Nature or Nurture – Scorpio Suns, Moons, etc.

60% of you reported having a physical preference of a partner that is distinct from that of your siblings which was surprising to me. You would think the parents play a fairly large roll in this but maybe not.

Now my sister and I have rising signs just one degree apart. Which means we have the same 7th house (describes the partner). We have different planets of course, but sure enough the similarities (and the differences) in the charts show up in real life.

We’re on the phone here. This would have been fifteen years ago, give or take. She was married, I was out dating around. We’d discuss the chart of whoever I’d met, having both studied astrology since we were kids… 8 and 10. So on this day,. I’d called her up with my latest. And we both go for Scorpio, but…

“Fuck, Elsa. This is too much Scorpio! This is too much Scorpio for one chart.”

I didn’t answer. I was in the habit of letting my sister talk when she was willing, because she pays like a hot slot machine, always. I heard her inhale on her smoke.

“I gotta tell you. I don’t know what you see in this much Scorpio. But whatever it is, you sure see it. Because you come up with this again and again and again.”


“Yes! And me? Well I like Scorpio. I am married to a Scorpio. But you couldn’t get me to be in a room with someone with a chart like this.”

“You’re kidding aren’t you?”

“No, I’m not kidding! Are you kidding? This much Scorpio would fry me completely. It would be the end of me. I will be around a Scorpio Sun and maybe one more planet and that’s it! Venus or Mercury in Scorpio, maybe, but hopefully not! A little of that shit goes a long way.”

“I’m not sure what you’re talking about,” I said.

“I know! This shit does not faze you, it never has! You’ve always got your life full of people with stelliums in Scorpio. Most of them have squares from Pluto to boot, and you? Nothing. You don’t seem to notice or mind their shit.”

“What shit?”

“That’s what I mean! Look, Elsa! Anyone with this much Scorpio is going to be pulling shit left and right.”

I smiled on my end of the phone. “I don’t really notice. I must like it, apparently,” I said. “It must not be causing me a problem.”

“Well, no. And we can’t figure that out.”

She meant her husband. They liked to discuss me all the time. Like a science project.

“Anyway, here’s another thing. How do you stand these Scorpio Moons? I can’t. I have come to the conclusion that everyone with a Scorpio Moon sucks!”

I laughed.

“I’m serious. They are just too fuckin’ twisted. These days, when I meet someone and I see a Scorpio Moon in the chart… do you know what I do?”


“I rip it up! I don’t want to know the person. If you have a Scorpio Moon, I don’t want anything to do with you. People with Scorpio Moons can just stay the hell away from me!”

“I can’t believe that.”

“Well it’s true. I am tired of being eviscerated by those fuckers. I’ve been burned too many times. I have been burned by every Scorpio Moon I have ever met and I’ve decided that I want my Scorpio where I can see it! Scorpio Sun! Sun in Scorpio and one more planet and that’s it!”

I laughed. “Well, okay. I can’t believe you feel this way, but obviously you’re serious. So what do you think of the chart, anyway?”

“I think it’s burning my hand off the end of my arm.”

I laughed. “Okay, never mind. Put it down.” My sister is psychic. “I think I get the picture here…”

So with a nod at the current line up of planets in Scorpio, what about you?


34 thoughts on “Nature or Nurture – Scorpio Suns, Moons, etc.”

  1. Ordinarily, I am terrified of Scorpios. Now, some months back I said something about Scorpios being manipulative and then I said that most likely the reason that I attract the wrong kind is bc I’m not using my own Pluto opposition Moon/square Venus power which is somewhat Scorpionic. And I also said that I bet my terrific shrink was a Scorpio. And, guess what? He sure as hell is. I told him outright: You’re a Scorpio, arent’ you? And he said, Yes, what does that mean? So I told him and he said: That’s me to a T. So the fucker has a lot of Scorpio which is perfect bc he sure as hell has been a great healer to me. First time I’ve had a good shrink.

    And here’s the thing: He uses it for good and that’s the first Scorpio I’ve encountered who uses it for good and not for ill. So I think he’s teaching me something about Scorpionic/Plutonic power–that it’s okay to have it. It’s okay to be intense. It’s okay to say it like it is. And that you can be straight-up about your power.

    And I’m encountering a couple of Scorpio Moon women who are very nurturing to me. Sooooo, I’m learning not to be so fearful of Scorpios.

    Btw, when I guess my therapist’s sign? That’s the first time in my life that I’ve guessed someone’s Sun sign accurately. I bet he has LOADS of Scorpio planets bc usually I tune into people’s moons or risings.

  2. I don’t think your sister would want anything to do with me:

    I have, in the 8th house: Sun, North Node, Mars, Merc (in a stellium).

    In Scorpio: Nep, Jup, MC, Point of Fortune.

    Pluto square that Jup/MC/PoF.

    My 9th and 10th houses both ruled by Scorpio.

    And the way my chart is laid out, I’ve been in one long, unending Pluto transit since… forever, with no end in sight until I die.

    For my next partner, I’m looking for another industrial-strength Plutonian, because I don’t know who else can be up to par to 1) ‘deal with me’ and 2) not bore the daylight out of me.

    I also have Pluto and Venus conjunct in my 7th house.

    Of course, there are other things I am also looking for in a partner, but strong Scorp will be essential.

  3. Two of my best friends are Scorps! The male is the sweeter of the two, and he’s got Scorp Sun, Moon, and Venus. He’s a total sweetheart, so long as you don’t fuck with him! No idea why, but I do attract a bit of Scorpio… And a LOT of Taurus. Even so, with both Scorp and Bulls, it’s either a love or a hate relationship. *shrugs*

  4. I’m Scorpio rising 🙂

    I like Scorpios, I’m surrounded by them. Lotta Scorpio relatives, Dad’s a Scorpio, one of my exes is a Scorpio, and my boss is a Scorpio. I get along with them swimmingly (well, unless I piss one off…luckily that’s just been my dad, he was scary enough). My boss hired two Tauruses (birthdays a day apart) and says her family is filled with Tauruses. My dad’s side leans towards Scorpio and my mom and I are Tauruses. In my life experience, Scorpios and Tauruses seem to go together like PB&J.

    Scorpios are about the only people who can figure out when I am being sneaky. Gee, I wonder why they suspect something when nobody else does…? Heh.

  5. Hello people! Scorp Sun, Mercury, Neptune here. I love when you talk about Scorps because I find it so funny the way people think they know me because I’m a Scorpio, they ascribe so many awful, manipulative sex-obsessed things to us. Yet I feel like I am such an agent of good to the people around me, even strangers, people are always totally drawn to me and happy in my presence. I can pick out anyone’s weak spot within 20 seconds of knowing them, but you know what? I know I have an unfair advantage and I could never humiliate or hurt anyone. No one is without some pain in their soul and I know that; in fact, if I can send someone some love… or better yet, what I think people want is just some recognition for who they really are… if I can do that in whatever time we have together, I give it to them, I can’t hold back. Most people are too reserved, and so afraid to connect, but in my experience that is EXACTLY what people want, if you just talk sincerely and directly with people they just warm up to you like kids.
    Sorry, maybe that was a little off topic. Anyway, on another Scorpion note..the biggest loves of my life, and they are DEVOTED to me, and I to them, are Saggitarians. Go figure! We’re not supposed to match at all, and they’re supposedly so committment-shy. They’re difficult, and prickly, and aloof on the outside..but so, so tender and vulnerable underneath. I htink it’s a mutual respect and mutual fascination society thing going on.

  6. I hit submit by accident before signing off. Oh post was long enough already! I was going to say my 3rd house is also Scorp, whatever that means.
    XO Everybody!!

  7. “And here’s the thing: He uses it for good and that’s the first Scorpio I’ve encountered who uses it for good and not for ill.”

    I think you nailed it, Marly. Scorpio people are just so intense and usually they tend to use the negative energy of their Scorpionic planets.
    I have a sick little stellium in Scorpio ( anybody want to trade?) and in the house owned by Mars no less so I have definitley driven a few to drink.
    I just thought that everybody wanted to be “loved to death”……smother love I think it’s called. I’ve learned to not take things too seriously and enjoy relationships without the hellfire and brimstone drama. It’s just way more enjoyable allowing people the freedom to be who they want to be without the insidious manipulative games that Scorpio’s like to play.
    I did not vote, Elsa, because I like ALL the Signs of the Zodiac….none more or less than the other.
    I’ve had a Gemini/Pisces and a Taurus/Taurus threaten to kill me and a Sadge/Virgo attempt it (damn that Scorpio Stellium!)and I could be so tempted to “player hate” but I realize every sign has it’s redeeming qualities.
    Your sister would faint at the sight of my sons chart. He has 6 planets in Scorpio and in the 6th house! (and he was born on November the 6th @ 6:06 pm!)….but while he is a very stubborn person (Taurus on the Rising) he is a sweetheart.

  8. In general I like Scorps, but I’m a bit more cautious around the female version. The guys seem to be a little more open about their secretiveness….is that possible? Of course, I’m a bit more cautious around women of any sign.

  9. Holy crap! Some of you people have a lot of Scorpio! Elsa, you definitely have increased my appreciation/understanding of Scorpios though I still don’t know much about them. I don’t know if I’ve dealt with that many of them. I was friends for a while with one Scorpio guy who really looked it. He was tall and lanky with a slouch, he looked like a hooked shadow with a hooked nose and pointy, thin face. Kind of like an Edward Gorey or Tim Burton character. He had this kind of depressive but analytical and self-critical vibe and was very good/gentle with me. Basically I walked all over him and didn’t get the subtleties he was probably sending out. Some of them have been pretty analytical. I realize how dumb it is to stereotype them. I do find that in some ways I inch away from them or hesitate to bother with them, but I’m not sure why. I’ll have to experience someone with a lot of Scorpio to answer this one.

  10. two polarities of scorpios – one dark and devolvoing into their pain and vulnerability – and without reservation or hesitation they will “play” with you and take you right down with them…..
    and then the other scorpio type is evolving up, thru, and out of their wounds and pain , and it seems that they also take those around them along on that journey of transformation….

    “shared emotions” is a plutonian theme – choose your scorpios carefully because you are probably going along for the ride …..

  11. In boyfriends no, but I have always had a very scorp girlfriend since I was 7 or 8 or so. If one left another would pop up.

  12. Of the traditional planets, I only have Neptune in Scorpio in my 6th. But you want fun? Also in Scorp/6th? Part of Fortune, Vertex, and the asteroids Pallas, Juno, and Lilith. (Ceres is also in my 6th, but not in Scorpio)

    I’m still figuring out what the asteroids might actually mean, but anyhow, it turns out that Scorpio is pretty packed in my chart.

  13. I tend to avoid scorps…I like sun sign scorps but those I know with merc or moon have been stinging….ouch.

    As a sad aside, my pisces gfrnd and hubby had a baby recently with the scorp stellium and is in nicu…still. We are all rooting for him….and taking care of his mom/dad until he can go home…what’s up with that??? I was worried when she told me her due date….


  14. Oh and nothing bad about scorps, just a feeling about this time is all. She has a 2yo scorp daughter that I absolutely think is amazing! just….dunno.

  15. I love posts about your sister, Elsa.Sag moons can’t like scorpio moons.. we want a sunny day, they want a storm and drama. doesn’t work.

    I know alot of scorpios, i like them a litle, they have good things, they can be great if they use their powers for good, if not… I keep away.

  16. I’m a little too close to this topic to comment now – tried to compose something yesterday and the computer ate it! When thinking of Scorpio I try to remember it’s a feminine sign so many of the ‘remote, intense, powerful, manipulative’ traits are akin to self-protective mechanisms. Like Cancerian crabs with stronger pride and stingers instead of pinchers.

    I couldn’t answer the poll – I find I like Scorp men, dislike Scorp women of the boomer gen, return to liking and admiring Scorp women of my gen (they’re tough, funny, reliable).

  17. I think I both fear and thrive on Scorpionic energy–I have very little Scorpio energy in my chart (I’m more Piscean), but my mother is a Sun, Mars, Mercury and I believe Saturn in Scorpio–not sure about aspects. She always struck me as very Scorpionic even with her moon and rising in Leo and such.

    She does in some ways remind me of my husband who is a Libra but has moon and mercury in Scorpio. I don’t mind the intensity because I know that he is a good person. We feel each other out a lot (we’re both water-sign moons). Sometimes it’s a bit intense, but never in a horrific or truly hurtful way. In fact, I feel that by being in a relationship we’ve created a synergy where we help each other grow by each other’s example. It isn’t always easy but nothing truly is, is it?

    I’m a Moon in Pisces. I am very sorry for the lass who was married to a man with Moon in Pisces who went the escapism route–because there are many benefits that Moon in Pisces can give, including great creativity and empathy. So it is a shame that he never used it in its intended positive way.

    I have gone the escapist route but I would never want to hurt anybody. If anything I’m more often trying too hard or feeling too much so it interferes with how I act out in the world. I also have Mars and South Node in Pisces. It’s good to balance such things with practicality and keeping your feet on the ground. I’ve found it helpful to watch earthy people and people with really unclouded judgement. It shows me where I can improve and gives me some unbiased looks at things.

    As Elsa and others have pointed out…it’s house you use the energy. Whether it’s Scorpio, Leo, Virgo, whatever.

    Peace out babies.

    Uncle Hannah

  18. hehee. Typo correction “How you use” not “house you use”.


    p.s. I love the slight kinkiness of Scorpio (yet deep at the same time–I don’t find it to be a sort of flat boring sexuality. It’s just innate)

  19. Viviana.. I’m a Cancer, Scorpio Moon and my bestfriend is a double Sag. Sun & Moon.. 😛 We get along great. She is a Scorpio Rising, I am a Leo Rising.. so that probably evens it out also.

    Btw, I don’t think Scorpio Moons *want* drama & storms. Atleast I don’t 😛 The other Scorpio Moons that I know are actually really happy, positive people..They’re really kind, helpful, and don’t like to cause trouble (unless someone deliberately tries to hurt them, then they do a complete 360 & turn into the devil hahaha) But it IS a tough sign for your Moon. It’s almost as if we attract bad/intense experiences… like we were meant to go through it. “everything happens for a reason.”

  20. Scorpio Moon, coupled with Pisces Sun and I was soooo good at hiding the worst about myself from myself! Took a Scorpio Sun roommate to WAKE me up. She changed my life. She showed me a clip of a video I was in where I made a seemingly innocent comment that was accompanied by a horrible facial expression betraying my true jealous feelings. That was all it took.

    PixieDust, I relate so much to what you said about understanding that people hurt somewhere and that they all truly want to connect and relate. I think my past experiences helped me understand that and as a result I am, I think, very gentle with others.

    That said, I do not think I can take a lot of Scorpio, nor can I take a lot of any one sign. This is perhaps reflected in the fact that my own chart is pretty balanced – I think I like well-rounded people.

  21. Interesting site. Ya, Mac from the Van. Geo. Strait has moon in Scorpio.I love what Don had to say – very astute! I have the stellium in T-square to the 6th. I been doing yoga and juicing and quit smoking, drinking, etc and my health is now so normal and I’m 62. I also realized the sacred space at 59. So this stellium feels kind of like the grand finale where I probably would have exp. serious health problems involving life or death but so far not. The new Moon is at the 29th degree Scorpio thou – whoo that’s the crisis/death degree. I wonder if the water crisis has something to do with all this. Sunday in Van. is supposed to be yet another storm. Mostly my friends are in crisis over housing a cancer issue?
    Cheers everyone.Cj

  22. Yo that’s probably not very clear. I mean I have a T-square to the 6th with the Scorpio Stellium in transit only though. I also have moon oppose pluto square venus natal. I believe Uranus is exalted in Scorpio but my astrology workshop says No. It’s on my asc.

  23. Had to pipe up because my sister has a stellium in Scorpio. I love her to bits. She’s sexy, funny, and owns her power — not much like me, a Taurus — but I think we sorta complete each other that way.

  24. Hey! I’m a tauras too. Tauras/Aquarius that is moon in Aquarius mid heaven. Guys love it when we curl up cozy in their lap. Cj

    1. my mother in law is a stellium in capricorn. Very driven and has a great social status, she accomplished alot in her time. Even after she retired, she still managed to do alot after, returning to her work to volunteer and help other teachers and students. she does have an aquarius moon/aquarius jupiter though so maybe the social network/connections with people are noted.

  25. Ha ha my sister did marry a scorpio moon too. (the libra sun/scorpio moon) i had always thought he was pisces moon but finally got his true birthday. the sister that married him is the aries sun/taurus moon with pisces stellium. Weirdly i agree with your sister, i dont mind scorpio moons, (as friendships or acquaintances); i dont meet them to be honestly, my sister does. Maybe it’s a strange energy thing. but i’d rather have just one or two planets in the sign like her and where i can see it. ^^ my mother has a stellium in scorpio, so wow, it is alot!! but now she’s more gentle due to her age; she has dementia now. But i sometimes see a bit of spark in her. Hopefully her light will still be around for a little longer ^^

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