Which Dungeons and Dragons Character Class Are You According to Your Zodiac Sign?

dungeonsDungeons and Dragons has been a cultural touchstone for nearly fifty years and has helped provide the basis for much of modern fantasy. It is collaborative, creative, and challenging. And for nerds like me, it’s just a great way to spend a Saturday night.

Each character starts out with a class, which outlines their general abilities and creates direction for the character’s development. And just like there are 12 signs in the zodiac, there are 12 basic classes in D&D. Coincidence? Almost certainly. But let’s have a little fun with it anyway.

Aries – Fighter

A fighter is a regular person who knows that the world needs heroes. They may not be elite masters of arcane martial arts, but when people really need them, a fighter will show up with a rusty sword, an old pitchfork, a stale baguette, or whatever else you can swing at someone’s head. Fighters are versatile and powerful, driven by a desire to save innocents and let everyone live in freedom and safety. It’s this hero instinct and desire to fight for the underdog that makes Aries the perfect example of the fighter archetype.

Taurus – Barbarian

Barbarians are not just the HULK SMASH characters you might expect from the name. For the most part, barbarians are gentle, peaceful people living on the margins of society, preferring to commune with nature instead of other humans. They are stable and stubborn and largely keep to themselves. They also have very long fuses. However, once provoked, they enter into a battle rage and charge at their opponent, destroying anything in their path. And once their enemy has been vanquished, they happily drop their club and go back to talking to mushrooms. For their love of nature, even temperament, and stunning power, barbarians are as Taurean as it gets.

Gemini – Rogue

Like Gemini, rogues are masters of deception. They know how to redirect someone’s attention in just the right way to take the heat off of them. They are also incredibly versatile. From sleight of hand to acrobatics to witty wordplay, rogues can do it all. They are incredibly intelligent and know how to further their own ends. They can slide into a room with a sly grin and leave with your heart, your wallet, and all your secrets before you even know what hit you. With their wit, intelligence, and dexterity, Geminis and rogues are a perfect match.

Cancer – Cleric

Clerics are kind, loving characters who are devoted to protecting those they care about. With the help of their deity, they are able to call upon amazing powers to heal the injured and turn away the forces of darkness. Clerics do have a bit of a tendency for martyrdom and self-sacrifice, spending their turns protecting others rather than doing what they want. This can lead to a sense of obligation and resentment all around. Still, no party is complete without a cleric. Just like Cancer, a cleric’s big heart and devotion to the people they love always win the day.

Leo – Sorcerer

Sorcerers are magic users whose power comes from inside them. They operate based on the sheer strength of their charisma. They kick ass and look good doing it. Like Leos, sorcerers are artistic, always looking to create something amazing. Their magic comes from the heart, and the source is often a god or mythical hero somewhere in their bloodline. Born as sovereign creators building the world from the ground up, sorcerers are Leos through and through.

Virgo – Wizard

Wizards trade in intelligence. Instead of drawing their power from gods or nature, wizards learn their craft through intensive study and dedication to the craft. Wizards are usually found in old libraries, surrounded by towers of books, happily translating arcane tomes. They may not be the most exciting people, but all those hours of study really pay off. Wizards can cast more spells at a higher level than anyone else. Wizards are brilliant, detail-oriented, and surprisingly powerful. Just like Virgo.

Libra – Druid

Druids are all about communion. They are able to build mutually supportive, fulfilling relationships with trees, squirrels, mountains, rocks, you name it. They love all creatures and all creatures love them back. Like Libras, druids are obsessed with balance. They view it as their duty to protect and maintain the balance of nature, and will not tolerate anyone trying to unfairly exploit the natural world. Due to their love of balance and fairness as well as their relationship building skills, Libras and druids go hand in hand.

Scorpio – Warlock

These players are magic users who came upon their powers a little differently. Instead of study discipline, their magic comes from making a deal with a very powerful entity. Just like Scorpio, warlocks are all about energy exchange. Warlocks are also master manipulators who can find a way to come out on top in any situation. If there’s a loophole to exploit or weakness to be found, you can bet that a warlock (and a Scorpio) will be right on it.

Sagittarius – Bard

Bards are happy-go-lucky world travelers who survive on their wits and winning smiles. They are terrified of stagnation and will never stay in one place for too long. Instead, they long to see all the world has to offer. To them life is a grand adventure and every moment is a story waiting to be told. They absorb the stories around them and recount them with aplomb to breathless audiences. With their jovial temperaments, love of adventure, and eyes toward the horizon, bards and Sagittarians are birds of a feather.

Capricorn – Paladin

Paladins are lawful characters who serve a higher power. They have taken a holy oath and their agreement with their deity requires that they always behave with the utmost integrity. Like Capricorn, paladins have no room for error. The moment they fail to meet their obligations, they are struck down. But at the same time, when they are upholding their oath and working as hard as they can, there is no one stronger or more reliable to have on your team. With their focus on integrity, hark work, and high achievement, paladins and Capricorns are one and the same.

Aquarius – Ranger

Rangers are the ultimate lone wolves. They look at the way society has been built and reject it entirely. Instead, they want to burn it all to the ground and build a new world from scratch. They rebel against the very concept of destiny. At the same time, they are keenly intelligent and extremely fixed in their ways, capable of hunting and stalking an enemy for years at a time if necessary. No task is too arduous if it means furthering their ideals. Both rebellious reformers, rangers and Aquarians are peas in a pod.

Pisces – Monk

Monks, like Pisces, are true innocents. They don’t care how people think things are supposed to be. They would rather avoid society’s sharp edges altogether and just bliss out in their temple. The ultimate goal of a monk is to transcend space and time and become one with cosmic energy. But monks are also extremely versatile. In addition to their spiritual powers, monks can absolutely fistfight a dragon if it comes down to it. And that is where the true connection with Pisces comes in. Pisces may be chill and easygoing, but if you’ve ever fought one, you know that there is no fiercer opponent in heaven or on earth.

Do you relate to your class? If you’ve played D&D, what class do you usually play? Can you connect the astrology?

8 thoughts on “Which Dungeons and Dragons Character Class Are You According to Your Zodiac Sign?”

  1. This is too cute, Midara!! I haven’t played since 3.5 but I can absolutely see the connections here. 🙂

  2. Haha,this is so funny!

    And even if I don’t play D&D it was a great way to describe the signs’ archetypes 😉
    I have played WoW – and there seem to be overlaps.

    I am sooo Scorpio in my chart, and I had a warlock character as well. I also do think that there is some element of necromancy in 5his class,as Scorpio deals with death as well 🙂

    1. Heck yes! What other sign could take something that seems dead and transform/resurrect it? Life, death, and rebirth is a cycle close to Scorpio’s heart.

  3. I am not a gamer but was always interested in how this game works and became an obsession for young boys and men. So fun to see all the characters and their functions. But no, Midara. I honestly can’t relate to Scorpio. I don’t look for peoples weaknesses – I more relate to the Pisces Monk but then I am a 12th House Sun.

    1. Correction: As a game I think anyone looking to move strategically would look for weaknesses or holes, as in Chess, but since I have never played this game, I am wondering if Scorpio is looking for a character’s physical weakness, strategical weakness or both? At any rate, I guess in a strategical way, I would look for holes in their strategy. But not to injure the Character specifically unless in self defense.

  4. I love your creative spin on things Midara! I have basically no knowledge of Dungeons and Dragons and yet I enjoyed this piece thoroughly. Thanks and much love to you all

  5. I Love it !!! Mine really resonated with me.
    As Taurus Barbarian.
    I truly am a gentle Soul ,and prefer to be by myself.
    In nature mostly.
    But I can go into a mad rage , demolishing anything in the way.
    I trying to control that side.
    Hopefully to overcome provocation.

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