Mercury Square Neptune: Modern Day Code Talking

ww2 navajo code talkersMercury in Gemini is squaring Neptune at the moment. This aspect indicates miscommunication, misunderstandings, confused speech and various other sundries.  The moon is in Virgo at the moment. I was covering this in tomorrow’s newsletter and decided to elaborate.

Covert or secret (Neptune) communications (Mercury) are prevalent at this time. Fake secret communications are also prevalent. The endless (Neptune) reasons for this.

One of the reasons is censorship. You can’t mention certain things or use certain words or phrases or express certain views without risking reprisal.  The retaliation can be severe. However, people still want to communicate so they’ve found ways around the various gatekeepers.

These methods must constantly evolve as the algorithms constantly evolve.  As a result, language from ten years ago barely exists today.

I have decided to keep up.  If “rek” is “wreck”, then okay.
I can read emoji now.
I am informed by memes and codes, colors and symbols.
Sometimes all you have is an image. Figure it out!

I guess you can get by, ignoring these changes but if communication is important to you, you’ll soon find yourself in a room, alone.

This is akin to “emotional intelligence” in it’s own realm. It’s come to a point, if you can’t read between lines then you can’t read.

Those are WW2 Navajo code talkers pictured, showing you the way.

8 thoughts on “Mercury Square Neptune: Modern Day Code Talking”

  1. Bolsonaro is writting a decree that forbides social midia off erasing publications, and suspend the users of their plataforms. So, probably fake news will increase in Brazil.

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    James Slattery

    A very interesting perspective on this aspect which can be hard to define. I may be a Pisces rising but Neptune is frustrating sometimes in square or opposition transits!

  3. I was looking for garage sales the other day, driving around the neighborhood. Instead of signs that said garage sale there were just signs with arrows pointing to go this way or that way. I guess your just supposed to know it’s a garage sale. I followed them and that’s what they were, but that’s so lazy.

    1. People are the worst at garage sale signs. Tiny lettering, discordant colors, completely wrong directions etc.

  4. Communication has been work lately. I am enjoying not communicating somewhat. Just sensing. The mind seems to want to name things, make judgements, this as opposed to that. Not very interesting to me right now. Spring is in the air and all around. My senses are overwhelmed. Sometimes there are no words for awe. Who would get it or even care?

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