Relationships: Saturn, Structure And Security

SaturnSaturn contacts in synastry are relationship glue, attachments that hold it together. They also show restriction and pressure, restriction to the energy of the planet they aspect and pressure to learn and mature. Sometimes pressure will mold things into a more mature form and other times it crushes or pushes away. In any case it brings serious attention to whatever it touches.

Wherever transiting Saturn hits our charts is where we’re creating structure and learning lessons. This is the same when someone’s Saturn hits your chart. Relating to this person creates structure in the areas it touches. Saturn lessons learned create security, mastery. When two people relate on this serious level it creates attachment and bonding. Your Saturn creates work for them; their Saturn creates work for you. When two people work together successfully it is a shared experience that is not easily discarded. This creates longevity in the relationship. This works best when both people invest. It creates structure from sweat equity and therefore security through the attachment to the investment.

Saturn aspects can be very challenging but very rewarding. Work and maturity can pay off. It’s not sexy but it’s valuable.

What’s your experience with Saturn aspects in synastry?

24 thoughts on “Relationships: Saturn, Structure And Security”

  1. Can an alms-taker date another alms-taker? 😉

    I’ve only had one relationship with serious Saturn in synastry: our Saturns conjuncted, on my sun-Merc and his moon-MC. That relationship lasted eight years, but there was definitely a lot of work involved.

  2. well both the Aussie and I have Venus sq Saturn natally and since we were born about 1.5 years apart, our Saturns square each other’s Venuses. right? Not worried – it is GLUE! We’re both older, way past our Saturn returns and have learned to work with Saturn.

  3. current affair: saturns opposed
    previous affair: saturns conjunct

    (and the previous relationship happened during our returns)

    i’ve learned (and am learning) more about relationships than i ever even knew was out there.. yeah it’s been painful. but i am already reaping rewards.

  4. My ex’s Saturn was conj my Venus. Live left early but we stayed together almost 20years. I take $ and love and beautiful things much more seriously now. Not in a greedy say but in a security way.

  5. I have Venus square Saturn. My ex’s Saturn is exactly conjunct my Saturn, although mine is direct and his is retrograde. Which of course means my Venus is also square his Saturn.

    I think partially explains why he keeps coming back into my life roughly every 7 years.

  6. My best relationship had ridiculous Moon-Saturn Venus-Saturn double whammy trines and Sextiles. There was a Saturn square Mars in there too, but it was wonderful. 🙂 If I’d stuck around in that country, I’m sure I’d probably still be with him.

  7. A bit over a year ago I met Mr. Saturn, in a “when the student is ready blabla”-fashion.

    We have a synastry from hell (like “oh, what a cute square you have, let me make that a T-Square for you” “my, that’s a nice cardinal t-square and look my planet turns it into a Gcross”) and the only personal planet his Saturn isn’t touching is Mercury. Saturns squaring each other off.

    I don’t think anyone has been able to kick my behind without even overtly trying to do so before, but here we have Saturn-Return, Saturn in Libra, Saturn in 6th house all wrapped up.

    On the downside, my Saturn is only sextile his Venus, semisquare his Jupiter, so not a lot of return glue there, and I have to learn to deal with that as well 😉

  8. Two in the last three years. One man I dated had Saturn in Pisces conjunct my south node. I feel like I have known him forever, and we are still friends. There really may be something to that pastlife thing.

    The other had Saturn conjunct my Jupiter and my descendent. We had a very bonded relationship, we started having trouble six months ago, and I am not sure what is going to happen there. When we were together, this was a very important relationship to me, but I always worried about saturn on that sensitive point.

  9. My husband’s transiting Saturn in 2H (what he values and how he is valued)
    My Saturn in 9H (what are my world views and how does my philosphy work with real life)

    We are squaring off a lot as he learns to work and be valued at retirement age and I learn to value my philosphy of balancing solitude and being in/of the world. It is not pretty these lessons, but they seem to be precisely ours.

  10. LOL – I actually find Saturn very sexy! I have a Cap 7th house… if he’s wearing a 3-piece suit & tie, carrying a briefcase, and has the initials CEO after his name on his business card… I go all weak-kneed. 🙂

    I had some Saturn connections with my last flame – my Saturn conjunct his Venus, his Saturn conjunct my Chiron & Mars, and trine my Moon. Lessons? You bet! I ponied up and went into my lessons willingly cuz I wanted to and felt ready. He ran away and hid. Guess he couldn’t put the big-boy pants on and handle the Saturn. Oh well. 🙁

  11. My partner’s Aries Saturn is conjunct my SN.
    My Leo Saturn is conjunct his Sun/Venus/MC.

    It works well, actually. Being with him has helped me temper my dour Capricorn side. I am very conscious not to squelch his shiny sparkly Leo-ness I think we bring out the best in each other.

    I do hound his ass about some things. Eg he has been getting charged higher health premiums than he should (it is based on income) and after months of harassing him he finally has relinquished his tax assessments and I’m filing some paperwork for him.

    I will not abide giving the government more than they are entitled to, and quite frankly with his 10th House Venus (my Saturn on top of it) I’m surprised he would, either.

  12. My soon-to-be ex-husband and I have “easy” Saturn synastry aspects, however the house placements — mine in his 7th and his in my 8th — make so much sense. His Saturn struggles = lots of drama for me. My Saturn struggles = lots of drama for the couple. All the ground we gained went bye-bye when Saturn went retro earlier this year, with him throwing in the towel for good. BTW, I know we’re talking synastry, but our composite has Sun/Saturn conjunct on 8th/7th cusp. Yeah, it was a learning experience alright.

  13. My ex’s Saturn was square my Sun and Mercury and he came into my life over the three year period while transiting Saturn squared my Sun and Mercury!

    (His Pluto is also conjunct my Mars/Moon and I was having Pluto conjunct Sun in the 5th simultaneously.)

  14. “It creates structure from sweat equity and therefore security through the attachment to the investment.”
    Hi Satori, that’s the best explanation I’ve ever heard of this phenomena, it’s a true satori, thanks a lot!

  15. I’m in love or something similar with a man whose Saturn sits so pretty in my seventh conjunct my Mercury. He’s the first man I’ve fallen for in a real way who has a planet in my seventh. His Saturn sextiles my Mars to the degree, opposes my moon and ascendant tight, squares my Neptune, squares my Saturn and quincunxes my Pluto. YUM.

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