Planetary Joys – Jupiter in the Eleventh House

gold jupiterGood old Jupiter – the Greater Benefic, benevolent sky daddy, and giver of all good things. He is the generous, expansive teacher. In modern astrology, we often think of him living in the ninth house, sharing his perspective and igniting out wanderlust. But in traditional astrology, Jupiter rejoices in the eleventh house, and for good reason.

The House

The eleventh house is one of freedom and sweet release. As planets rise above the horizon, they are initially hidden, obscured by the atmosphere. That is when planets are entrapped in the 12th house. But when they escape that 12th house invisibility, they burst forth into the shining glory of a new day. For this reason, the eleventh house is one of freedom and release, as well as dreams, hopes, and allies. The dog days are over, your luck is turning around, and it’s time to enjoy the good life.

The Connection

Jupiter, the OG king of doing it up, finds a perfect home in the eleventh house. The good life is his middle name. He brings fertility, abundance, and even excess. Here he distributes his gifts like candy. No wonder the eleventh house is the house of hopes and dreams, and easy luck. When Jupiter joins the party, he makes it RAIN.

But there’s a deeper meaning here. The eleventh house is also the house of friendship. Now, in the ancient world, when these associations were being made, friendship wasn’t quite what it was today. A friend wasn’t just a person to have coffee with or to talk to online. They certainly weren’t just a number on a Facebook page. Friends were allies.

Friendship meant that you had someone in your corner no matter what. Friendship was like family. If your house burned down, your friends helped you rebuild. If you wanted to start a business, friends financed your endeavor. A silly, extravagant song from Bob’s Burgers really says it best:

He crashes on your couch when he loses his job
You feed him soup when he breaks his jaw
You help him pee when he has that thing
He’s your best friend!!!

And that is why the eleventh house is the house of friendship and luck, hopes and dreams.  In the ancient world, the more friends you had, the luckier and more successful you were deemed to be. And with friends like that, it’s easy to see why! They are your safety net, your ticket to greatness, and benefactors. And in this sense, Jupiter, the ultimate benefactor, fits right in.

In the Natal Chart

If you have Jupiter in the eleventh house you will have a certain largesse and ability to create community, no matter what sign Jupiter is in. If you have an exalted Jupiter in Cancer in the eleventh, you have the magic ability to build a close-knit community that will shower you with blessings and security for years to come. But even if you have Jupiter in detriment in Virgo in your eleventh house, you’ll still shine. Using your relentless discernment, you’ll pick the right people to be in your life. And if you pick well, your endless service to those you love will be returned over and over again, creating an upward spiral of generosity and mutual aid. But no matter the sign, Jupiter in the eleventh house will do his best to make your life sparkle with joy.

Bringing It Together

Jupiter is the great bestower of blessings. The eleventh house is where we can make use of those blessings. Jupiter is humanity’s great ally. The eleventh house is where we find our personal allies. Jupiter brings luck, nourishing rain, and fertility to the world. And the eleventh house is where our garden grows. When we bring them together, it’s clear that Jupiter and the eleventh house are what makes us feel seen, accepted, and supported. What more could we ever hope for?

Do you or someone you know have Jupiter in the eleventh house? What is it like?

6 thoughts on “Planetary Joys – Jupiter in the Eleventh House”

  1. Yes Midara! I have Jupiter in Libra in the 12th. I have always had the best friends and I feel so grateful for all the friendships I have had at home, at work and Internationally when I lived overseas or traveled. That is the happiest place in my chart!

  2. Jupiter conjoins Venus in my Sag 11th House. Big love and friendships have seen me through many adventurous experiences. And to boot, this natal Jupiter partnership trines a heavy square of planets on the other side of my life (and chart) to encourage looking at the challenges from another angle. Hooking up with my husband late in life, a man who loves play, and turn lawns into … gardens! is one of those examples of Jupiter and Venus turning on the good luck.
    It’s fun to read this as the Aquarius and Jupiter flavored full moon makes her way through the cosmos. Thanks Midara, what a treat!!

  3. Yes, I have a friend who has Sun, Jupiter, and Mercury in 11th house Gemini. Boy is he great at winning over people/friends to his side! I don’t think he even tries that hard. He definitely reaps the benefits of Jupiter in the 11th house. He ends up partnering and going into business with his friends and these are beneficial relationships.
    I have Jupiter in the 7th house so you would expect that I would have ease in partnering. However, that is not the case. I have not found a life partner as yet. I do have moon, Mercury and Neptune in my 11th house and those planets bring a variety of people into my social circle. Those Neptune-dominated people live in their own world and drive me nuts.

  4. My baby boy has Jupiter in the 11th house in Aquarius along with Saturn. Does that significantly impact what you’ve written here, Midara? How do the planet of luck and planet of super hard work combine really?

  5. Jupiter conjunct Mars in Cancer on the 11th house cusp here (mars 2 degrees before 11th, Jup 1 degree into 11th). I get by with a little help from my friends!!! In fact, throughout my life I’ve had people come to me who I’ve truly seen as my angels and benefactors on earth. Sometimes I’m bewildered by the generosity. And not just friends, but associates in business. I draw exactly who I need to my side to succeed. Before you write me off as extremely hatable, the rest of my chart is downright terrifying & I probably truly need such good will to make it in this world. I have a stellium in the 12th house including Moon and Saturn. That’s right, dark dark times in life I have seen. Astrology is a marvel.

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