at 1st degree Aquarius and Mercury at 5, both in 3rd house. So Pluto did it’s thing and now I’m at home mending my left leg specially the foot witch got hurt the most. Not sure if i have guts to drive the scooter again.🤷

    1. Avatar

      Are you talking about those electric scooters that you stand on?

      If so you should know that their tires are undersized for any crack, bump or change in pavement. They also have no shocks or anything to help stabilize the platform.

      Every place that has allowed them has seen ergency room visits soar, wrists, legs and head. I think they should be outlawed. And yet i will advicate for bikes, much safer, better braking power etc

      Also, very sorry you got injured!!

        1. Avatar

          I see now my comment did not line up. I was trying to repond to ema (who said they fell from an electric scooter).

          Bit fpr some rrason my replynis not attached to the origonal comment.


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    Aquarius flavored Crab

    Moon in early Aquarius… there’s been some talk about this already. Nothing sudden has happened to me, the huge realisations came when Saturn was transiting this spot, some years ago. But I do think I might be ‘plotting’ something that has the potential of radically changing my life. It’s still very quiet though. And it’s nothing sudden rather something that I have been thinking about for a very very long time. What’s different now is that I”m in a better place to come up with ways of actually implementing changes, which wasn’t the case before. This is like I have been slowly toiling away for years to clear the road for this type of changes to happen – I pray nothing shocking happens to derail me.

    1. Avatar
      Aquarius flavored Crab

      one thing that’s helped a lot is I realised I tend to latch onto any type of upheaval and drama, even if it’s not about me, in the process derailing myself from working on things that can better my own life . . this, I realised, is a type of upheaval addiction (or ‘stuck in survival mode’ in psych lingo). So, I guess NOT stepping into ‘shock mode’ is the most radical thing of these past few months, I think

      1. Hmm, this resonates with me. What if what you are describing is a collective process… in that we are born into a system and it shapes us, but then energies started to activate that have the aim of loosening us from this system and operating from our own truth, our soul. This would fit with a long process of “clearing the way”, which is a clearing of the impact of the system on our psyches. Now there is more energetic support for leveraging ourselves out into a more individuised life, but still with connection to community, just not from a place of homogenised brain washing or institutionalism in which truth is sacrificed. I’m also feeling on this cusp.

        1. I don’t think the distraction or pull back into the mainframe can be helped (shouldn’t lead to too much self chastisement) , because there is so much power in the collective wave/s and we are all connected. However, each time we observe the effects of the wave, and push against it, there is a steady loosening and freeing. Applying self focus and self care in these moments seems key, at the end of the day, these self efforts ARE collective = towards evolution.

        2. Avatar
          Aquarius flavored Crab

          I find it very likely that there are others feeling something similar, I don’t know whether that would make it a collective process. Definitely a shared one!!

          Talking about the collective makes me think of global climate: yes there are great, distinct patterns that are affecting everything but at the same time there are myriads of microclimates often being affected in very distinct ways. For my part, when it comes to specifically this pluto transit, maybe because it’s hitting a personal planet (?) I can’t really tell which is its defining collective effect. This feels more like I’m on the ground (or even a bit underground) taking notes, so that’s pretty much all I can speak for. It’s nice to know there are others somewhere close though!!

  4. My natal Pluto is at 2 Leo in the 4thH. Transiting Pluto is at 1 Aquarius in my 10th When Mars goes into Taurus it will be in my first house. What is going on? EVERYTHING Working through some physical therapy on my hip replacement . Have to dig deep to do some of the exercises as that is the level the therapy works best for me. Looking to move into a Senior living environment, maybe. Still have some reservations . In the personal growth work I have been doing feels like “stuff” just rises up for me to let go. Finances are not yet where I can truly relax about the subject ..Peoplel around me are generally pissed off at me for my looking ahead instead of dwelling near the swampy area of life’s situations. In this time frame I also am having my Uranus return. Not stopping now.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  5. Fixed grand cross; Aquarius rising. I was walking and a car backed up and drove into me and drove off. Due to a Cyber attack on the medical group I’m associated with, I was only able to get Xrays yesterday. Gotta laugh at this point. Last year, when Pluto moved into Aquarius I was in a car accident. The only reason I am mobile is I am stubborn with Mars in Taurs, too! I do a daily Essentrics dot com routine. Keeps me flexible considering I already have osteopenia and arthritis. My plan is to keep on moving.

  6. Avatar

    Totally and completely off topic to your post. I just realized i could be someone’s foe.

    I have never thought of myself as someone’s foe. Like, I am the nice person who tries to help and be kind. But i may also be in someone’s way without realizing it.

    Gawd i feel clueless that i have never seen this about myself. I have never intentionally been someone’s foe and try so hard to keep my nose clean and mind my own business.

    But you said about that gal’s chart. That is not my chart but i have mars/saturn conjunct and it is squared by pluto. Which i think means i could have venom? I mean i have always directed my energies to fixing the house, business foundation, cooking, gardening. Mars/saturn is in cancer so i am very protective of the people under my roof and my family. But, i never saw that as bad. But now i see I could be someone’s foe and i did not even realize this was possible.

    Lol. Am i total clueless idiot. But hey, that is 12th house sun for ya!

    So the question is- how do i know when i am the foe? How do i change that?

    1. I think you just had a “I see my shadow in the mirror” moment. Congratulations! This is the way to wisdom!
      I am a 12 house Sun also, and Pluto in the first, to boot! So I often find people projecting their shadow onto me. “Hey! I’m not a monster!”
      (But what if I am, and I just can’t see it yet?)
      It’s worth the effort to untangle these threads…

      1. Avatar

        Pluto touches most of my chart so i feel like i live in the shadows and rarely see the sun!!

  7. Avatar

    Are you talking about those electric scooters that you stand on?

    If so you should know that their tires are undersized for any crack, bump or change in pavement. They also have no shocks or anything to help stabilize the platform.

    Every place that has allowed them has seen ergency room visits soar, wrists, legs and head. I think they should be outlawed. And yet i will advicate for bikes, much safer, better braking power etc

    Also, very sorry you got injured!!

  8. Uh-oh! First, before I die of a stroke, I want to say that yes, I have noticed a distinct change in your writing style.
    Next . . . I’m still here, so yes, I have been noticing the Pluto in Aquarius, even before it entered, because I have my Sun in Taurus at the 1st degree. I thought that maybe having to go to court and defend myself against a small-claims court situation involving Citibank would be enough! Guess what!? I won my defense position! Yay, me! But Mars will definitely add more intrigue into my life. I’m in pretty good shape physically, but I am 76. It’s my financial situation that is out of control and really sucks. Living paycheck to paycheck, and just like the Jimmy Buffett song, “ain’t got no money but I just got paid.” In the meantime, I will keep going what I have been doing. Surviving.

  9. I have grand cross, Taurus rising, so Mars will square MH and transit Pluto. BTW, baby boomers (the Pluto in Leo generation) will get Mars square natal Pluto. Ugh!

    1. I was born in 1948. At that time, Pluto was at 13 Leo, parked right next my Saturn at 15 Leo. My life has been one major transformation after another. But wait, that’s not all. Mars was at 20 Leo. Uranus moving through Taurus really shook things up. Especially financially. Over the coming years, like all the other Boomers, transiting Pluto will oppose the planets in natal Leo. I have no idea what’s going to happen, but I’m sure it will be big!

      1. You’re right, Transiting Pluto will Oppose the Boomers natal Pluto. All I can say is, oppositions are about balance and with Pluto it will be transformative. A need to bring the seesaw back into balance. The houses will tell you what is going on. Mine is work and home balance…and yea, I tend to pay too much attention to my work. We’ll see what Pluto has in store and I will try to clean up my act beforehand.
        I will eventually get Pluto squaring my 4 natal planets in Scorpio, yikes! I survived the Conjunctions several years ago. Hopefully, I will survive this too. Squares are challenging, but they do make you successful.

        1. Yikes! You have 4 planets in Scorpio! I’m glad you survived all the potential calamities. The love of my life was a woman with her Moon in Scorpio, but she died a horrible death at the young age of 59.
          The one that really got me worrying was back in 2014 when Uranus was exactly square to Pluto right on my birthday! It’s the Eclipses that have had very powerful influences upon my life.

          1. I’m so sorry for your loss, especially being the love of your life. Most people don’t get that, so you should feel special that you had her.
            2014 was a rough year for me too w the Taurus/Scorpio eclipses.
            Your Uranus square to Pluto would have lasted for a year, since it was part of your Solar Return. I pay close attention to Solar Returns because they give a glance into your entire year. I also pay close attention to Eclipses as they are the triggers that get things started.
            Uranus will square my Pluto very soon. I will need to watch that one!
            The very worst for me was transit Pluto conjunct natal Chiron (aka the planet (asteroid) of the wounded healer). When it conjuncted in 2020 I lost my son. Since Pluto retrograded back/forth over Chiron, several family members passed away.

            1. Really? Pluto cycling over your Chiron corresponded with family deaths? That’s amazing!
              I talked with a psychic that I trust, and she told me that Liz died to break me open so I knew more about what love is really all about. I believe it. Her Scorpio Moon was at the same degree as my Chiron. Since then, about 7 years ago, I’ve come to “think with my heart” rather than my brain. Brain gets me trouble. Ha ha.
              I assume that your son was your only child? After Liz died, on several occasions I could “hear” her talking to me. Once, she appeared in the living room, like a holographic image, as an angel. No wings (yet) or halo, but I did have a subsequent peek into her finally getting her wings. That was one of the things she told me, “she had to learn and grow, too”.

              1. What a wonderful holograph to be able to see her. It must have given you some comfort. Learning about love has to be interesting, since being human we get the corresponding emotions to give us the full experience. I have Venus dominant in my chart.
                When I noticed transiting Pluto approaching my natal Chiron for a conjunction I started doing research. I first looked at a book I had on Chiron, but they conveniently left anything related to Pluto out of the book. Then I started searching the internet and there was very little on that config, but I knew from what I saw, it was not very positive. I tried getting astrology readings, but no one wanted to approach it. The rest is history. Yes, my son was an only child and a Taurus. I saw in a dream him after his passing. (Actually, I have seen him several times in my dreams). My first dream of him was him sitting in his favorite white leather recliner dressed in a suit and tie at the foot of my bed watching me sleep. I woke, but not quite lucid, yet stunned to see him. I asked him if he was ok and he said yes. It was comforting for me to see him…knowing he was close by.

  10. I went for a swim in the ocean yesterday. I was peacefully floating on my back, looking up at the beautiful clouds. Then I stood up- BAM! On a sea urchin!! Luckily I had vinegar with me, which eased the pain. But there were dozens of spines I just couldn’t get out. I went to the clinic- because I couldn’t wait to let them come out on their own (Aries). He nurse used a razor blade and a needle. Good Times.

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