Little Things In Your Natal Chart Mean A Lot!

People tend to look for horror in their chart. That’s fine but don’t forget to note the little things or you’ll drop the plot.

For example, I have Venus (love and money) sextile Mars in my chart. No biggie, right? Wrong.  This aspect provides satisfaction in relationships.

I am not a hungry dog. I am a fed dog.

I am satisfied with money (Venus) too. This is true even when I don’t have any!
If I have a lot of money? Satisfied.
If I have a little money? Satisfied.
If I have no money at all, guess what? I’m still satisfied.

Compare this to someone with Venus in hard aspect to Mars. They are not blessed (and cursed… I’ll get to that) with these type feelings about things. If only their husband was blah, blah, blah. If only their wife did not have that cellulite on her thighs…

Something like this has tremendous impact on your life. It can also help you understand others.

Q: Why is Elsa satisfied?
A: She was born that way

Find a trine or sextile aspect in your chart and tell us about it.

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55 thoughts on “Little Things In Your Natal Chart Mean A Lot!”

  1. I have placements in the early degrees of feminine signs, so there are trines a sextiles there. Sun trine Moon and Ascendant, sextile Mars. Mars also forms a grand water trine with Saturn and Jupiter. I think that’s it.

  2. ‘People look for horror in their chart’. Why is this so accurate. Mercury trine asc- rarely left without words, loves to learn. Moon trine mercury- feelings and the verbal expression of feelings are in sync. Moon trine venus- kids smile at me and pets always confuse me for their mom. Mercury trine uranus- can grasp some complex things and explain it in easier terms. I don’t get easily shocked. Mercury trine neptune- can easily decipher dreams and understand people’s current intentions without verbal utterances. Venus trine uranus- I like my space in any relationship and I like to be friendly just because. Little quirks are loveable. Venus trine neptune- I appreciate any artistic outlet that moves me. Can’t envision a world without music. Can get emotional inside. Moon sextile pluto. Transformative feelings. I like to get at the bottom of things. Clearing the air.

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