Mars! The Warrior Planet!

Tarzan action figureMars is conjunct Mercury in Libra right now, conjunct my natal Mars Mercury and there have been a zillion manifestations of this. This energy has just permeated everything over these couple weeks and today’s and tomorrow’s blog are both about acting your Mars and pretty hard core.

Now there is at least one astrologer reading who tracks my blog around what gets posted when. He has noted that when the Moon is in certain signs my writing is one way or another. And I am sure he’s correct! So that these Mars posts (and the Mercury in Aries/Libra series) would post at this time should be no surprise.

I have also noticed I am using a lot of exclamation points lately. Like about 40% more than I should! I am just slightly emphatic lately, you know? ::laughs::

Anyway, SF asked about the Special Forces soldier’s Mars and it just happens to be square his Mercury so he’s obviously a hothead like me. We have much in common like this. We have copious amounts of energy to manage and are both pretty good at it.

He obviously channeled his Mars into soldiering. He is a consummate soldier, a total Mars figure. So he spent 16 years in Special Forces and every single one of them out in the field.

I cannot get him to tell me how common this is. To stay in so long and survive it. Because the other Special Forces soldiers I know did two years and out. Three years and out! That was enough. But he stayed in and further, volunteered to go on every assignment he could… in short, this boy was born to fight.

And he is sadly retired now. Seriously I think he would be very happy if war would come to his town so just imagine living with a Mars like his. What is he going to do with all this energy?

Well he’s a machinist. He works with HOT METAL all day. Isn’t that funny? Guns, knives and cutting into red hot metal spinning a zillion times a minute!

And when he gets off work, he goes walking. For 20 miles, this is. 20 miles once a week, 10 miles another day, bike riding, weight lifting, etc. etc. This because he is old! He’d rather run, see? But he’s full of shrapnel, obviously. And bullet holes! His knee is bad. Saturn!!! But he can’t stop. Can you see how he can never stop?

Anyway, the point of this is everyone has an engine but some of us have engines that race. And we have to use them or else. And with Mars and Mercury in the sky like this, I have never been more aware of my own male energy.

For example, I am acutely aware these days, I want to penetrate. I want to assert myself. And I am looking back over my life and seeing I have always been this way.

What other woman would move into a male barracks? I loved that shit! That was like conquering something to me. Hey, ma! Look where I’m at, LOL! Prowess! I’m like a freakin’ rooster or something. Struttin’ around. Look where I am, that I am not supposed to be! I have penetrated!!!

So I think this is important to write about. For women that is, who tend to project their Mars onto men. You know. “He’s big and strong…” Well actually, I am big and strong! I am formidable and all that.

So what about you? Do you flex your muscle? Where is your Mars and do you work it? Or no?

24 thoughts on “Mars! The Warrior Planet!”

  1. My Mars is in Sag, 5th house, trine my Leo Sun, trine my Aries midheaven. I don’t think I use it enough, no. Other than that, I have a heavily Neptunian, girly chart. I hate that Neptune, man. I hate being a wimp but I’m afraid of hurting others (Leo Sun square Saturn in Taurus). I’m afraid I will destroy them.

  2. Elsa, I can “hear” the Mars influence in your posts recently – it makes sense Mars and Mercury are conjunct right now 🙂

    Mars for me is in Virgo (3rd house) – smooshed against the Moon, Uranus and Pluto. I have a very hard time differentiating the various energies here. Moon and Mars are one second apart and both are less than one degree away from Pluto; I have, at times, an explosive temper. What usually triggers it is bullying. I can’t be bullied, it’s about other people. To put it another way, I react when other peoples power is taken away from them – and it can be unexpected (Uranus), intense (Pluto), explosive (Mars) and emotional (Moon).

    If someone tries pushing me around, they get a verbal smack upside the head and they never make the same mistake twice. It doesn’t help that my Mercury is in Aries and inconjunct the whole mess in Virgo. Piss me off and you know it!

    I also have a stellium in Pisces (9th house), including the Sun, Venus, Saturn and Chiron, so when I loose it, I always regret my Words of War. I hate like hell inflicting pain on other people. I try, hard, to reign in my temper… but it’s like a volcano, I just can’t always control the eruptions. My Scorpio sister once referred to my temper as “acid rain”. Ouch!

    My chart is intercepted and guess what sign is “missing”? Libra.


  3. Hi Elsa,

    My mars, sun and mercury are conjunct in leo with a heavy saturn transit…so I generally feel pretty grounded..but..I think the whole neptune opposition is affecting me the most adversely. My merc/mars have been a super in relation to vibing of each other…but have not had problems with it since I was younger. Though, regarding mars specifically, I have been needing to be really focused and driven but feel the sails have been taken from under me. I’m trying to work with it though. I want my mars back to normal (as I have aries rising)!!! But it’s all ok that’s just how it goes.

    Thanks for your blog…I get a nice dose of comfort when I ‘drive by’. The posts have been oddly pertinent and helpful to my life of late. 🙂


  4. I am a wuss. Mars in Cancer along with a bunch of other Cancerian planets and a Pisces Ascendant. planets.. but, a Uranus conjunct gives me a very eccentric spark that keeps me from being boring.

    I am only reticent whemn it serves my purpose.

    But then, I do need a LOT of time alone, reading, writing,

    I LOVE your MARS storeis.. And, I LOVE MARS energy– in men. I admit it, I like aplha heroes. Men with muscular forearms .. Military stuff trips my trigger.. a man in uniform, well, is this a family-rated site,isn’t it– (not!)–

    I ADMIRE powerful women, in fact, I feel I am muy powerful myself, but in an intellectual, off center way..I can’t run marathons, I enjoy a LOT of pampering in life, and I’m a bit of a girly girl.

    Add into all this that the Cancerian planetsOPPOSE my MOON IN CAPRICORN, (yeah,I had lousy parents,was raised by a grandma) — and you will see I can turn cold at the drop of an.. insult. I rarely forget a sting. sorry. I’m working on self improvement like the rest of you..

    Mars–I love it– fear it, am turned on by it, but don’t want too much of it in my own bloodstream…

  5. fingers not working yet, brain not quite in gear.. blathering,too! was that MY comment with all the typos???????

    But i am loving this week’s’s posts!! excuse typos and brain-blebs this morning.. gotta go get another cup of coffee.. MADELINE

  6. Mars in Gemini…(can you even begin to guess how many projects I’ve started that will never be finished?)…square Saturn…(and then there are all those projects that never *did* get started)…in my 12th house…(so mostly I’m not all that aware of what I’m doing, anyway.) lol!

    I seem to possess a singularly squirrely energy that is difficult to regulate, and tends to build up subconsciously until it pops out all over the place (Pisces Moon opposing Pluto & Uranus usually guarantee that the eruption will be voilatile). And then it is spent and any motivation or direction is conspicuously absent (stelliums in Cancer & Pisces, might as well just let me float down the river).

    One thing I will say–with a set up like that, as I become more self-aware with age I can finally grasp the meaning of the word “process”. And as I give up on the notion that I will be one of those driven and dedicated folk who accomplish many tangible things, I am more able to surrender to the act of Process. And ironically, that is how I’m finally learning to not only better balance the process, but to enjoy it, too. With mostly mutable energy in my chart, I’m discovering that Process IS my purpose, that IS my “results”. Odd, wot?

  7. Mars in Capricorn in the 6th, opposing Venus. My Mars tends to go into my work & school, but recently I’ve been thinking I really need to use it to get into better shape. Not that I’m horribly out of shape, but a regular outlet for physical energy would be nice, and I think the lack of it is affecting me in other, negative ways. Unfortunately my life won’t accomodate that right now, but as soon as I can there’s going to be some major re-vamping of my life going on.

    Isn’t that what new moons are for?


  8. Hey! My Mars is in Leo, too, Gem…..but it’s way up in the 10th House …all by itself poor thing.( Oh….I lied. My North Node conjunct MC is sharing space with my Mars.)
    I L-O-V-E to dance to techno music!!! It get’s me high!…..uh, that was Neptune talking…sorry:( ..but I can tell you my Mars L-O-V-E-S to dance…and fight for those who are vulnerable. I will come roaring out of my cage when I see someone being abused or maligned.
    My poor Mars is terribly, terribly afflicted. Only 3 contacts made = Venus, Moon and Neptune and ALL squared….makes me want to cry….I think..except that I’d rather “fight” back the tears. Damned squares.
    This is VERY theraputic, Elsa, because while writing my comment I had an epiphany about my Mars ! I could not figure out why my Mars was way up in the 10th H and why it was basically alone…and afflicted…and what was that Leo energy all about?
    Good Lord! It’s up there and ready to do “battle” for the public! I guess it’s kinda like the cosmic “dragon-slayer” position by house and sign? Humbling.
    Good subject, Elsa. You are just tooooo cool!

  9. My mars is in Pisces in the 3rd house. I’m very subject to changes of mood and atmosphere. Even though I’m an Aries, when I’m off emotionally, I completely stop, can’t function, cry, take 3-4 baths a day, or do whatever I can to get through the moods. I don’t particularly like having mars in Pisces…though having moon in pisces makes it even more prevalent.

    Still, I’m sure that the mars in pisces contributes greatly to my creative energy–I’m an artist/poet/etc. I just sometimes feel like it’s not worth it to have that ‘artistic temperament’…

    Yours Truly,

    Melancholy Mars

  10. My mars has so many conjunctions and squares it’s ridiculous. Most notably, conjunct mercury in Sadge and I do have a temper. And a lot of anger.

  11. Hi Jamie,

    Mars, sun, merc…all in leo in fifth so also tend to dance many a night to everything..esp ‘tech’:). When I stress I just go out more…not for drinking maybe more for eye candy and socializing..but really to dance and I swear I feel like a new person after. The magic remedy. Instant serotonin…that and hiking my dogs, seeking out silly verbose intangibles and drawing. I need the air (soundwaves)and earth (pitter patter on earth) and fire (drawing) of the doing I suppose….(and prefer to just sit near the water).

    Glad to hear you vibe off of erratically beautiful movement!


  12. I know there will be a bunch of people who will hate me for this, so please keep it. Zoloft, prozac any SSRI’s will help you control your temper. I have mars square Uranus and have been temperamental all my life. When I started prozac it took 6 weeks but I caught my Mother and Sister commenting about how much my temper had improved.

  13. Astrology works. I’ve been doing charts for over 30 years but, don’t think “there’s nothing that can be done” and don’t think astrology rules Everything”.
    Genetics, background, religion, your family’s social standing, where you live have a more powerful impact on your life. But not how you feel. Rich people get sad too.
    If you were born with Saturn rising, move at least 300 miles west of your place of birth. You will be more attractive, lucky and energetic.

  14. How’s my Mars? Busy…

    In Aries in the 3rd house; conjunct Venus; opposite Pluto; square Moon; trine Neptune; trine Saturn; sextile Jupiter.

    I was an angry child that grew up into a somewhat calm adult. Now it’s time for my Saturn return and I am dealing with latent anger, which isn’t fun but I am up for the task. I have begun a technique to deal with anger, and it involves talking myself through anger as though I am a witness to it:

    It feels like hot water being poured over my head
    into my veins and trickling through my body
    Anger feels like my skin grows hot and my head is light
    Anger sets my balance off
    Anger causes my vision to blur momentarily

    Scary shit. But I grew up with people who were even angrier than me, so I learned to suppress it. As everyone knows, that only lasts for so long before a person freaks. Anger can be a remarkable catalyst for change if it is respected. Destruction does not have to be the only outcome. I encourage anyone else to try describing the way anger physically and psychically feels for them. It helps! It really does. I learned the hard way that suppressing anger can be (for some) soul-damaging.

  15. Thanks for the answer, Elsa. And I meant to also ask, curious about Special Forces’ ~Pluto/Scorp/8~ given that he is (or was) in the ‘death business’ but clearly doesn’t want to die himself, and appears to feel *VERY* strongly about that.

  16. I’ve got Mars/Merc conjunct (along with my Sun and TNode) in 8H (power, by infiltration) in Libra (tact, diplomacy, persuasion, charm).

    When I was young and the world was a very different place (i.e., the workplace was still very segregated – men’s jobs vs women’s jobs)… I had a long string of jobs where I broke down barriers… I infiltrated men’s world(s)… I worked in a whole bunch of places where I was the only female… shoulder to shoulder with the guys… while the only other females to be seen were in some remote office behind a typewriter.

    The world has changed, and women are now seen pretty much everywhere, but I still tend to end up “with the guys”…

  17. Mars in Leo here- I am a sucker for charming dudes. I also act a bit like I think I’m spoiled royalty (oh, wait, I am a Taurus). Two trines and three squares with this one, oy.

    Is Mars square Uranus what leads to me being a chaos magnet in life? I do tend to attract dramatic situations/familial death, it seems, regardless of how well I behave in my personal life.

  18. my third house scorpio mars… do I really have to tell you how I manifest it? (heh heh heh) I like to talk about screwing and how I’d like to kill that driver that just passed me then slowed down to forty… but then sometimes I just think it and never actually say.

  19. mars in libra, conjunct ascendant, sextile uranus, trine mercury.

    i keep constantly busy, if only with an endless stream of new thoughts to think (i’m not a go-out-and-do-things kind of person). i can’t tolerate boredom. i also can’t stand anyone getting in my way, so i don’t “do” driving or waiting in lines or pretty much anything i know is going to piss me off. i do what i feel, not what i’m required. being blunt is a “problem” i (others) have, though i can be fairly wordy or diplomatic to the point of being ineffective, too.

    i’m wondering, with mars in libra trine mercury (gemini), if that’s the major cause for my usually sexless writing style. i wouldn’t say i sound like a guy, but it would be difficult for people to peg me as female if i wrote about a general topic. do most people who have mars-mercury aspects get this?

  20. I have a 9th house Aries Mars, trining 5th house Venus, no contact with Mercury. I love to move, walk, dance, stretch, whatever, but if I am thwarted in this I get depressed and angry.

  21. Mars in virgo. Not sure what house, 6th I think. I was always good at climbing, (though I think that was mainly to get some space between me and my mum!) being physical, moving perfectly- really loved gymnastics, ballet, diving. ATM I play social soccer on Sundays, the only girl on the field. It feels good to have that seal of approval: they don’t play ‘nice’ just for me. When I went to Central America, they were constantly trying to limit my movement, freedom, physicality. It was AWFUL.

  22. Mars in Sagde. 9th house.

    square: sun, mercury, ascendant
    conjunct: Uranus, Midheaven
    Opposite: true node and chiron
    Q: venus

    Hate rules, love travel, argue vehemently, an emphatic critic of food, places, books, ideas. Easily annoyed by pettiness or stupidity. I vent anger through writing. I value directness.

    I love learning, but I hate class.

    But these don’t really show the essence of my Mars. I often feel trapped, as though I were living only a small part of the very big something I want to be doing. I miss living in the countryside- when I felt like this then, I could just go running for miles until I relaxed.

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