Post Uranus Pluto – A Personal Update

house11Yesterday, my husband met the real estate agent I’ve been working with.  We went to her office to he could sign the contract.  This was before he’s seen the house, which was strangely odd and cool.

Everyone was really curious what he’d think of it. As it turned out, he liked it so much, he was very nearly overwhelmed. I’m not kidding. I’ve not seen my husband so moved and happy since the day we got together after more than twenty years apart! He was swooning.  It was like it took him breath away. 

The owners of the house were also moved that he was moved. We wound up spending three hours with them, just visiting.  People are like that around here. So are we.

On the way home, my husband said it not possibly be clearer we were doing what we were supposed to be doing.  This sure was good to hear. It’s not been easy trying to put this together on my own. Now I feel we’re about to land our plane in a very fine pasture, after a unbelievably rocky and occasionally terrifying, ride.

We still don’t have done deal(s) but I think it’s a matter of time. I am squatting in this little house and it’s er…inconvenient. Due to the packing and unloading situation, I am living without things a person takes for granted, like their robe. And pot holders! And a microwave!

I don’t want to buy a microwave I won’t need or that won’t go in my new house…thirty or sixty days away.  Consequently, I found myself heating up shrimp linguine I’d made, in a frying pan.  Fried pasta. Yum! Er…not so much.

I feel better here, in every way. I don’t miss the cold at all.  The humidity doesn’t bother me and the people are just plain nice.  They’re nice, candid, easy to talk to and just plain amusing. I can’t say I’ve never made friends easily in my life. I have! But not this easily!

The way it looks now, I will be moving into our new home around the middle of June. However, I’ve been invited to come out and plant a garden this month. That way, it will be ready to go when I get there.

We have peach, plum, pear and apple trees. We also have grape vines, if you can believe that.  It’s amazing!

This appears to be the end result of all the turmoil and effort, pain and delays. I’ve got no complaints. You just can’t beat the feeling of knowing you’ve done what you were supposed to.

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  1. Hi Five, Elsa!:-) Breathing a huge sigh of relief with you that your husband is very happy with the new house. You’re right; you can’t beat the feeling of the Universe confirming you made the right moves/decisions.

  2. So happy that your husband loves the place..I didn’t doubt for a second that he would not love it! So happy for y’all.

  3. Fantastic news! I’m happy for you and your family. I’m currently navigating some choppy waters, so this is a good lesson for me, that there is indeed a light at the end of the tunnel.

  4. Pot holders and some other things you can get at a dollar store. They would be good enough to get you through a couple months
    If you would like a microwave you could always try freecycle (you could maybe even ask to borrow one for a couple months or get one from there and when you move in to your new place offer it to someone else).

  5. Craigslist is wonderful for those things you need and do not want to pay top dollar for! You could find something on there that is being ‘passed forward’ or buy what you need for next to nothing and pass it forward when you are done with it. I passed forward my microwave last year and it went to someone who really needed (wanted) one. 🙂

  6. This sounds wonderful! With Taurus so prominent in the skies, it’s obvious things aren’t moving fast. But they seem to be moving.

  7. I’m thrilled to know all of this Elsa – thank you so much for sharing your news, travels, life, post Pluto – oh wow, I love hearing your joy and your husband’s joy, too.

  8. That is fantastic!!!!! Your husbands reaction, was my favorite part. I know that must of made it 20 times better for you as well. You two have an exiting new road, and great memories to (plant) starting with the garden!! :Congratulations Elsa! Wonderful news!

  9. All good things come together, and at the appointed time. I just knew you would be so happy with the outcome! Very happy to know it’s a happy landing. All good wishes to you and the Mr.

  10. Ah, good news – it’s really great.
    Fantasic, especially after all the ups and downs. You get the reward for all your courage and determination.
    Have a great time in this new life!

  11. That’s great news; I got very busy yesterday but had wanted to ask how things were going. I’m so happy your husband is happy, too. I know you guys will find so much happiness there…

    1. I was going to plant some… and they’re already there. He says he goes by on the mower, grabs a handful and eats as he mows. 🙂

  12. Very much Like the baby born after the labor. I’m curious the transits for your buying /selling of houses. Congrads.

  13. Oh Elsa! I am so very happy and delighted for you. You deserve this happiness so much. I’m so happy that your husband loves the house too. So, now you can have a lifelong “honeymoon” in your new home for the rest of your life. Wonderful!!! I’m wishing you both all the best, always.

  14. Wonderful blog update! I’m so very pleased your husband is moved by such a good property. I’m wishing you continued best luck in successful completion of ya’ll’s move.

  15. The look on his face and the feeling standing next to him, when he laid his hand on his new desk – this is something I will never forget.

  16. Really great news Elsa, so glad for you, we’re all there with you….thanks for sharing (and inspiring)us each step of the way!

  17. Oh I am so glad that your husband was filled with complete and utter joy. There is nothing better or more important than seeing the man you love more than life itself truly ecstatic. That is what you live for, to see his fulfillment. I could not be more pleased thatyou took all the right steps to make it happen. A soldier intimately knows hardships that we can not even imagine. I think that it is so wonderful that he will find a new sense of comfort, security and rootedness that he has been denied for so long. I know that his joy is your exaltation. You done good, congratulations!

  18. it’s the middle of the night, unable to sleep, but reading of your joy and happiness makes me feel a bit lighter. So happy for you all…Pax love health

  19. I am so very happy for you, your husband, and family, Elsa! Your good works have guided you to the right place at the right time albeit with some trial and tribulations along the way. But then, nothing worth having is ever easy for the good of heart is it?
    May this homestead bring you all that each of you need to be happy and most importantly healthy.

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