Mercury Conjunct Mars In Virgo Effects

Virgo Madame AlexanderMercury conjunct Mars is quite hot!

  • Courageous speech
  • Speak now, think later
  • Pushing ideas
  • Cutting off communication
  • Quick thinking
  • Drive to figure it out
  • Information war

Interestingly, today’s conjunction forms a Grand Trine with the moon in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus. In the midst of the anger, you might be able to pull out a win somehow.

Mercury will conjunct Mars in Virgo during the second and third week of August. The exact aspect takes place on August 18th at twelve degrees. This is kind of random but I have a client asking about registering her daughter for the draft. It got my attention!

Beyond that, I am hearing from a lot of people who are afraid or stuck and frustrated by delays or lack of clarity. If you’re part of this group, you should have an easier time cutting through garbage at this time.

Virgo / Mercury is efficient. Mars is fast. If you combine these things with a bit of effort, you should be able to zero in on a target. This combination describes a dirty mind and a bunch of swearing but it also promises razor-sharp discernment.

It could be dangerous or reckless but it’s more likely that help, in the form of ideas, arrives. It’s a rush of mental energy. It’s also multi-tasking, fired up.

The day the aspect is exact, Mercury and Mars will form a Grand Trine with Uranus in Taurus and the moon in Capricorn.  This is great! Hopefully we’ll all be surprised when something actually gets accomplished!

I advise pushing ahead at this time.  We’re all going to have to deal with Saturn square Uranus through 2022.

But this is a window where you can make some gains. Think of it like a Lamborghini. Step on the pedal; the car responds.

How has this conjunction played for you? Getting anything done?

33 thoughts on “Mercury Conjunct Mars In Virgo Effects”

  1. After years of living in a huge home, all decorated with many antique and vintage treasures, it’s time to downsize and do Swedish death cleaning. Oh the joys of aging ! Hoping to move to a much smaller home but need to sell the huge one first. What to truly keep and what to let go. I must do it quickly or get lost in the memories and past dreams attached to my treasures. I’m hoping for some Virgo/Mars ambition to counteract my Pisces/Cancer procrastination and love of homey things!

    1. @Melinda I sympathize! My friend is going through the same thing. Inherited a house 400 miles from where he lives and needs to sell but first do a Swedish Death Cleaning too! Plus fix everything wrong with it.
      Best in your cleaning endeavors! I know it’s hard to let go but think of it like a hose that one cleared the water can gush freely!

    1. Did a quick check. Makes sense. First new moon in a long time where I clarified my intentions. I’ll take the added zing!

  2. Long list. Keep up with garden produce. Lock your doors, it’s duke season.?. So I have a number of new veggie recipes to try out. Freezing and canning. My across state contact found lids for me. Yay!! Got my new prairie plants planted. Check! Have a few trees to plant and a couple of shrubs in addition to moving some that came up in the wrong place. Start orging shed for winter. And hopefully get an early start on fall invasive species removal. And order a load of mulch. Simple enough. Just need to stay focused and put in the work. Dare I get distracted and research lion’s gate?

    1. A topic of conversation in Elsa’s forum. In the top right hand corner draw down the menu and you’ll see the forum listed. You can browse without joining but you have to join to begin a conversation thread. And I’m interested in Lionsgate too.

  3. Yay I love this vibe! I have Mars/sun/merc conjunct in Leo natally so I love this energy. I have been renoing my basement to turn into a healing arts/ aura photography studio and it’s been kinda slow and steady. I will use this transit to tackle the flooring (I promised myself that I could buy new furniture once the flooring is in) it’s a big job and not something I have ever done – I was feeling ambitious last month when I ordered the tile lol!

  4. Need theUK to US travel corridor to set a date to reopen. Biden and his fixed sign aren’t succumbing to being pushed, but he needs to think a bit more openly. So this aspect is hopeful in the scheme of things

    1. No other way around? Like when flights from China were banned in U.S. people went from China thru Europe to ground zero NYC.

  5. Any help amid Neptune Saturn is very much desired! I am hoping to have some new job leads as it is in my 10th for the rest of the month.

  6. What degree will it conjunct in? Will it square Neptune? If near 11*-13* it will be conjunct my own Virgo Mercury/Mars conjunction.

    Having this aspect, I actually feel more like a Gemini Mars person. This thing will heat my mind and mouth up considerably. Mars is before Mercury and I do not think before I speak. Also feel like an Aries Mercury person too.

    1. 12 degree Virgo. Neptune is at 22. So a wide opposition but this is at this point in time. Generally speaking, the conjunction is not afflicted.

      1. Thanks. Right between my conjunction…oh man. On the upside, my brain will be on overdrive. Lists to make things to get done. Just need to let my husband know in advance what to expect.

        He is having his Leo Moon/Mars conjunction hit by Uranus and Saturn. Making him frustrated.

        Got to keep the sparks to a minimum.

  7. Tracey C Doherty

    This is going to conjunct and activate my natal Pluto in the 3rd. As I am prepping to teach this Fall, it’s powerful. There’s a great deal of material for me to organize, and most importantly a communication plan to emphasize respect of the students and Indigenous community and culture, and how we can work together as a classroom community. Pluto in Capricorn is transitting my 6th house which is the Virgo house, so that’s a good contact too.

  8. The conjunction is on my 13 Virgo Midheaven, and Uranus has been sitting on my 14 Taurus Mercury (6H). Work suddenly go really busy last week, and the past few weeks I’ve been trying not to feel like I sparked myself with electricity. Hope something good comes out of this!

    1. Are you 10th house Virgo? Always means work. I don’t know if it can be escaped. You reminded me about mid heaven (Full moon will conjure on mine) and Saturn is moving to my opp. Party over. Up up up I go again. Anyway, don’t forget when this passes to spend some time marveling at all that you accomplished. Or got through. Or survived. It blows me away every time. You can do it midheaven Virgo. Like no one else.

      1. Thank you for helping me believe in myself, Coach Notch! ? This Virgo energy is tough, but I have to say, it feels really good too. (There’s my 6th house moon talking!) Hope you have a good week leading up to this full moon. Pretty nice that you will have Jupiter too illuminating the top of your chart!

        1. However I really like living in the Southern Hemisphere of my chart. Am enjoying that while it lasts. I’m too old to be some big ass 10th house Jupiter person. I do get your workload though. Tweren’t so long ago. (Ha ha ha spell correct couldn’t fix tweren’t. Tweren’t tweren’t tweren’t. ?)

  9. Wow Im liking this energy.
    My natal Mars conjuct Mercury and Jupiter.
    I m sharp.
    But this energy feels good ,and Im using this time to do renovation,
    Its progress,and tedious.
    But hopefully we will see rewards later , sell up the big and move on
    . Like you said there is a window and we can make some gains !!!
    I m making full use of it.
    Mentally i feel revved up,on the ball.
    Its time for action

  10. This is conjunct my Mercury (11 Virgo).

    I made up my mind to leave my present job if/when a promising new job comes through (I’m the top candidate. Full day working interview is next week).

    I still can’t believe how many jobs I’ve been through. It’s common for my field though, and Uranus is a big influence – in my 1st and very closely square my Sun and Mars.

    Saturn has backed away from Sun/Mars but will be back…

    In addition to all this, we bought a house. ?

    The roller coaster isn’t stopping.

  11. Oh man!!! That’s a whopping mouthful! “Razor-Sharp” describes yesterday…I’ve been catfished and didn’t even know there was such a thing. In about 6 hours & several devices & close friends, I was able to track down the catfisher & shut him down, and locate the victim whose identity was stolen. That intense dive into laptop, ipad, iphone, googling, using photo identity – yes – photo identity, brought on a whole world of device & internet knowledge. Never even showered, ate, or left my kitchen. Just pounded it out. What a trip!

  12. Avatar

    I and the other unvaccinated staff at my work are speaking out. A few have been bursting at the seams trying to hold back their concerns about mandates, and are now starting to make their voices heard. We need moral support from one another as people who don’t want to taint our bodies with man-made crap. Also we are forced to covid test twice weekly and are vocalizing our need to have those reimbursed. My boss listened and bought us self-administered tests 🙂

    1. I don’t l own how to get around man made crap. It kind of made me laugh at myself because I did errands today and stopped at a couple of my favorite fast food places for some of that mystery food. ?

      1. Avatar

        Lol! I can relate to that!
        At least liver/kidneys can filter those things 🙂 Certain other man-made things bypass the liver… 🙁

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