Venus In The 8th House: Beer?

Irish Death BeerI wanted to get right home and get on some astrology after a long day at the salon. Honestly, with the grand cross at work on my chart and the moon squaring my moon I figured it would be a hard day. It was a hard day, but a good day, and it went fast. People were wonderful and those who weren’t, well, they didn’t bother me. They weren’t MY clients.

I think sometimes with my own transits I tend to overestimate the bad and underestimate the good. The moon was on my venus today, in the 8th house, and Venus was on my midheaven trining my moon. Anyway, I got an 8th house moon-Venus gift today for sure.

One of my clients died a few years ago. She had done her husband’s hair their whole long marriage. When she was gone he came to me. I’ve seen him monthly for the last few years, and I’ve enjoyed it immensely. Last haircut I mentioned my favorite beer (it was in context, I swear… I’m a Pisces but I’m not THAT big a drinker), a local brew called Irish Death. So today in the middle of my rush he brought me in a large bottle of Irish Death as a gift.

It was sweet and thoughtful, and jolly! People in the salon joked that maybe he’s courting me, but that’s not it. He’s just a great guy. I ended my very long day sharing my large beer with another of my favorite clients. I don’t remember what she and I toasted to, but we toasted and it was happy. So here’s to my death beer, my death client and feeling great despite the odds.

Did you expect to have a good day or a bad day? Were you right? Was it better or worse than you imagined? *Cheers*

8 thoughts on “Venus In The 8th House: Beer?”

  1. My day ended better than it started, that’s for sure. I’m home now. Leo’s at his place. He wants privacy (he likes to hide when he’s ill–wonder if that’s a Scorpio/Cancer thing?)

    It’s only 8 pm and I’m going to have a nice hot bath and read my book and drink a beer while I’m in it!

    We have a date to talk about really.serious.stuff once he’s well. We do it like this: set a time in a few days time. Gloves off, and no one interrupts. It gets uncomfortable but it totally works for us.

  2. that’s a great idea. I’ve done it in the past. I think I need to start doing it again. thanks for reminding me.

  3. Wot, structured talking or drinking and reading in the tub????

    My ex and I: My Neptune opposed his Mercury and his Neptune opposed my Mercury. Mercury rules my 7th so…confusing.

    I think we’re going to take notes and everything!!

  4. I had a pretty hard day. Sun opposite Moon in Sag. Mars mercury and Venus in Taurus exactly oppsite Ascendant. Didnt especially expect it to be difficult…though aware of this exact opposition. Wasnt sure hw it would play out.

    I have been feeling a bit rough lately…Maybe this is why?

    (Ascendant is square Chiron in Aquarius and today sun was almost exactly trine my Chiron. HELP1!

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