Mercury And Communication Style

Fancy DancingI like to peruse friends’ photos on Facebook and recently noticed pictures of an old high school friend’s brother in full Fancy-dress, Native American regalia at a pow-wow. I worked with her sister in an office for a full year about a decade ago. Somehow I had managed to miss that they are full-blooded Native American. Perhaps it’s not such a big thing to overlook, but it’s a glaring oversight if you know that I have a minor in Anthropology, specifically Northwest Coast Natives.

I guess you could call me a ding-bat, but I don’t think that’s specifically the case. I think what I am is a respectful communicator. My Mercury aspects my Saturn Moon. I have no planets in air but my 3rd house cusp is Libra. I’m a polite communicator. I have planets in the 8th house, planets aspecting Pluto, and planets in Scorpio. When I’m consulting with someone it’s my responsibility to respectfully ask the deep questions that will aid me in getting to the heart of a problem. But in polite conversation, I never dig. I accept the level at which people want to reveal themselves.

When I got to know this family it was in the time of raging political correctness. It was bad form to ask about ethnicity. With Pisces Mercury I’m able to obscure my curiosity, hide from myself things I’m not supposed to know. I think I may have gone overboard in this case. “Ya think?”

How inquisitive are you? Where’s your Mercury and your 3rd house cusp?

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  1. mars and mercury are squaring my mercury today. someone just called on the phone and I went off on a serious tangent. I was babbling like a freaking brook. :/

  2. My mercury is in cappie but my mars is in aquarius and my libra controls me-so I am curious about everything.

    Lol @ the regalia thing-No one ever notices until someone says…wait..that’s you!

    Maybe the lack of noticing it helped you focus on something else that needed attention

  3. yes, thank you! I think I see what’s important for me to see. They weren’t hiding their ethnicity but they weren’t making it my business either. I guess other things were more important between us!

  4. Very inquisitive! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I don’t ask intrusive questions though I just kinda know stuff sometimes.

    I have Mercury in Gemini in the 12th house with Leo on the cusp of the 3rd house.

  5. my mercury is in the 7th house conjunct jupiter. third house cusp is pisces. mostly i get people to tell me stuff by being open with them, i think. but i don’t pry and i too accept whatever people offer for the most part. the funny thing is i often don’t end up getting the kind of basic information one usually expects. eg, after meeting someone or talking to an old friend, i can’t tell you about their new job or what they did, but we did have a nice long chat about life.

  6. I am very inquisative .

    I can’t help it sometimes..I get very nosy..It is not on just slips out.
    What year , what part of the city, where are you born, how many siblings , how old. ect ect ect. Why , why ,eh why?

    3rd degree…I suck at small talk. And i am a huge assumer. Bacause of …, oh because of…aha and that was after…?! I want the full story…but it is just for the time being..I don’t plan to load up on info on people .

    I have merc in my tenth house aries conjunct venus on same degree. My 3rd house cusp is in leo.

    I think your way is better Satori. Respectful…not ignorant at all..sensitive to peoples choice of shearing. If she wanted she could casually metioned her background.

  7. Merc & Mars in Pisces, in the Third house. Third house cusp in Aries.
    I don’t ask… people just tell me stuff!
    Ummm… guys, why is the third house cusp important??

  8. I have Uranus-ruled 3rd House, and Uranus-MercuryChiron natally. Part of a T-square with Saturn.

    There’s not a lot of PC near me. No hate, but not much in terms of PC either. Though if I say something that another person *thinks* is PC, then I hear it. God forbid you actually are okay and agree with with some of the social ideas that sprouted between 1970-1990, is what I want to say, sheeesh. I mean, I’m pretty fine with NOT calling the Chinese food restaurant the “chinky” like some of my older family members have, ugh!!!

    I grew up in a northern town, with lots of native kids and that’s something people up there are okay with asking, I guess. Though I would definitely not march up and ask–if the question followed a natural progression in conversation, I would find a tactful way to ask.

    I like things to unfold organically though (and that’s kind of what I got from your post).

  9. Also Mercury rules my 7th. Mercury/Chiron in 5th. Very aware that words hurt. I never joke as much as my Sag would like, too knife-y.

  10. Mercury in Aries, 8th house. My 3rd house cusp is in Scorpio. I don’t really know how I come across to strangers and acquaintances when I communicate. My guess would be that they find me cold and critical therefore they never tell me anything personal or emotional. But I do well when it’s a conversation about films, music, books, or taboo, and weird sexual infos that most people are afraid to reveal about themselves. They usually feel that they won’t be judged or thought weird.
    With uranus in exact conjunction with my 3rd house cusp, I do love eccentric minds.
    I’m just not one of those types whose shoulders people would cry on, in spite of my pisces moon.

  11. Libra cusp here too, with my moon there as well. I have a whole lot of communication emphasis in my chart. Let me explain, lol. What I mean is I have a lot of aspects between my third house and mercury. It’s kind of hard for me to untangle. But anyway I have Mercury with a strong Saturn and so I TRY to be a respectful communicator, if a little serious at times. Okay, I just confused myself 0.o

    Satori I appreciate that you respect how much people want to share, especially with your Scorpio planets. It’s been my (miserable) experience with Scorpio Suns that they will not let up with the digging, and I barely know them. Made me very unconfortable, I guess they were just curious, but I found it innapropriate. I’ve had a Scorpio ask me, “Why do you look so miserable?” repeatedly. I was floored in a bad way. I didn’t want that said out loud in the setting that I was in. Well clearly I’ve said too much.

  12. I have no hope in being polite, 11th house Merc in Sag conj uranus. Did anyone say I “you can be very strange?” right after they slap the hand on their head. ๐Ÿ™

  13. 3rd house cusp is Taurus and Mercury in Scorpio in the 9th. Merc is trine moon and sextile venus. There are minor aspects as well..biquintile to saturn and touching on mars and chiron.

    I feel like my merc lets me go deeply with passion and determination. I rush out of my hole and gather information. Then run back with it and bury underground while I pick it apart. My communication is rich, and as my moon is involved..tapped into your emotion AND mine all mixed together and flavored with Venus yet still has a some hard schooled discipline while in relation to Saturn.

    9th house likes to big..Scorpio likes to go deep..Taurus likes it rich and engaging while not too distressing..moon finds the connection and venus smoothes it all over and makes it pretty ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. My Mercury is conjunct Mars and Chiron in Pisces, and trines my Scorpio Moon/Neptune. Capricorn is on my 3rd House cusp.

    I usually don’t have to dig, people find it easy to talk to me ‘about anything’. When I do seek more information, I’m able to do so gently.

    I’m very aware of how my words might affect others, so am careful to consider that before speaking/writing. (Saturn is in my 3rd House)

  15. Avatar
    Le Ciel du Scorpion

    Oh. My. God.

    Mercury in Scorpio here is being driven BANANAS by all this Gemini energy! And planets on my ASC! Help!

    If my Merc could talk, it’d say…Dear Co-workers: Please stop talking in front of my desk. Please stop asking me questions about foot ware. Please stop having loud conversations about when you were in high school, clearly trying to catch my attention. I just want to get my work done and go home.

    How do I make everyone stop talking to me? Merc Scorp 6th house thinks everyone talks too much at work. ASC/Taurus (Merc/Venus/Mars closing in!)is really fucking busy and just needs to concentrate on writing because I have 500 emails to answer…

    Anyone else having this flavor Mercury reaction lately? Le sigh…

  16. I was raised not to ask personal questions. I would never ask an acquaintance anything personal. OTOH, even polite people feel compelled to ask me my ethnic background. It is because they can’t figure it out.

  17. It’s really interesting to read everyone’s thoughts on their Mercuries–it reflects in your posts! Eg. Flip you don’t seem like you’d be a prying/personal question type, at all.

  18. I prefer writing over speaking, because I have time to think and edit my thoughts. I feel like people misunderstand me and then I feel like they think I’m nuts.

    I agonize over misunderstandings and never intend to hurt anyone or offend, but many times that’s what happens!

    Although I love learning and exploring ideas alone and with friends, I am terrified of group activities, and remain silent beyond what is comfortable for all concerned:)

    I have recently discovered that I am more self-absorbed and easily bored with other’s conversations than I’ve liked to admit…

    9th house Mercury conjunct Uranus in Leo, sextile Venus and
    square Neptune; 3rd house Chiron in Aquarius, square Ascendant and sextile/trine Saturn, Mars and Jupiter.

  19. Im very curious about people and I have mercury in libra in the 8th so I relish in getting to know people especially the dark parts but I have a strong saturn and yes my mercury squares my cap moon so Im very wary of boundaries. I feel the same way but I guess you’d have to ask people who talk to me.

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