Uranus Retrograde: August 24, 2022 – Turning Point

Uranus coinUranus will turn retrograde in Taurus at eighteen degrees on August 24th.  I expect this action to be particularly notable because the planet is the focal point of a T-square involving Venus and Saturn. Matter of fact the degree of the Uranus station is the midpoint between Venus and Saturn.  It feels like a set-up.

When Uranus ingressed into Taurus, I wrote about reversals of fortune to occur under this transit. While the transit is choppy and complicated, this looks like a prime time for something like this to occur.

So the energy over this next couple weeks is sort of quivering and you can feel it. Who out there is not waiting for at least one shoe to drop? But this pivot is just the beginning.

Planet slow down when they change directions.  Uranus is currently squaring Saturn which will change directions in October.  Due to this set-up, the two planets will maintain their tense relation into November. At that point the square will begin to wane.

This looks like a clear turning point to me.  As always, energy is neutral until directed.  Make something good come of this!

How do you feel about this particular Uranus retrograde period? What unexpected thing do you expect?

27 thoughts on “Uranus Retrograde: August 24, 2022 – Turning Point”

  1. I don’t have a clue how to feel about this! Transit Uranus has already opposed my natal Uranus and Mars and life is seriously up in the air, so I’m not really looking forward to it rolling back over them retrograde, and then again when it turns direct in Jan ’23. If I manage to catch my breath after that, it will oppose my Venus from July ’23. All I can think is ‘what goes up must come down!’

  2. Uranus moved into Taurus one day before my birthday in 2018. Currently it is in my 3rd Hs. drawing closer to my Sun at 24; my Mercury is in the 3rd too.

    What has changed? My daily routine for a start.l am in bed early and am up early too, these days.

    Issues with bad neighbour: I shut the door. Also a couple of Old friends are no longer friends– but that is more trs. Pluto finishing up in the 11th, l think..?

    l travelled to the country recently. I grew up on a dairy farm. There was a lot of nostalgia and lots of talking to old farmers!!

    The little local town has had ‘new’ people, like my friends, move in; there are unexpected shops, including a bookstore.

    I might move down that way too– even thinking of that possibility is unexpected.

    Maybe a foot here and there would be better. Gemini on the I.C.

      1. Yes, Char555, I am watching that Mars and l am thinking of directing energy into reno’s. So many things need doing. Heating/ cooling needs replacing for a start…just want to wait a bit. Watching Mars in Gemini coming up to square natal Pluto in Virgo con. dsc. from the 6th…off to the podiatrist–a good expression of that energy (l hope) l have a weird toe affecting walking.

  3. With Uranus in Taurus my life has been one bad lesson. Reversal in fortune on so many levels. 4 more years of this horrible transit. I’ve lost so much. I was scammed and lost all my inheritance that was my life savings. And much more.

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      So sorry Racheal! I lost my 401K and pension struggling to survive unemployment. Had to start all over again in my both my work life and finances. I’m looking forward to Uranus taking it’s mitts off Taurus myself. Financial stability is not something you want flip flopping like Uranus tends to do.

  4. The reversal of fortunes was so incredibly spot on – I have seen this not only in my life, but also those close to me. Suddenly my best friend who started his company at 20 and who me and other friends have loaned so much rent money through the years, is now a multimillionaire ♥️ And I personally am debt free after over a decade of living close to the poverty line, and I’ve advanced so quickly in my career that I today make alot of money in positions I never thought I’d reach.

    And it really is a complete reversal – we’re talking rags to riches kind of transformations and my two examples are just the ones at the top of my head. A lot of people who have been down on their luck have it much better now than, say, when uranus was in aries.

  5. It appears to be affecting my Taurus grandson and Taurus asc , aqua sun son the most. Which in turn affects me. This scorpio is trying to remain calm about things I have no control over.

  6. its stationing (along with the north node ) right on my DC – yikes – and Venus will be conjunct my Saturn…

  7. So my Chiron is at 15 degrees Taurus, right in the middle of all these complexes. I have been going through a crazy break up that is magnified by discovering my childhood trauma from being raised in an alcoholic family, of which I was in full denial until earlier this year when my Dad died and floodgates opened. I’ve just kind of agreed to try trauma informed couples counseling. So I guess we will see if anything turns around in the next few months but 🤞🤞Until recently, I never related much to natal Chiron but now it seems really clear what it is telling me as a placement. I realize though that although Pluto has been in my first house for like ages and it hasn’t been easy, the issues of self-worth that 5th house Taurus Chiron suggest are likely to be involved with a pluto 2nd house transit which is basically what I have the next decade to look forward to. 😐 Yay me.

    For now though this crazy Chiron/Uranus/etc situation is hurting like crazy and I feel like all my emotions are pressurized and ready to blow my head off.

  8. Anticipation may explain the weirdness !
    I’m trying to train my brain to fill in the blanks ,how I really feel inside 🙂 so to ignore the outside .it is like background noise
    Or more so a dulling of fingernails on the chalkboard feel.

  9. Uranus is enlightening. Mercury will go direct opposed Neptune 10/2 with a loose trine to Uranus. I see this as fog lifting energy.

    Bitcoin. The tech is BS and prone to disappearing. It’s looking more and more like a Ponzi Scheme. With Once Uranus and Neptune start traveling together in 2024 to 2025 electronic machinations and water misuse will be banished. Along with Bitcoin this can also apply to the data brokers and unsocial media.

    The stock market is disconnected from the economy and has been for some time. Which given WW3 is not a bad thing. So long as the Mutual/Pension Fund Managers pulled out of offshore investment. Apple just moved their production to Vietnam and I hope that’s a wise choice and not too late. A Native America Reservation or Central American country probably would have been safer and better choice – global warming wise. There’s so much denial among business leaders and politicians about what’s really going on. Microsoft’s latest credential compromise (Github) is not an accident. Yet POTUS just gave semiconductor manufacturers $52.7 Billion (chip act) of our tax dollars the other day and the leading big tech chip maker intel is building a new chip factory in Arizona. A state that has been ordered to cut 30% of their water use immediately. And more to come when we are forced to remove the Glen Canyon dam and perhaps Hoover too in 2024-2025 in order to save the Colorado River. Chip factories use an incredible amount of water. Building a “Fab” in Arizona was not only stupid on Intel’s part, but the Government now paying for it just shows that the people in charge of our money and our welfare are not capable of making decisions that ensure our safety or further our nation’s economic best interest. Chip Factories belong near the Great Lakes or somewhere not threatened by drought.

    The Federal Gov has never been good at performing risk assessments before implementing new bills or mandates. This is why career politicians are extremely negligent and disconnected from reality. They have no practical business experience. Our government doesn’t represent what Americans want or need anymore. We deserve better.

    Some in the astrological community believe there will be a reset. There never has been. And the 1% always seem to survive financial crisis – which is why we have the term “Old Money”. But I don’t see a crisis as coming as much as we are already in crisis and housing/food/medicine needs to come down. Anyone with even a minor health crisis goes broke from it. My rent is over 2x the cost 20 years ago. But 20 years ago I was making more salary than I am today and my food and insurance costs were 50% less than they are today. Mars in Gemini will ensure lots of information is released and discussion takes place. Thank goodness.

    1. “Mars in Gemini will ensure lots of information is released and discussion takes place. Thank goodness.”

      This has occurred to me as well. I hope you’re right! 🙂
      Mars = courage to speak = Gemini.

  10. Don’t know if this has anything to do with the Uranus in second house, but I told my 41 year old daughter, that I had never heard of children of a single mother not seeing the value of getting ahead, and failing to attend to their education and running around until all their peers were getting ahead, and then expecting their mother to provide an inheritance!
    Their ‘poor’ father is given a pass! Maybe the shoe dropped for her!

      1. Thanks Elsa, unfortunately I take comfort in knowing others experience this. What brought it to my attention was reading about the Moon/Pluto transits, and I recalled how Pluto through Scorpio (and eigth house) squared my Sun, then Venus, then Moon, and what truly devastating time it was, the worst and most lasting consequence being the loss of my maternal power to others who had only their own interests in mind. Will be conjunct my Sun when he goes into Aqua…….may have to get a consult!

  11. Uranus is stationing right on my South Node in the 4th right on my IC…. I just sold my house and moved to the country, my intuition told me to DO IT, we doubled our money after 5 years in previous house, we had to pay more for new house, but at least it cut into the cap gains taxes. Having a nodal opp 4th/10th ???? I am just thankful PL is out of my 12th house! Coming soon PL will opp my PL in the 8th house then 3 degrees later will opp my venus,Ur and Mars stellium in the 7th…. I am hoping it isn’t all scorched earth! Fingers crossed.

  12. I don’t know what’s going to happen. I am having a Uranus return on my sun @ 16 Taurus. It’s in my 5th house so maybe I’ll get more creative. I’m learning how to use a digital art program on my ipad. I’ve been writing blogs. My husband and I are the same age and we have Pluto Op Pluto. We just celebrated our 64th wedding anniversary yesterday (22). Thinking about selling our little house and moving into a maintenance free apartment and using the sale of the house to pay the rent. Who at 86 needs to save for capital? I’m not afraid to pass on so if that happens I’ll get to explore there too. Hopefully it’s an interesting time, and not too scary.

  13. I’m afraid of ‘the other shoe’ – – – When Uranus exactly opposed my Libra Sunin7thHouse, a Maggot gunned to replace me in my 21 yr marriage & my Husband took the bait, my father suddenly died, and 10 days later, my husband literally announced this in the car on way to bury my Dad’s ashes. I stayed in our home about 12 days more but almost went insane with trauma shock bereavement as we had moved to this new state, far from where we had lived for 35 yrs. My mom was already insitutionalized for Alzheimers for the 6 months leading up to all of this, I had ZERO other family in my life, nor longterm friends (again, alone in a new state). So I left to be closer to my father’s empty house, in order to liquidate everything (I am only child/sole inheritor/executor of will) & try to Survive each day, knowing my husband was playing his ‘summer camp break from his marital vows’ that he had wanted. Of course, after 6 wks, the Maggot dumped him, & he ‘came back’. I have never had the self-worth to file for divorce, I was/am chronically ill & had had to quit my professional performing arts career (yes, I actually was a pro performing artist since I was 19 yrs old) about a decade ago. I couldn’t retrain into anything else & had become a housewife for him. It was fine, aging isn’t kind in the performing arts anyway. Neither of us had ever wanted kids so we don’t have those.
    However, I’m still waiting for the lifelong fallout of this mess: will a devil-spawn show up, demanding back support and/or any $ when my husband dies? (we live in a place where ANY biological child – adult or not – is entitled first, to $, before any legal spouse. The whole thing has UPended my entire world, totally shattered everything I treasured. Including self-esteem & self-worth, as it is very unpopular in this fast-tech-eat-pray-love world to put this sort of thing as one’s primary ‘values’. It’s considered pathetic & not being a feminist. I’m getting it from all sides: my far-away-in-other-cities friends, tired of my emails full of pain & confusion, aren’t even much in touch anymore… I’m still in shock at what Uranus can do, so I’m dreading any thing more. I’m transformed, life is transformed, in every way — that wasn’t ‘good’. Nope. Not at all.
    Oh & here’s some tidbits: The Maggot was a Taurus. My husband is 2 degrees rising Scorpio. My sun is 2 lbra 7th house. My natal Uranus is 8 Scorpio = 8th house, exactly opposite all this Uranus Taurus 2nd house hell. The dates, the events, the degrees, as they all happened? Using an ephemeris, looking back at this = it is BEYOND SHOCKING how exact it all was.
    Needless to say, I’m just a tired little heap & just trying to survive each day, with the ‘I’m not insane anymore, I’m not midlife crisis anymore, I’ll never do that again’ husband. Um… ya, that’s correct: My father won’t ever come back to life for you to have a Re-Do at being a Class Act. We will never be part of a family again (I’m NEVER going back to extended inlaws state visit & I’ve said:”you cant either if you are here in this marriage”. I won’t even call them if/when he dies. COVID was helpful in this regard, had an excuse for 2+ yrs to not visit. Not that they cared, they never contacted me again – – after I called them in distress, 3 weeks after this whole thing, after Dad’s death date, looking for help and support. 22 years together, 21 years legally married = they were my family, or so I thought. Nope. They put me out like garbage on the curb.
    I just hope against hope, that this “uranus reversal” would include winning the multi-million dollar lottery jackpot vs. more hell on earth. I feel I’d have more options, in this premise. I dream of it. I’m too fragile, alone, PTSD over all this, physically ill, to even consider the life without at least husband being present/income/home/watching movies together/having dinner each night…. I’m just not what I used to be now & it’s menopause hell on top of it. Maggot was 11 years younger than me & light and bouncy & a new age spirituality fake (yoga instructor!!) = someone is NOT spiritual by going after another woman’s husband, with the goal of replacing her, destroying lives, all for a new midlife crisis guy to bankroll her latest yoga studio. She was a criminal, in fact, had had a kid in her midtwenties with the first bankrolling-her-fake-business, and she lost custody & actually had landed herself in a mental hospital, had a warrant issued for her arrest, (kid custody kidnap), the works. She’s insane & now has all our emails/cell#’s/ for all I know she placed bugs in our previous home, (we now live another state again), and banking info, and I can’t even use social media for any sort of my previous arts career bc she threatened to my husband to make my life hell online. (harass me, humiliate me – she has tons of photos etc of her and my husband). It’s a living nightmare.
    Again, this is long, but to say: In hindsight, even though I don’t take astrology that seriously – it was just a reading hobby – I would say: Never EVER Underestimate a Uranus transit. Be careful & GOod luck out there.
    Thanks for listening.

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