Saturn In Aspect To Mars – Upside Redux – Christopher Walken, Rambo and Dance

“Dharmaruci” writes on the Upside To Saturn in Aspect to Mars blog:

I wouldn’t know, but people who are skilled fighters don’t have so much to prove, they’re not so touchy and insecure physically, so they’re less likely to let fly without good reason?

DR – that might be true. It probably depends on the person. My point was that I don’t have skills to fight and defend myself so when there is a threat I am at risk. But if the soldier (or someone like him) who has mastered (Saturn) their fighting skills (Mars) is on hand and willing to do my fighting for me (Mars is a hero)… and I will be very grateful as in “Whew! That was a close call!”

It is sort of like having Superman on hand to save the day. This was his actual career. He spent his life (until they made him quit) going after the baddest of the bad… the people no one wants to mess with, and messing with them so people like me would never have to encounter them and the people who were suffering due their tyranny were liberated. And how someone extrapolates from that and decides they are at risk when he is around it the big mystery.

As for the astrology, I meant to illustrate that Saturn and Mars in aspect have a high expression. The soldier got his skills via oppression and training that was grueling. It took him years and years and years and years. Years beyond what is typical.

For example, these days they take people in to Special Forces right off the street. You used to have to have some time in the Army. But when he went in, he didn’t just go right in. He had to go into three arms of the service and through three different boot camps, just to get to the Army and then try to get in SF.

Once in, he continued to train the whole time (16 years) including going through training in other countries… their version of Special Forces and after all that what does he wind up? A maniac? That’s ridiculous.

It reminds me of something Christopher Walken said. He plays all those crazies, right? So they asked him in an interview if he were a nut and he explained he had been married for thirty years (forty now), something a crazy person could never manage. So this idea about him is a myth and it’s same with the soldier. If he were anything but ultra-controlled he’d have been dead a long time ago.

In fact Christopher Walken is another good example in that he is a classically trained dancer.  What are the chances they are going to walk around slouched? Not very high.

Bottom line RAMBO was a movie! 😉

4 thoughts on “Saturn In Aspect To Mars – Upside Redux – Christopher Walken, Rambo and Dance”

  1. Interesting. It makes me think about that astronaut who appears to have thrown all her training away because of her obsession with her co-worker. She lacked the ‘ultra-controlled’ component, I guess.

  2. What sign is the soldier’s Mars in?

    And if someone who has Mars opposite Saturn who “mastered (Saturn) their fighting skills (Mars)” what are the negative manidestations of that aspect, you think?


  3. Don’t forget that Fatboy Slim video – he actually was dancing there, it’s not CGI! *LOL*
    I lurve Christopher Walken. He’s the BASF of Hollywood: “Christopher Walken doesn’t make a lot of the movies you like. He makes you the movies you like ~better~.” 😉

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