Mercury Conjunct Jupiter Effects: Rising Tide Lifts All Boats!

rome newsreaderMercury will conjunct Jupiter On Friday. This is a fun combination known for candor and bawdy humor. I’ve begun to feel this!

If you have Mercury conjunct Jupiter natally, you’ve probably got a big mouth of some type. You may pontificate or be a know-it-all but you probably do have something to say and a way to say it.  You open your mouth and your words are broadcast.

I am sure there are some who consider Mercury conjunct Jupiter to be obnoxious. This aspect can cause a person to be over-the-top but their confidence and optimism give a people a lift. I don’t know what we’d do without them, frankly speaking!

This particular conjunction will take place in Aquarius. There is no telling what might be announced.  Information spread, far and wide.

Personally, I’m going on a positivity bender!  I’m reminded how a rising tide lifts all boats! I am witnessing this now.

If you don’t recognize the actor in the picture, he was the newsreader in the series, Rome.  He was favorite character. The people gathered ’round him and what came out of his mouth was what was.

It’s interesting, anyway. I’ll be watching who says what over the next couple weeks.

Do you have Mercury conjunct Jupiter in your chart? How does it operate?

14 thoughts on “Mercury Conjunct Jupiter Effects: Rising Tide Lifts All Boats!”

  1. I have natal Jupiter in the 3rd house and am currently experiencing transiting Mercury conjuncting it. So that explains it 🙂

  2. No connection between Jupiter/Mercury, but Merc/Mars in the 10th.This will happen in my 5th house. It’ll be interesting to see what happens.

  3. Haha, Heck yes ….. With Venus and Sun there too, it’s both of value AND personal. And in Jupiter’s own house? Even in Scorpio, it’s deeply transformative!
    I am good at talking, writing, communication, writing, talking…. Ok, you get the pic LOL. My words can lift people up and give them both self awareness and help them gain self worth. I have to be aware though, that the energy exchange do not drain MY energy. When that happens, I need to be put in the charger like a mobile phone….

    I got my first job by showing them my blog, and my whole career have been in the digital field.

    Now I am on my second blog project about my diagnosis. I expect it to have some impact on Google, as not many are writing about this subject from a subjecttive angle.

    Dunno if that will help me get the next job though, it’s REALLY personal…

  4. I have only known of two people not with mercury conjunct Jupiter, but Jupiter in Virgo, one is Mark E Smith the lead singer (if you can call it that) of the fall, and the other on a more personal basis while sharing University digs. This second one did not talk in a normal pitch and tombre – he was like he was shouting, and was totally full of confidence about what he was talking about – anything. He had a sense of humour that amounting to verbal bullying and caused fights with him – he liked to pick on people then claim innocence – needless to say I really disliked him – terrible person but the lasies loved him.

  5. Mercury rules small animals. We have a new little dog… who was found half-frozen on the porch of a friend’s house. He’d have not been found had they not gone outside to smoke a cigarette. So lucky!

  6. Mercury in the 5th trine Jupiter/Moon in the 9th! I am very talkative and emotional. I need to put myself in check for rash comments. I don’t intend to offend anyone but…it does happen. Mostly good though.

  7. Avatar
    Sag with Cap rising

    Sun 0 Sag, Merc 2 Sag, Jupiter 10 Sag all in 10th house: Yes, I’ve been told I’m a big mouth, pontificate too much, & called a Know It All! And yes, I usually do have something worthwhile to say (or write).
    With moon/Pluto conjunct in Virgo in 7th (square Sag stellium), I’ve realized over time I’m always trying “to fix people” with information to combat whatever problem they’re dealing with. That works about as well as it sounds? Add the fact I’m very blunt / direct and hold truth above all else, and let’s just say I can hold my own verbally (despite Venus in Libra).
    Often now think I should’ve been a reporter, but I’ve always worked in corporate world. At work, I’ve learned to ask questions to open up a dialogue about something rather than just opening with what I think to prevent immediate dismissal of ideas. Having MercuryRx natally helps; I usually think before speaking, particularly at work.
    Friends & family aren’t always as lucky, especially if I’m annoyed!

  8. Big mouth! Mine is in Leo so my laugh is BIG. And loud! I love to read and discuss, and if you teach me something new, you’re my favorite person ?

    I hate pettiness and I don’t hold on to grudges. I am sometimes too honest, and I don’t like the need I have to SPEAK MY TRUTH. Like girl why assume everyone cares what you think! ?

  9. TV broadcast journalist Walter Cronkite had his 28* Aries Jupiter opposing his 29* Libra Mercury. In the 1960s and 1970s, he was cited as one of the “most trusted men in America” for his fair (Jupiter) and balanced (Libra) news reporting.

  10. For someone with Mercury and Mars in Gemini, it’s somewhat rare to find me being super chatty/vocal/speaking out loud. In general I’m a subscriber to “if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all,” so that might have something to do with it 🙂 I’ve got Mercury opposite my Sadge moon. I’m more likely to be “jotting down notes” – 12th house Mars must work in private. I need to be really passionate, and informed on a topic – and then I might get going with some pontificating in a small group. I do think a positive attitude is the most useful tool you keep in your kit, just like a smile is the best wardrobe accessory.

  11. This is conjunct my Natal
    Saturn. Warms it up. Also helps my efforts at becoming more conscious. Waking up, remembering. Very lovely

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