Misinformation, Confusion, Fake News, Distractions – Neptune In Pisces

Cool NeptuneNeptune in Pisces squares the Mercury-ruled signs, Gemini and Virgo. If you have planets in Gemini or Virgo, you’re probably well aware of the challenges.   But it occurred to me, this is playing in a broader sense, big time.

By now, you probably mistrust what you read. You may also realize you can’t read!

I’m serious about this. I feel this way, myself. I used to read books on a Kindle Fire. This no longer happens; the emails are always coming in, bing! Bing! Bing!

Then we’ve got all the skewed news; the skewed polls, the skewed search results, the filtered content, the shadowbanning… you name it. It’s all trickery and delusion.  Information is utterly confused.

Can you see this as well?  If so, how are you dealing with it?



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  1. Well….I find it’s good to cast a wide net, there’s also some websites that deliberately cut through the crap & fact check ‘news’ for instance.
    The truth may be outside ones comfort zone
    In fact, that’s what I’ve noticed: so much information is available but most stay in whatever echo chamber niche they are comfortable with
    Maybe that’s a natural reaction of just how bombarded we all can be with so much information
    Didn’t there used to be another word for ‘fake news’ : lies -!!
    I’m wondering where that phrase started
    I know trump started to use it for anything he didn’t like, lol.
    Or maybe it was coined after all the ‘bot’ planted ‘news’ during last presidential election-?
    It’s weird: in one hand information can spread so quickly now- so a lie ends up being accepted as true lickety split & yet there is so much information available to actually examine & ferret out what is actually true
    There’s always been propaganda & bias
    One thing I’ve noticed: reading on devices has sure deteriorated my eyesight 🙁

  2. I noticed this when I stopped watching the news or reading the papers. I had no desire to do it anymore because of the information and the way it is being presented. It gets to a point you don’t even want to see it because it cant be trusted. If I want to know something I look it up on the internet and pick a source myself. Even then I question who is behind it or who is it benefiting and can this be taken seriously.

  3. Well my on off boyfriend just took me 100 miles away to spend time and then told me he wants to end things.

    I dont even wanna think about it!!!!

  4. Hello Elsa. Great post ! As a long time astrologer and professional journalist, I will respond to two of your points raised.

    1. Re: transiting Neptune in Pisces squaring the natal planets, all of “us” mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and even Pisces) are, no question, debilitated and we are also impaired, (especially those with 15 to 25 degrees of major planets in mutable signs) because of Neptune’s influence. I am also experiencing transiting Neptune square natal Mercury, so my daily work is being affected, as Mercury rules my natal 3rd house of communications.

    What complicates communication is the crazy way in which the world, in general, communicates, with its heavy over reliance on technology, such as internet, emailing, texting and Skyping, versus conventional telephoning, couriered, and post office delivered mail. This adds to to the overall confusion ?

    With conventional telephone business and messaging, the standard protocol has typically been one business day to return phone messages. However, with emails and texts, there are no rules? You can get an acknowledgement in five seconds, five minutes, an hour, or never, depending on the busyness of the sender, so that is a real annoyance that I will probably never get used to.

    And, by the way, I sent you a personal email, a couple of weeks ago, but you never responded to it. However, I have since learned that you took a surgery, so maybe you were dealing with your health at that time, I don’t know.

    However, I never got your reply.

    2. Re: “fake news” versus real news, I am a trained journalist who has spent all of my adult life in media. I went to school very early in life and took the time to learn the news business from award winning professors and news people.

    In one of my courses, our instructor, John L. Daly, (one of Canada’s best known television journalists) taught us about factors that affects a valid news story and investigation, and also, what invalidates a news story ?

    There were a whole list of “red flags,” including people who are vexacious and or who have an axe to grind against the person(s) involved in the news story, news that is spread by public relations agencies hired specifically by someone to get the word out, and also, the bending of the news, and so on.

    The conventional media outlets, including digital media, is often politically biased and therefore, there is less and less objective journalism, these days.

    What prodominates today are long winded editorials, blogs, facebook rants, podcasts and advertorials, instead of real journalism. We should be hearing about facts. Instead, it seems that we are being sold or pitched about something and there is trickery and deception in the media, everywhere, especially on the internet.

    All of this information is coming at us, a mile a minute. That said, you can’t assume that all journalism is crooked and or “fake” and I think that students of astrology and astrologers have to stop being so cynical and buy into the overall negativity of the naysayers.

    You also have to turn to the spiritual world to deal with the craziness in the world, such as meditation, protection, etc. or even your judgemental view of things, which, in this Christian dominated world, it is easy to get sucked into ?

    We astrologers also have to pick our spots while on the internet and not throw out, the proverbial baby with the dirty bathwater?

    I think that that is the key lesson for most of us ?

    1. I don’t know what happened to your mail.
      Mercury been Rx, my husband and I have both had harsh surgeries, I’ve had to move the site to a new server, my tendon is cut in my leg, there is a holiday ahead, my neighbor has been ill.

      I have to keep this site going and my bills paid. I try very hard to answer ALL my mail, but I don’t even know you and if you wrote me a WALL of text… well, what the hell?

      I appreciate your comments on the site.

      1. Hello Elsa. I appreciate your travails re: surgery. I am asked to do a surgery, as well, with a 1 in 50 chance of death. So yeah, good on you that you and partner are still here !

        Regarding the wall of text ? I never send you that. Just a beef that I responded to one of your posters and i got a warning to stop personal attacks from your robot. But, I never attacked anyone ? So what’s up with that ! You don’t have to treat people like five year olds.

        Just saying !

  5. Stay off social media and 90% of fake goes away. It’s so easy to fact check that there’s no excuse for going down conspiracy avenue. Neptune in Pisces allows people to self-indulge their preferred beliefs rather than face reality.

    1. This is easier said than done. Even quitting all that stuff, no one else knows what is going on. Finding real information anywhere is increasingly difficult and also ridiculed.

      1. You have to cross check many other sources. That’s what I try to do. Oftentimes you can sense what is being withheld, glossed over, what is being emphasized, who are they talking to, etc.

  6. What will Neptune transit do to a man with exact Moon Venus opposition (Moon in Sag in 10H ruler of 5H, Venus in Gem in 4H ruler of 8H and 3H)?

  7. Yes! It only gets worse. Am I the only sane one? Or the only crazy one? Does everybody else have a handle? Pisces/Virgo, how do you decide if there is meaning in everything or meaning in nothing?

    1. Virgo here. I consider the actual outcome ie what happens, what people do, instead of what they say. That holds good for politicians and private citizens.

      You can say anything and 90 percent of it is usually self-serving BS.

      Look more, listen less.

      1. I agree with you here Choufleur. I am so sick of CNN ‘s coverage of the Impeachment Hearings, and am not watching any news regularly, except the PBS news hour -just waiting to see what happens. Not only though is social media unhelpful, even articles in Apple News are just as long winded, biased, and so varied, it’s hard to see the forest in the tress. I can read three articles on the same thing, and come away more perplexed than I was. Where have all the good journalists gone?

  8. Just went to dentist ,he sold me out, sent me some form , on phone to compliment service?phone blew up still bombarded and it’s been over a week:( anyways when go to to far right i for info to block
    There is a $ sign “pay” creepy

  9. Avatar

    This is a very interesting point. It is normally hard for me to really “see” Neptune but I’m starting to get it.

    Recently, through new age sources I learned that the Navy has publicly declared certain UFO’s as “the real deal”, which is in turn a ‘big deal’. This is related to Tom Delonge’s project and also, the Navy released a patent/ information on a free energy machine the produces over 1 terrabyte of energy. A terrabyte is 1000 gigabytes and the US’s largest US nuclear power station is 4 gigabytes.

    The dates of these two events were respectively September 16th and September 26th. Saturn went direct Saturn 18th, that is to be expected, it being the army. But Jupiter and Saturn had one of their exact squares on September 21st.

    It’s I think showing something about this Neptunian energy. Natally I have found, when it goes direct it is about science and retrograde it is about religion.

    There is plenty of other things happening with an election in the UK but it’s nice to be able to put Neptune down to a factual, material set of events for me.

  10. Everybody’s got their reality. And right now that trumps anything to do with facts. Perhaps I kidded myself in the past that it was any different then. The only thing ‘informational’ about spewed words is information about the spewer. It tells who the spewer is. What the person stands for. What the values are. What the reality is. And of course, that is per my reality. 😀

    So I would have to say, it tells me where a person is, and instructs me as to any interactions with the person. I walk carefully amongst the masses today. As for the manipulative tricksters, well I have had run ins with a lot of those criminals in my life. They are just a fact of life and I steer clear. I wasn’t always aware of them, they became real obvious to me starting around 1999, the new millennium.

  11. Neptune is well past my Mercury (11 Virgo) now. But when the opposition was in full effect, I was gaslighted. It wasn’t personal; it was by an “online prophet” who tried to push their highly skewed version of politics/society on a large group of people. (Interestingly, this person’s Sun is 11 Pisces.) It didn’t work, but they still have a group following them who believe every word they say. They try to claim that differing opinions are allowed. Uh, no. Neptune in Pisces for sure.

  12. It’s hard to find any trusted news sources these days. I stay away from almost all of it…

    “Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed. Everything else is public relations.” (Attributed to George Orwell)

  13. I don’t trust any of them. Even the ones I like, I look at with a critical eye. When you see, hear, or read the ACTUAL source of the story or the person who said it, then the news gives an opinion as the news or they omit parts of the speech or story…nah….they just suck.

    When my husband is traveling, I don’t even watch ANY news, unless it’s some catastrophic event (plane crash, tornado, road closure affecting my travel).

  14. Definitions of nihilism

    1. complete denial of all established authority and institutions

    Type of:
    anarchy, lawlessness
    a state of lawlessness and disorder (usually resulting from a failure of government)

    2. a revolutionary doctrine that advocates destruction of the social system for its own sake

    Type of:
    doctrine, ism, philosophical system, philosophy, school of thought
    a belief (or system of beliefs) accepted as authoritative by some group or school

    3. the delusion that things (or everything, including the self) do not exist; a sense that everything is unreal

    Remember this about nihilism. If you stand for nothing, you might fall for ANYTHING !

    Just saying.

  15. I have saturn at 12 degrees Virgo and True node at 17 degrees Virgo. Honestly, it only occurred to me recently that I might have handled this neptunian influences much worse. I sort of keep a handle on my life although all I want to do is curl up under a blanket and watch movies. And to make it worse, Neptune is in my 12th house while in Pisces.

  16. Facts are out there. It just takes some digging to get to them.It has always been necessary to cross check knowledge (of any sort) with multiple sources if possible. It has grown increasingly important (and easier, ironically)to do this as the internet has fused into our lives…

  17. Elsa, I just saw your response to RJ. Hope you and your husband are recovering well and wish you both a very Happy Thanksgiving!

  18. It often seems to me that Neptune/Pisces gets a bad rap. It’s as if they are flying on clouds, spewing cloud dust on others in order to spread confusion, distraction and deception. And yes this does happen, I see and hear it. But really, is there anything else?
    My stats:
    Sun = Pisces with Neptune at home (I bet you already guessed that part) with transit Uranus in Taurus (which is hurting me bad in finance and health)
    Sagittarius moon, Gemini rising.
    Note: I know very little about astrology.
    My personal perceptions:
    I am very logical, intuitive and talented. I am an artist although not a very good one.
    My father, who was also a Pisces taught me to never lie if you want others to love and trust you. So I practice this advise with exception to maybe saying your butt does not look big in those pants. Although I should turn on that one also for big butts are all the rage. I don’t spend much time on social media and I am shocked that I am writing this. Enough about me.
    Can someone just humor me for a moment and tell me some positive things regarding Pisces/Neptune? My Pisces feelings continue to be hurt here.

    1. Hi Mimi, I have Neptune in my first house almost conjunct my sun, plus moon and mars in pisces. lots of pisces/neptunian energy. I’m not a “very good” artist either, but sometimes something comes out that touches people deeply. It doesn’t feel like I made it, or did it, more like I was the channel for it. The more I meditate and honor that depth in myself, the better I feel. You may think you may not be a very good artist, but there may be certain things you bring to life that encourage and touch people. There’s potentially a lot positive about Pisces/Neptune. PS I felt great when I saw that Neptune had gone direct this morning.

      1. K…Thank you for your positive post. I also try to lift others up and encourage them to look at the brighter side. It’s good to hear that others with Neptune influence are in my corner. Wishing for you a great holiday!

  19. All of this and more are reminders to go inwards. Outside will always have distortions. The only way to truly be able to discern is to know yourself first and all of your distortions. Then everything around you will “come into focus”, as it were.

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