Shadowbanned: Pluto in Capricorn

a man's shadowThe concept of shadowbanning is all over the news at this time. But it’s not new. I was first made aware this was possible, about ten years ago, right here I this blog. I think you’ll be shocked.

I was not the person who was shadowbanned, although I eventually feel victim to the practice. It was the people who used to run the back-end of this site, at that time. I was having problems in the forum, which used to be the boards.

I was told that I could kick people off my site but then I would have enemies. To avoid this, they could make it so the troublemaker could post all day long.  They would see their post, and think everything was normal, but no one would respond to them. As a result, they would become demoralized and despondent and leave on their own.

I said, no.

I didn’t even consider it. I’m just not a person who will mindfuck someone… gaslight them. I also think it’s horribly cruel.  Since I try to treat people the way I like to be treated, this was not an option for me.

Capricorn is the rejection or the ban. Pluto describes how it’s done, secretly.

Want to test something? Someone link this post on the astrology group on Reddit. I’m pretty sure I’m shadow-banned for years… but we’ll see.

17 thoughts on “Shadowbanned: Pluto in Capricorn”

  1. Yet again… a term I’ve never heard of but the concept makes sense now. Holy crap. People were doing this even ten years ago? Makes me wonder how often that’s been done to me.
    Come to think of it, confession. I’ve considered DOING this to people on Facebook who are trying to start drama or controversy by tagging me in stuff I don’t want to be involved in… so I have found myself thinking about how to non-confrontationally keep the drama away. To let them post their dramatic venting to my Facebook wall, but make it so their posts won’t show up on my page (only on their own). Facebook culture disgusts me so I use it as little as possible… but this has me thinking now about how social media culture these days has given rise to all kinds of passive-aggressive and really cold, mean-spirited ways to bully people. I guess I should be more aware of my own “flexing of my Pluto” (playing subtle power games).

      1. I’m a redditor myself and seen the mod rules but you always see random blogs posted so I think you might be right about the shadowbanned.
        Unfortunate because elsa on a reddit form would be an endless resource.
        Guess I have some moderators to bitch at- gotta start somewhere

        1. I would appreciate that, because whatever I did, it happened years ago. Like close to 10 years ago. And I helped scores of my peers. Seriously. And up think everyone knows this.

          Point being, I am defensible.

  2. Depends on the site. Shadow banning would be used by people who wanted a total bubble site and were scared they could not achieve it any other way. Other sites manage that by making it clear anyone who does not post according to the site consensus is fair game for trolls, abuse etc and the Moderators will do nothing about it.

    Shadow banning is a good metaphor for what happens in real life, when you are there, present and talking, but just not listened to. Not argued with, not told off, simply ignored. I have seen it happen in work situations. We used to call it “Being arseholed out the door.”.

  3. I agree with your decision to not shadowban. I’d have to be up front, give them warnings and then openly ban them if required. I say this because we never really know what the person is going through in real life or whether they have mental/physical illness. Making someone feel ostracised by shadowbanning in these circumstances is enough to tip them over the edge. Even with relatively stable people it would be very hurtful/damaging. No, I couldn’t shadow ban, it’s too cruel.

    1. I agree with you. I can’t fathom deliberately taking action designed to devastate someone. Obviously some people have a different psychological makeup. Or belief system. Or both.

      People also tend to justify whatever they do. And while I understand, many people do not believe in God, they also don’t believe in karma, either.

      But things do come around, eventually. Granted, it may take decades, even, but eventually, you tend to wind up, shot with your own gun.

  4. “ tend to wind up, shot with your own gun”;
    Yes, absolutely. The guilt and the conscience alone could be enough.

  5. I’m plutonic and saturnian but I have for ex an aries stellium and taurus sun-merc. I’m very open with my likes and dislikes, so I would not be secretive, I would upfront tell people if I’m bothered and would not care if I got enemies, I do wish I was more diplomatic though.

    So even though I believe in consecvences and punishments (saturn) and even though I’m plutonic I agree with those above, shadowbanning is too cruel.

    BUT I would not tolerate for ex racism and people bashing ethnicities or religion, like the belief in a creator. Other then that I feel more comfy letting people speak their mind even though I’m myself super stubborn and love heated arguments and can be very dogmatic with my own views! (Pluto in 3rd)

  6. Avatar
    Clifton Greene

    You don’t need to think that you were abandoned by the world.

    The world never took you before.

    Erwin Rommel

    1. No, it’s not. That is you, as an individual, deciding you to not want to see content.

      When a person is shadowbanned, it appears to them, that everything is normal, but in reality, no one can see what they post except them.

  7. Didn’t know where else to ask, but is it possible that the you/other admin(s) can delete comments? I am not finding comments of mine on posts. Or does it have to do with being singed in/out of Google?

    1. It does not have to do with google.
      There is a spam filter used on this site which is not controlled by me. Search “askimet”.

      On my deleting comments, it’s rare but possible. If it happened, the reason would not be personal. Broken link in an old comment for example.

      1. Thank you for replying, Elsa. I do remember posts and they weren’t offensive comments at all, just complimenting placements that I like such as mars in scorpio, sun in taurus, talking about my own placements, etc. Must be that spam thing.

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