Venus Square Neptune In Relationships

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I have Venus square Neptune, natally. People like me and then they don’t. It’s nothing new.

I am a woman who men give rings to and then ask for them back! I mean they want them right off my finger!

This pattern has repeated throughout my life. All I can say if you think you like me, let’s see how you feel next year!

I think this is a Neptune phenomenon because it’s like the tide. The tide is in; I am well liked and appreciated. But the tide doesn’t stay in does it?Β Next thing you know I am on ass on the beach and there is no one anywhere who going to do a damned thing for me.

Exceptions occur with people who can actually SEE me but these people are few and far between. Further, they rarely offer support! They just wait for the tide to come back in and lift me up as they know it will.

I think this is cruel by the way. I wouldn’t do it myself in a million years. But other people’s choices are none of my business and again, it’s nothing new. I know people feed off my emotion.

If there is one thing I don’t lack it is psychological sophistication. I can readily trace these patterns back forty years. Based on this, no one has to tell me where my limits are and what I can and can’t do. All I can tell you is when a man says, “Elsa, give me that ring back,” I take it from my finger and hand it to him.

Did he make a mistake?

Well yeah, but that’s his right.

16 thoughts on “Venus Square Neptune In Relationships”

  1. Well, you’ve helped me a lot and I will always be loyal. Check my chart if you don’t believe me πŸ™‚

  2. I worry for you because I see the waves, the ups and the downs. I see the emotion and I see the loyalty. I also see the need for you to be invisible. You seem to me to be like shifting sands and I try to feel the current, although you may not like this much interest or absorption in your life.

  3. Lynn, you don’t have to worry on either account. The tide always comes back for one and on observing me, that’s what I am here for.

    What’s nice is to be appreciated and you have always shown me that so thanks. πŸ™‚

  4. Elsa, I’ve greatly enjoyed your posts! Thanks for all of your efforts in putting together such an informative and friendly community. πŸ™‚

  5. Elsa, I do have to say I appreciate all the work you do here. I am grateful that I have this place to come to, learn, and chat with like minded individuals. Maybe people like to project all their garbage onto you and then leave, then later realize their error. Lots of times I am treated like the “black sheep” maybe that is the “role” I have this lifetime I am not sure.

  6. Posts are good Elsa. I don’t talk about anything going on in mylife anymore. Everything is just so faced paced. I read your blog sometimes I get it. Sometimes I am confused and then I get it. Sometimes I just ponder reading the blog and I don’t comment and then I feel like wrting for a little while and on too the next Chaos that knocks on my door and off I have to go…

  7. Thanks for your work Elsa!

    I had dreams about water last night, ocean tides and rivers and muddy ponds…lots of water. This post reminds me of those waters.

  8. Considering how much we talk about this, I keep waiting for MY tide (my personal Elsa-tide) to go out. Five years and counting: hasn’t so far. πŸ™‚
    Sometimes I wonder if there’s more that I, personally, can do when the tide goes out. Mostly I just think that from this distance I’m ineffectual. I can try to not give you a couch and offer my support, but that’s about it.

  9. I think the way you have talked about this aspect of yourself has helped me recognize and accept it in myself too.

    Leo Rising trine Neptune in Sag, Neptune conj Sun. People fall in love with my vision and dreams, not me. Then when they realize there’s a human being still growing and making herself behind the mask, a person with needs, sometimes they… drop me like a used tissue.

    I have reacted to it by strengthening my boundaries and forcing people to take it slow if they want to get close to me. So, Elsa, this makes me wonder if you have Chiron-Neptune aspects, or something that would point to a Piscean wounded-ness. Because you have healed me through (discussing) your own wound.

    Here’s hoping I am now returning some of that healing to you, as that’s how I think Chiron works.

  10. I have Chiron in Pisces too Elsa. Cuddled right up to my Jupiter in Pisces.
    I get this a lot too. With me theres a show of definite interest then they back off. I always figured it was my Venus in Scorpio that reels them in and what makes them run. It also puts an intense edge on my Mars in
    I attract older players. Those with weary eyes and jaded hearts. They adore me and want me in their life as long as I am on the opposite end of a 10 foot pole. Sigh!
    I want to say you and your site are the best out there.
    No soft lights, new age music and poetic woo-woo raptures.
    With you its a sit down with a mug of coffee at the kitchen table, no make up, leaning foward, a straight look in the eye and straight simple talk.
    Thats why Im here and keep coming back.

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