Pluto Transit 12th House – Mine: Hidden Destruction

A few days ago there were fresh comments on a post I wrote in April,

Deep In The Grim.I was surprised, I’ve not found a word to say since. I thought I should probably address this. If you check the tag on this topic, I committed to chronicling this transit so there would be something people could access when they found themselves facing this transit. I think I better make a list…What was grim, still is.

  1. It’s grim enough, I welcomed the devastating hack attack on my website as it provided a distraction.
  2. Some people know what is going on, some don’t know, some may know, some refuse to know, some can’t know, some will know and some will never know. I don’t know necessarily know who is who.
  3. It’s like a some kind of gopher underground. It’s moving around, disturbing the peace, but I don’t know who, when, where or what.
  4. I don’t want to know all the #4 stuff
  5. Legions of things no longer matter to me one whit.
  6. Things are going to get much worse, no matter what I do.

Now the upside…

I am deeply stirred and deeply faithful and becoming wiser, nearly by the day.
I accept everything. I’m not acting like a baby and for this, I’m grateful.  In fact, I’m relieved.

At this point in my life, I should be able to handle things. I’m handling them, no matter how gut-wrenching. I think this makes me a success in life, in general. Regardless of what you think of this, it matters to me. I mean, I’d rather not have a hard test, but if I’m given one, I will try to pass it, simply because I don’t like to fail.

24 thoughts on “Pluto Transit 12th House – Mine: Hidden Destruction”

  1. You have weathered the storm with poise and response-ability.


    You got rocked by a Category 6 hurricane.

    You are still standing tall.

    You are Stellar.

  2. It’s nerve-wracking (the hack attack)) to not know who/what is doing all this and for what reason, but I suppose that is exactly what “they” are aiming for. It’s so easy to try to destroy things without ever showing their face.
    Good thing that you are solid, courageous, have faith, intelligence, experience and many other strengths.
    Maybe, as you say, that this type of thing will get worse. I hope not, but perhaps in the process you will get even more resistant.
    All this is such a waste of good energy. It’s evil, it really is.

  3. Thanks, chad and Satsun. Yeah, it was ugly but I’m telling you this awesome thing, there I was fighting for my life / livelihood. Do you know that 60% of businesses that are hacked, go out of business within a year? And in the middle if it, I felt gratitude because it’s a better problem to have than my main problem. This might be because at least I had a chance to prevail.

    I’ll tell you what I’ve told a number of people, privately. I’m glad it happened. I learned so, so much. And there were weird benefits,. you would never dream of like an increased connection with my son.

    He plays these video games. He’s also been involved in cyber defense in high school. He’s studying computer engineering…and he LOVES COLLEGE.

    I explained to him, at one point I was online with the hacker…they were kicking me offline, uninstalling plugins, I was getting back on and installing them…this was in real time, people. Like a fucking duel. Like those battles my son has.

    “Now imagine you’re in one of those battles,” I told him. “In your game. Except it you lose the fight, you lose COLLEGE.”

    He was stunned.

    I told other people the same thing but made college their 401K. How’s that for getting your blood pumping? For totally distracting you from the worst thing you’ve ever faced in your life? Effective?

    But there is more…

    “So imagine this,” I told my son. “You and your friends are battling in your game as you have for a decade; you’re all good at it.”

    “Yeah,” he said. This is his language.

    “And then some granny stumbles in, like she’s got some kind of weapon and idea where she’s at.”

    He roared.

    “Yeah, that’s me. You know it is. So here comes this stupid granny, she could not possibly being any stupider and somehow she wins the game.”

    He made some kind of noise (on the phone) to let me know he was with me.

    “You know what that tells me?” I asked.


    “It tells me I had help. Like Saint Michael did it because everyone in the world knows I don’t have the skills to do what I just did.”

    I told him I wanted him to know these was help like this out there…obviously.

    1. THIS is why I love you- best response ever!!!!
      you are the best ,seriously- and nothing wrong with a challenge (fight) that forces you to be a hero ( says my Aries )
      wish I could help you with the other thing
      ..much love and jupiter 🙂

    2. Very interesting! Michael does ‘rule’ computers, electronics and the like. Comes under the domain of fire. The duel in real time sounded amazing, if amazing could describe what you were pitted against. And you prevailed!

      1. I had help, that’s all I can tell you. Like I had some clever idea out of the blue sky. Like an impulse. I thought it was important so I did the thing. Within five minutes, that was trick made the difference. Seeing as I have no tricks of this type, where did the idea come from.

        I don’t think the person online with me knows how I did it. It was inventive and I have ZERO skills at this. Like I am a bumbling idiot which benefited me in this case. I was so outmatched, no need for them to be concerned. But this idea allowed me to get on top and I realized very quickly, once that happened, I would prevail, eventually. Because of faith, see. Because I knew I was not fighting alone. I do not have clever trick-a-hacker ideas. From where would I get one of those?

        Anyway, it was a beast. Like 16 hours a day, sitting in the chair. That alone was devastating. Arthritis people can’t sit all day. Freaking painful. But I was very clear about what the final outcome would be and here we are. 🙂

        1. Elsa, I am so glad you prevailed. The hack sounds horrifying. I hear you on that “clever idea out of the blue sky”. I prayed to Saint Anthony aloud when I came back from Cuba and plugged in my thumb drive, only to see it had been hacked of 10+ years of photos. (Natal Pluto in 12th here.) The retrieval brought a wave of relief. I hope you are able alleviated from Pluto’s trials soon!

    3. Nice example of collateral results. Spider senses activated in real life! That you could relate and draw your son into ‘your web’ is awesome. I relate to that, I’ve got one of them (a son) and he’ll turn 45 in a couple days. Pluto’s on my ASC right now so I relate to your story living mine out at the same time. “I don’t have the skills to do what I just did” … happened to me too. The Spider senses in Spider Season, and an old spider has so many tricks I mean to tell you. Oh, you already know:)!

  4. I don’t think my Pluto in the 12th transit was as dire as yours, but it really felt like all the shadow I kept hidden and private when Pluto transited my 12th was allowed to be in the light when it crossed my Ascendant. Like the hydra being exposed. It really was a relief. I felt I no longer had some dark secret to keep hidden, not that I went out and told everybody. I just stopped caring about it, when it was such a big deal to me before. “I also understand that doing as many good things as I can and being as good as I can, helps in a number of ways that real and tangible.” from your Deep in the Grim post is really the only method that has helped me in any kind of dire circumstance. It felt like I was dropped into a pot of manure, but I did learn a lot of things. It was confusing, but the confusion lifted towards the end of the transit. I’m glad that you have the wisdom, faith, and experience to navigate this transit, and I believe you certainly have ethereal help.

      1. I see. I’ve experienced Saturn-Pluto energy as really harsh. It’s like I was fully conscious while bad things happened. I think one of the good things about the Pluto transit in the 12th was that the 12th house obscured some of the unpleasantness for the better, but I remember describing the transit as hell. Just wasn’t hell all the time. There was hope and hell.

  5. I know things sound different when we read about them and empathise but experiencing it / them is something else. I remember how I used to think how awful it was for those people who were suffering from cancer but this was nothing compared to experiencing my son going through it. SOMETHING ELSE COMPLETELY!!! So Elsa I can’t Begin to imagine all that you’re going through, but I truly thank you for sharing so much of you with us, it prepares us in no small way for when the **** hits our own personal fan.

    1. Yes…you were another thing that happened. I was getting the order emails, normally, and filling the orders. Had you not sent that screenshot, the money people were paying me might still be going elsewhere, this whole time! Instead, they got away with that for 36 hours. Most (but not all) people who paid the hacker, sent me the money once they got it back. This was another good thing.

      Because while I am offline, there was no income, but lots being spent on people helping me get the site back online and repair it. It’s amazing how fast you do down with no income and WAY increased outgo.

      I had a client who had to evacuate for the hurricane. He did not know if he would have an office left post the storm. He spent 5K to get the key people out with their families and put them up so they could maintain the business. Unexpected, see?

      That’s another thing I learned from this. You can lose something, or everything so fast…so easy. It’s like a blink.

  6. At the same time, Pluto was transiting my 8th House. Several people and important things have died….But rebirth has come in some cases…

  7. I am monitoring your posts on Pluto in the 12th house closely since I am closer to having that transit. I guess after January of 2018, it will be at my 19* door of my 12th house. Right now, it feels like a shadow is looming over my life and the suspense of waiting is awful! Part of me wonders what will happen and wish Pluto would hurry up, but he won’t be rushed. Suspense keeps building.

  8. I am monitoring too as Pluto is currently in my 12H (until April 2024). I think often of your description Elsa of swimming underwater. That’s how it feels. The hacking story reminds me of all the times in my life when I’ve definitely felt I had help when I needed it. Somehow knowing something, or making an action which almost bypasses the brain – but it’s the correct one. Your bravery prevailed!

  9. Someone I trust just told me I was in for a very hard row for a number of years.

    I know this. It helps to have another person know this. Slowly, people are becoming aware of my situation.

    Someday, everyone will know, I guess. They’re all kind of stunned, no one more than me, though.

  10. There is no failure…. only experiences we as a soul grow by! And as we learn and grow, even slowly, we always WIN!!! :)))

    Best wishes – Shane

  11. I was born with Pluto in the 12th house conjunct asc.
    Lots of Plutonian energy and experiences.
    My motto has been ” Keep Calm and Carry On “.

  12. Pluto has been in my 12th house for the past 10 years. I hadn’t paid much attention to it in the past when checking my transits, but I had noticed it slowly nearing my ascendant.
    Pluto entered my 12th house when I was just 8 years old, so a big part of my childhood and teen years has been affected by it and it explains so much.

    It will move into my ascendant in December and I’m very excited! I’m looking forward to all the new growth and transformation that has to come from this transit. I have yet to properly research what my chart will look like with Pluto in the 1st house, but I am so so excited for it. It will stay there for the next 35 years (using placidus) and I want to get comfortable with.

    I have gone through some of your posts in the Pluto-transit-12th tag to learn about what I may have been going through for the past 10 years. Thank you for all of it, it has helped me understand.
    I’m curious to know how Pluto will move houses in your chart and all the experiences that will come with it in 2020.

  13. Now i have Pluto 3 degree to my 12th Capricorn House. I really need help! My natal Pluto is retrograde in the 8th House. Natal Saturn regent of Capricorn in the 3rd natal house. And in my Solar Return of this year i have Pluto in the 11th House to 0.36 degree to my 12th. Radix House. I feel Like i will lose all in my life. Please help Me! Psichologically i feel bad. Thank you!

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