Lunar Returns In Real Life

little girl moonI had a string of Lunar returns with my moon on a sensitive again aka exposed. It was three months out of the last four.  It bothered me more than I’d have expected.  This month broke the trend.  I liked the chart a lot and wondered how things would unfold.  It’s pretty funny how this turned out. I think it shows how well these charts work.

I’ve been writing these stories, for lack of a better word.  Now check how well my lunar return chart fits…

Pluto in Aquarius in 1st – repulsive/magnetic
Sun, Venus, Jupiter, Uranus conjunct in Taurus / 5th house – Creative (5th) and original (Uranus) stories and perspective (Jupiter) about life (Sun).
Mars in Aries in 3rd – courageous writing.
Mercury in 4th – thinking & writing about family and my roots.

I’m quite sensitive to these charts.  I wonder if this is more or less true for others.

Because I live a semi-public life, it’s possible to observe these shifts.  It hit me, some people’s feelings about me, may very well shift in tandem with my lunar return… reflecting my own feelings, basically.   There may be something to this, because this measure is never “still” or static.

Check out your Lunar Return here.

4 thoughts on “Lunar Returns In Real Life”

  1. Elsa I think you meant to say Taurus 4th house but mentioned 5th house
    I am able to relate to this since my son is aquarius ascendant and he had his share of sudden events and experiences since April

      1. Oh Ok. Makes sense. Being in India I am used to considering the vedic.curious to understand the difference

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