Interpretation Of North Node in Taurus Or the Second House

In past lives, you exchanged energy. Energy is one of the main key words of the sign, Scorpio. It’s all about their aura and energy. Scorpio types can make dozens of people feel them in the same room with their presence. What a great currency to have? Unfortunately, on the flip side, Scorpio South Nodes’ auras are so strong; it can scare people away, or make enemies. South Node in Scorpios can also have a tendency to self-destruct if they don’t know how to manage their intensity.

In past lives, some sources of energy of yours were resources. But some of your energy and resources were borrowed from someone else, or from ‘the powers that be.’ Scorpio and the 8th house can represent Scorpio’s ability to maintain what’s given to them, whether it is oil, money, real estate, or your own darkest secrets. What a Scorpio, and an eighth house, word? No one knows how to manage, or maneuver resources, better than a Scorpio. This would explain why a lot of people fear those loner Scorpios.

Earlier in your life, you might have had a thirst for control, or power. We must be aware that power isn’t just superhero forces, such as being as strong as Super-Man, stretching your body many miles (elongating it) without breaking a bone, mind control, flying, invisibility, or even shape-shifting. It’s about control. And you had, and probably still have, the sharp, rock steady, control, that is needed to obtain, and maintain power.

But then one day, you may come to a point where you may tire of searching outside of yourself for energy, resources, or power. These were all sources from outside you. All of these ‘precious metals’ were from obtainment, rather than from within. You may feel tired of journeying all around the world, or even your environment, to search for a true feeling of self-esteem, currency, empowerment, and self-value. All these things, in your past, came from without yourself, and thus if they were taken away, could give you a sense of dis-empowerment.

Exchanging resources, feeling other people’s energies, and passing on your genetic inheritance, worked for a while. You may have felt a need to have children, and your seed’s job was to pass on your genes. Or, you may have had a monetary inheritance you wanted, and/or needed, to pass onto your children, or grandchildren. All that was great and you helped future generations, and the collective, by passing on your talents and inheritance (s). But now you feel a need to carve a deeper foundation within yourself.

You have mastered the talent of obtaining value, power, and resources, from outside of yourself, and now, you feel the need to realize the power from within yourself, that you need to sharpen, and nourish. This value that you sought from other places worked for a long while. But now you will find that you are more valuable than you have been led to know.

Earlier in your life, you may have been devalued, in a way. You may have been bullied, mocked, or neglected. You will be tempted to go to your vengeful South Node in Scorpio, but your Taurus North Node will prod you towards rebuilding your self-esteem, rather than seeking payback from your enemies. Mars ruled Scorpio has an angry streak too. Avoid that if you can. Try to seek calm, peace, and self-value, in healthier ways. You may seek to get rich, buy a bigger house, to compete with your detractors and peers. Seeking currency, value, and goodies, from other people will only leave you feeling inadequate. Value and self-esteem cannot be compared to others. Comparing yourself to others can become an endless wheel of asking, ‘Am I good enough now?’

Your confidence, self-value, and ‘currency’, will be better off coming from yourself, and your own hard work, rather than from someone else’s hard work. Someone else’s value cannot replace yours. You are you, and other people can’t compare. This is precisely where your state of mind needs to be. There is a need to realize that although someone may be a faster runner than you, they can’t fix a car the way you do. You need to realize that everyone has value, especially yourself. Even if someone was multi-talented, it doesn’t take away the fact that you are a useful, valuable, human being. You are useful to somebody, a place, or a movement.

Work is a must in this lifetime. North Node in Taurus may ask you to be practical and realistic. If you do get rich in this lifetime, it will be from your own hands. Take care of the mundane, every day, things. You must learn to love yourself even if you aren’t as tall, rich, beautiful, or ingenious, as others. This is the call of the North Node in Taurus. Value yourself, even if people tell you to value someone else. This is a great time to be a little obstinate. Don’t fall into the trap of wanting to be more, do more, or obsessed with obtaining more, to up your own self value. One lesson of North Node in Taurus is to value oneself, as oneself. Not to change oneself to make others value you more. ‘I am me, nothing more, nothing less.’

A good example of a Taurus North Node situation is where someone may criticize the way you look. Some may make fun of you, insinuating that you need to get plastic surgery. Instead of buying into their arguments, you could question them, critically. If you do get yourself fixed, it’s better if you do it for yourself, and your own opinions, not other people. Don’t forget, they may criticize your car, or your house. People may call your car old, dirty, rickety, and out of style, but it’s still yours. One good philosophy for North Node in Taurus people is the word ‘mine.’ ‘My car is a bit old, but it’s still mine.’

A North Node in Taurus may learn that their values aren’t necessarily the same as what society values. This is a good thing, for it’s not always good to follow the crowd. By the end of their lives, Taurus North Nodes might realize that the currency that they most craved all along…..was themselves. And the value that they put on themselves shouldn’t always include sources from outside of themselves, like other people’s price tags on what North Node in Taureans should be worth.

Do you have North Node in Taurus, or the second house? Are these challenges familiar to you? If not, what challenges, or lessons, are missing? Do you think you are on your way to mastering your North Node in Taurus, and/or the second house?

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27 thoughts on “Interpretation Of North Node in Taurus Or the Second House”

  1. North Node Taurus 28 degrees.
    Interesting that this was recently post, as I just downloaded Elizabeth Springs book on Nodes!!!

          1. Re-reading this, now that my Solar Return has put me into my newest year, and want to thank you for this post. It helps me so much to get this N.N. Taurus (mine) message re-peated and reinforced. What a great way to grease the wheels to the grind I can put myself through if I insist on old habits (that S.N. in Scorpio is tough on me). Thanks in time for Thanksgiving:)

  2. north node at 12 degrees Capricorn (intercepted) in 2nd house. i am 45 years old and constantly dependent on others. this rang loud and true for me. i have practiced astrology since i was 12 but i just couldn’t “get it”. you just nailed it right on the head. thank you!

    1. Hi Amy, I’m the opposite of you. I have my NN in Cancer in 8th house and I’m learning to let go and let others take care of me which felt very very uncomfortable because I’ve been used to earning everything on my own. I couldn’t imagine just getting something without working hard for it. I was very self sufficient, but there came a point where I just got tired. Super tired of carrying all on my shoulders. So I gave up. And started relaxing and everything took care of itself.

  3. My ex-husband has a 2H/3H cusp Libra NN. He hasn’t learned this nodal lesson yet. He continues to have a strong Venus/money emphasis. His Mars (butts up to his MC) and Moon are in his Taurus 9H: accumulation of wealth (9H Jupiter rules wealth) equals financial (Venus) and emotional security (Moon). His Aries SN is on his 8H/9H cusp:
    he manages other peoples’ financial assets.

  4. I have my north node in scorpio in the 2nd house. What does this now mean?

    Node (True) aspects
    Tri-Octile MC
    Trine Sun
    Square Mercury
    Sextile Uranus
    Sextile Neptune
    Conjunction Pluto
    Quincunx Lilith

  5. Spot on! Have been learning myself this year and the North/South node aspects are very helpful. My chart is all over the place!

  6. Before the age of 29 (Saturn return) my value was completely dependent on the value of everyone and thing around me. Soon after I began divorcing myself from those situations one-by-one, which is how I discovered my value and self-worth. This article beautifully represented my journey thus far, thank you.

    1. anonymoushermit

      You’re welcome!

      Your story is very um ‘textbook’. I don’t like to label people and their story, but I am at a lost for words right now.

      Yeah, most people tend to identify with their South Node up until their Saturn Return at around age 29/30. To be even more honest, I’d say billions of people on the planet rarely even touch their feet into their North Node! Is it 50%? 60? or 70% that don’t reach their North Node? Who knows or cares! But, it is fun to think about. You seem to be already in it, or already headed towards it.

      Thanks for your response!

      1. Every time I re-read the article it brings me to tears. I purchased my first car (2001 Toyota Avalon) at 32 years old which gave me the confidence/ability to relocate 1800 miles away.

        For 3 years I’ve experienced situations that would’ve (should’ve) broken me like so many time before. Now, I can feel something guiding me along, reminding me it’s all going exactly as it should.

        You validated my entire life and it’s absolutely amazing.

  7. I have NN in Taurus AND 2nd house (how’s that for reinforcement?!) Saturn is currently squaring. Interesting interpretation, thank you.

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