Metrosexuals – What Is Attractive vs What Will Be Attractive

Last week, I was talking to the soldier about the man – poll. Astrology and Attraction: Men, Women, Sexuality, Mars And Raw Male Energy In Nature
He represents a Mars (raw male energy) archetype.

“I was right. Women really don’t want a man… the kind of man you are. I took a poll on my blog. I was surprised because I was even more right than I expected. Only 17% checked they wanted as much man as they could get. No doubt some of the people who clicked that were gay men. You’re not so in demand, I’m sorry to say. Although a good number checked they wanted fairly high testosterone, the most popular sought after man is a balance of yin and yang.”

“Dang! Well I’m sorry to hear but it sure explains a lot.”


“Yeah, they don’t want a man until the wolf is at the door and when that happens there won’t be enough of us to go around.”

“Hmm. I hadn’t thought of that, but it sounds right.”

A few days later…

“I’m jealous, P. I am jealous as shit of you,” he said.

“Why? Tell me why that is.”

“Because you’re a hot commodity.”

I laughed.

“And I’m a cold commodity.”

“Oh, okay. Yeah well that’s true. That’s the trend at the moment but you know how that goes. Everyone is naked and then everyone is covered. Hemlines up and down. I think you’ll be back in style in your lifetime, we’ll see. And then what am I going to do? Be pissed, I guess. Be pissed and ready to do something maniacal. Scream my head off and cause a problem, I guess. Swear a lot, my usual MO.”

He laughed.

Do you think metrosexuality is on the upswing and/or here to stay?

18 thoughts on “Metrosexuals – What Is Attractive vs What Will Be Attractive”

  1. I think women still want a real man in the end – somemone they can respect, admire and look up to. They want someone with personal presence that says “I’m a man”, but not the typical “macho man” of the past. If you put two whole people together who love and respect each other you can each feel so expanded it’s unreal, but you have to be whole people – not needy people who want someone to complete them. I think sometimes after a bad relationship we think we want someone who will do whateve we want, but when the dust settles, I think women don’t want wimps. We want men.

    That is, of course, in my humble opinion.

  2. I agree. Metrosexuals are kind of creepy and I think actually portray the opposite of what they think they are portraying.. they are too girly in their display of masculinity. Besides 95% are gay anyway.

  3. I checked that I wanted as much man as possible…I’ve always said that I want a sophisticated caveman πŸ˜‰ But that may be my Aries talking…haha! In reality, my man has more yin and I have more yang…so, we balance each other out, in a way…

    As for metrosexuals, I think the extreme of that trend is fading away. I think the men who really care about their appearance will continue to make themselves look as good as they can. Afterall, it was men who originally wore the high heels and had the hair pomade, etc., etc. My Venus in Taurus definitely appreciates all the beautiful men out there. πŸ˜€

  4. I want a man not an as*****! I hope, feverently, that the metrosexual bit is going going gone. I don’t want to go back to men don’t help with the housework kind of stuff. I do like guys that shower and brush their teeth etc. But really, I guess there are a lot of more important things out there than looks and I’m hoping that quality will come back into style!!

  5. As a gay man I find it funny to hear woman express the same views I hear from gay men about other gay men… although it makes me a little sad at the same time because it reminds me that a lot of women struggle in appreciating their femininity as much as gay men do.

    Mark me down as one of those who wants a partner with some balance — archetypes are attractive on the surface, but they have no depth. I’m a gay man who enjoys watching college football as much as I enjoy a night at the theatre. I can’t imagine having to choose one or the other.

  6. Hopefully metrosexual is fading fast. I voted for as much man as possible – which does not mean an idiot redneck who doesn’t brush their teeth or help with housework.

    I think with the feminist movement, we have both lost our some of our natural ways. I think this in terms of a sexual/relationship way (not career). Too many women are doing the pursuing, too many men are doing the receiving. Yuck (for me). It’s all out of whack.

    To attract a real man, one must be a real woman…and I don’t mean that in a regressive way at all. I’m attracted to a man because he’s a masculine, not because he’s feminine. Gawd, I’m getting turned on thinking about it. πŸ™‚

    But, then again everyone is different.

  7. Although I’ll admit to grooming my SO’s eyebrows, and um, we’ve had pedicures together…I look to my Dad as my model of male grooming: showers, soap, a clean shave, and nivea. He always looks and smelled good, and you don’t need products for that.

  8. Trends change from year to year, but I hope aspects of metrosexuality are here to stay. I adore groomed men. Men who care about their skin and hair and clothes. Men who invest a while into thinking about their appearance and their outfit, men who exfoliate, and treat themselves to massages and manicures. If my husband told me he wanted to get a facial I would be shouting ‘glory halleluiah’ and pushing him out of the door. On the right man, I also think makeup looks hot (Johnny Depp as the heavily kohl’d Captain Sparrow for instance).

    My husband was the ultimately macho man when we first met, and it took a lot of polishing and pleading and crying at tracksuits and presenting him with new clothes before he became the handsome creature he is today, but happily he has absorbed the changes.

  9. But I feel the soldier IS a balance of yin and yang. How can someone with that much intuition, spiritual perception and such a strong urge to protect others be seen as wholly masculine? I see these as feminine traits.
    The metrosexual to me is as much about natural male preening in order to attract female attention as anything else.
    Men in general haven’t become feminised at all, they’re just as predatory as they always were, they’ve just become more subtle about it to fit in with the growing female empowerment in our society. It’s called upping your game!

  10. fey writes:

    “But I feel the soldier IS a balance of yin and yang. How can someone with that much intuition, spiritual perception and such a strong urge to protect others be seen as wholly masculine? I see these as feminine traits.”

    I agree with you. What he does not do is shop Hallmark, remove hair or bake. πŸ˜‰

  11. I think I chose a balance of yin and yang at the poll, but I meant the same as most of the people here. I like man with hair on their chest, and that are strong and masculine. By 100% masculine I imagine a cave man. An instinctive animal, and there are lots of those out there. I think the soldier is very yin, as fey said. I would add he comunicates very well, which is something a normal male doesn’t do well.

  12. I like a well-kept man, even if he’s a bit rugged, as long as he’s clean, well-mannered and a good, solid person. What I don’t like is a man who spends more time getting ready than I do, who looks in the mirror more than I do, and somehow that all translates into an inability to do manual labor because it might ruin his mani-pedi. *gag*

    I do like an aggressive man, someone willing to alternately fight with me and toss me over his shoulder. πŸ˜‰

  13. I can’t stand the metrosexual thing. It’s one thing for a man to shave off his stubble regularly, keep his body clean, and wear clothes that match. It’s another altogether for him to go as far as metrosexuals go. It’s just not attractive! It’s very frou-frou and girly-man! Blech! My guy has Libra rising, and takes care with his appearance… But only to a normal guy level. It’s nice – I’m not embarrassed to be seen with him and he still looks and acts like a MAN.

  14. The whole metro-sexual concept is not one that appeals to me at all. Clean, thoughtful & willing to treat me as an equal partner, i.e., I’ll help w/the outside chores & he helps w/the inside chores. Libra/Scorpio . . .

    My niece is married to a true metro-sexual . . . and even though I really like the guy, he takes the appearance thing waaaay to far for my tastes. I mean, color your scalp so the balding area doesn’t shine?! πŸ˜€

  15. I hate metrosexuals! Okay, I don’t hate them, I just really, really despise this whole “look” that goes on.

    I like scruffy smart men. I think what I am most attracted to is security: security in oneself. Also, I do rather like the idea of being protected.

  16. ying yang, but he has to be prettier than me and i prefer no make up since i’m into the natural look myself πŸ™‚

  17. I think metrosexuality is still around but nowadays a lot of young men are sporting man buns and full beards or stubble, so…maybe it’s swinging the other way now?

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