Client Testimonial: “Accurate, Trustworthy, Warm-Hearted and Kind”

C. C. Liverpool UK writes:

I’ve had a number of  30 minute  e.mail consultations with Elsa and, without fail no matter what issues I raise I get answers and the guidance I’m looking for.

Elsa is incredibly accurate, warm-hearted and an absolute pleasure to consult. Owing to her expertise Elsa can see my personality and identify my hopes and fears,  which  I’m very comfortable with as she is entirely trustworthy and very kind. When I feel stuck I find myself referring to previous  consultations and I often see something I’ve missed.

Always excellent value for money and peace of mind, in these challenging times I consider consulting Elsa to be more of an investment than ever. Thanks Elsa, I’ll be back soon!

Thanks, C. C,!

4 thoughts on “Client Testimonial: “Accurate, Trustworthy, Warm-Hearted and Kind””

  1. Dina, yes. I have clients I have consulted with for years, clients I consult with several times a month, clients I consult with 3 X in a week and then not again for a year or more – just whatever they want.

  2. Cool! I’ve got to recommend you to people, I do but I come off a little fanatical 🙂 so I have to be careful not to turn them off. I could put up flyers 🙂 Want to create a flyer?

  3. Thanks, Dina. I would say the best way to help me out is to link the blog. That way people can come here and they will either like me or not. 🙂

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