22 Degrees Capricorn: January 13, 2020

22 capricorn January 13 2020I maintain a calendar that notes important transits, stelliums and the like. This is not a computer generated list of planets and aspects.  It’s something I do by hand.

I’m a bit behind but I just caught the calendar up through January, 2020.  It’s January 10th -13th, 2020, that we really want to watch.

You can check the calendar to see why – Transit Watch. Just click and change the date to January, 2020. You’ll see these dates cover a weekend.

You’ll also see the full moon in Cancer, Uranus turning direct and this stellium in Capricorn, as pictured.  Clearly, anyone with planets near 22 degrees is going to be terrifically impacted.

Matter of fact, Pluto will station at 22 Capricorn for about three months, later in the year. This period will begin in late August, 2020 and last through half of November.

I just thought I should mention this.  We get a prelude of this, later this month:


Do you have planets near 22 Capricorn?  Got plans for 2020?

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  1. My Jupiter is 22 degrees in Cancer, Moon 23 degrees and Uranus 25 degrees, also in Cancer, in house 11. Neptune is in house 2 on 23 degrees. I don’t know what will happen. But I am prepared.
    Thank you Elsa, so much for everyting you write about this. (( ))

  2. Virgo Sun at 22 degree, Pluto at 24 degree.
    Leo Venus at 20 degree
    Mars at Sagaritus 26 degree
    January 20th is my 20th Marriage day.

    No idea what to expect ….

  3. Placidus house positions
    8th House Capricorn 24°10’32

    Hope that the prelude later on this month provides more insight{s}…

  4. Well there you go, my moon is in 22 cancer 3rd house, IC is 7 degrees away.

    How about that Elsa will I turn into a wolf finally?

    1. Oh and it almost opposes my midheaven but 6.6 orb too wide?

      Moon will trine with my pisces mercury (should add impact since I have gemini ascendant…)
      Sesquiquadrate Venus (pis) + Mars which is conjunct Saturn (sag).
      Semisquare Ascendant which is conjunct Chiron.

  5. My Sun is at 22 degrees Capricorn, part of a Capricorn stellium involving Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury, too. My birthday is January 12th. With Saturn and Pluto conjuncting it all exactly in 2020, I suppose transformation will be inevitable. But I am trying to lay the groundwork now, cultivating faith and trust that all will be well.

    1. Hi Starmaid, I have the same birthday, so I have the same placements. Never met somebody born on the same day. How have you been doing in 2020 ?

  6. My Ascendant is 22 Capricorn and 20 Aries Sun with 24 Taurus Moon and Venus. Right now, there is a major reorg at work with lots of discussions behind the scenes (12th house). So, everything should be decided by the beginning of March. My situation could turn out really good or really bad but it is out of my hands at this point. Hoping it will turn out well with Jupiter in 11th house in trine with Aries Sun. I’ve got Saturn in Capricorn at 7 degrees so yeah…that too. Saturn has been squaring nodes at 13 degrees Aries and Libra. Pluto is squaring Aries Sun but forming trine to Moon and Venus. Work load has been very heavy and struggling to keep up the pace and pretty much exhausted lately. Also, planning a big home reno project but its on holding pending work situation outcome. Whew!

    1. In my experience 12th house aspects for me have had me go deeper into meaning of life and where I am going. Lots of spirituality and some addiction tendencies to rethink. The 12th house aspects I have dealt with already during my life just weighed on me heavier. Good luck ?

    1. Newboy – 8H deals with other people’s assets, taxes, mortgages, insurance, Wills and estate planning, criminal element. With Tr Mercury in this stellium, you might want to review all above-related documents.

  7. Is the February 2019 reference about the Venus Saturn and Pluto conjunctions happening later this month? Do you think they’ll provide a few omens about what’s ahead next January?

    I have Venus Mars BML 20 Aries in the 10th. 26 cap descendant and 20 cap draconic sun. I find my draconic sun is really sensitive to transits. I’ve been hammered by the Pluto transits in both a good and bad way so I’m hoping Saturn might stabilize things for me abit.

  8. Sun 23 Aries, Asc 24 Cap, Progressed Venus in Jan 2020 at 22 Cancer. For the past 18-months, my 32-year marriage has been ending in a very drawn out way due to my husband’s repressed sexuality, and a new complicated relationship has come in for me, one that has grabbed me at times like an obsession. I suspect that come Jan 2020, all this will come to a conclusion, and while spiritually and emotionally exhausted, I will birth into a dramatically different new chapter of life. I’m hoping for a sense of freedom from the turmoil of the past, and inner peace and happiness for all involved. We should all check in a year from now with our stories of how it actually played out.

  9. No plans, except try to stay grounded and optimistic.
    The Universe has plans, though. A lot of squares and oppositions will be happening at the same time – involving Sun, Uranus, Moon, Mars, Neptune, Saturn, North node.

    So the only plan is to survive and remain sane.

  10. Wow a lineup of planets. Then isn’t Jupiter super conjunct Saturn later, as well as Aries Mars involved?
    I have Venus at 17deg and Mercury@ 29deg. My life has changed so much in the last few years. My deep desires are growing not only internally but externally, things I care for most are embedded into my reality: college/education, family/community and more. All I imagine is grounded and attainable. My focus and mentality are becoming sharper, refined and I want to use what little talent I have for myself, family and friends. Everything around, except the existential questions, is making sense. I have felt a reigniting of my energy reserves to work hard for these realistic goals.

  11. I have my natal sun @ 22deg 54′ in Cancer!!. Top that!

    Unless we have someone with 22deg in Cappy!!

    Eagerly awaiting Jan 2020!

  12. Vertex at 22’59” CAP, and Saturn at 23’23” CAP. Yowzer. Jupiter at 27′ CAP. Just moved into my new house overseas with my foreign boyfriend of 5 years. We have made a LOT of progress in that time. My dog had to be put down in the afternoon just after moving, so emotional heartbreak- in a nice new place. I have elderly parents and someone said I should brace for more deaths with this placement. Bittersweet. That’s all I can say.

  13. It will oppose my Mars and very close to Mc. So it will impact also my home and work, not only communication and higher goals. But as Pluto is “somewhere there” since some time, I can just say -please, make it faster and just leave… But then Pluto will oppose my Sun in Leo. Few more years of struggle, I suppose…

  14. Oh my! Husband has Jupiter at 22 Capricorn and I have Uranus 22 ♋️ .
    His 2nd house my 6th. Something to ponder. Thanks for heads up

  15. Here we go , My Ascendant is at 21.32 Cancer ,
    M.C. 22.06 Pisces
    Saturn 22.58 Cancer (1st H.)
    My Moon 23.03 Virgo (3rd H.)
    Plus numerous planets with-in an orb of5 degrees.
    Both Good and Bad . Let go watch Experience and learn .
    The Wheels of Karma turn .
    Interestingly my Brother has Jupiter at22.43 Cap. and the Moon at 25 degrees

    1. My father has progressed sun at 22 capricorn And my husband has moon at 22 degrees capricorn in his Solar return chart. Is this Important to Look at Solar return and progressions as Well?

    1. Im a Capricorn born on the 12 with 22 degrees on my sun also! Feel free to message me via email or insta . I honestly dont know if its just me but im a hell of a loner

      1. Avatar
        Mashiat Maswood

        I’m a loner too. So I completely understand. I prefer being myself than being around people. 2020 has been a wild ride for sure. I suppose with the pandemic it’s the same for everyone.

  16. My Asc is 22 Capricorn. I’m really worried. My natal Uranus is 22 Cap, natal Neptune 21 degree cap, Mars opposite all 3. Don’t know what to expect. So much energy this year.

    1. Did you notice in this post Elsa was talking about 2020 primarily? It is true Jupiter and Pluto are at 22 Capricorn right now. Saturn is at 26.

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