Mercury Opposite Neptune: Brain Slips

fun house mirrorWhen Mercury opposes Neptune, information can be leaked, lost or simply misguided. Mental processes of all kinds are affected. While it’s possible to have an inspired idea, it’s more likely your brain slips on a banana peel. Like this:

Client says she’s in Detroit.
I respond, scheduling her in Central time.
She tells me politely that Michigan is Eastern time.
I tell her I must have been thinking of Detroit, Illinois.

::shakes head::

Have you ever been stopped at a red light, thought you saw it change and taken off into the intersection in some sort of delusion?   How about turning the wrong way on a one-way street. It’s this kind of energy.

Expect to be misunderstood. People will run late… or early and I mean a day early in some cases. Neptune is opposing Mercury in Virgo.  You’ll fare best if your daily routine can be fluid during this period which will last for about ten days.

It’s probably best to give people the benefit of the doubt. It’s entirely possible someone tells you something one day… the next day the call back with a correction.  If you take a hard line on something like this, chances are, later the same day, it will be your slip up. At that point you’ll have clarity!

If you’re really unclear about what someone is meaning to tell you, just ask.  This is the easiest way to avoid (Neptune) mental anxiety aka worry (Mercury in Virgo).

You may also encounter a person who lies with intention or you may be the liar yourself. But the reason for the lie may not be malicious.

I think this is a good time to give people a pass if for no other reason than you’d like someone to give you a pass when you mess up, yes?

It’s also possible you get some hidden info during this transit. Basically, you look at something and you can see something most cannot. The veil lifts and it’s magic.

Are you looking forward to Mercury opposing Neptune?

6 thoughts on “Mercury Opposite Neptune: Brain Slips”

  1. I had a brain slip today. I went into my credit union to inquire about my debit card. When I tried to use it at the ATM yesterday it was rejected as inactive. I handed the teller a card to check. It was active. When I placed the card back into its holder I realized I gave her my credit card instead of my debit card. Oh, the debit card was inactive from disuse. I’m glad I didn’t apologize for coming in right before they closed. I had the time wrong, too. It was an hour plus before they closed.

  2. I just went on a wild goose chase to supposedly pick up a cat I was to foster. Couldn’t find the woman’s house, the numbers were all mixed up. She lives on a one lane pothole road with UPS and trash trucks coming down the mountain at me…. Discovered that she wasn’t even home, was on the other side of town looking at a house for sale.

  3. I’m sooo familiar with this energy!! Anyone need advice on how to be misunderstood and confusing, I’ve got ya covered! 😂 Neptune opposes my Gem Sun/Jupiter and squares my Pisces Moon, it’s my everyday life lol! Working on applying grace.

  4. I knew that my back right tire had hit the curb badly during a right turn Monday and that I should check it before I drove again but just didn’t think to actually do it. Luckily, yesterday the tire went flat in a residential neighborhood across from a shady park, the tow truck didn’t take as long as expected, and I had something to read. An expensive lesson though to remind myself to be mindful and pay attention.

  5. Not looking forward! It’s hell ! It’s havoc already. I’m anxious, worried and misunderstood and so are the others. Except for the moments they lash out verbally. Telling myself to keep my mouth shut and say it anyway. I should go in hiding alright until it’s over. Neptune is in my 6th and square my Sun in the 3rd – for the next three years. Don’t know how to survive this. Ah yeah, because my Sun Mars and Jupiter are all at 26 degrees of their signs they all get a Neptunian shower of sorts. And if Mercury, my lifeline in stable earth in my natal chart goes haywire with Neptune as well, I’m lost, like now. It will end. Tell me it will end, and soon.

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