How To Handle Saturn Square Mars

at eternitys gate vincent_willem_van_goghI wrote this for a client…

“…you don’t want to kill someone (literally or figuratively)  without cause. If you do, you’ll be brought to your knees. This is why you want to verify your target before you shoot!

If you’re oppressed and you do not push back and defend yourself, you can expect to continue to be oppressed. This is common sense. But that doesn’t mean, lash out! It means plan (Saturn) your attack (Mars). Come up with a strategic defense.

It’s serious. You’ll be dealing with long term consequences, so you don’t want to be a flake…”

My husband has Mars square Saturn. He became a Ranger and a Green Beret.  He has control of his raw male energy.

Do you have Saturn square Mars in you chart? Tell us about it?

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  1. Nope my Mars and Saturn are not in aspect or at least not an aspect that is dangerous. I have said many times in this life time I will not be killing anyone thank goodness. If there is ever a situation where it could get that serious I usually turn and walk away.

  2. I have Saturn inconjunct Mars in my natal chart.
    It’s like driving a car with the brakes on.
    I hate it. Come to think of it – perhaps that’s why I complain so much. Everything I have always wanted and planned for: I have just had to wait and wait and wait.

    1. I have both mars and saturn in cancer. They are close enough that I also experience this. Well put, by the way. I’ve learned that while I may not be able to get traction on what I want, there is always *something* available to me. There’s always at least one clear, open path. It’s usually some seemingly random and irrelevant one, but if I just go with it I’ll make good progress with it. And later on I’m thankful for it. So my way forward consists of a lot of detours and loop de loops. I think it’s my soul’s way of telling me what I actually need to do, as opposed to what I think I want or need. Learning astrology was one of those random fruitful tangents/distractions, and it’s turned out to be incredibly useful and influential in my life…and has opened a lot of doors that I never would have imagined possible.

      Still..,sometimes I just want to do the thing I want to do! And when that path is closed, it can feel like u relenting frustration. It can be really hard not to get bitter. Because if course the outside world doesn’t understand that even if I desperately want to move forward with it, and work my tail off, if mars/Saturn has deemed it unworthy there will be ZERO progress. So there’s a lot of perception of me being random, flaky, or unfocused, which is really not the case. I just know by now that if the door is closed, it’s closed. And I just need to find that one open door, because it’s always there.

      1. Heather – yes, yes, yes – “All who wander are not lost”, I am “working” all of the time at something because stuff gets in the way, traffic.

  3. I will have this aspect coming up in January when transit Saturn in Sag will square my natal Mars in Virgo.. Feeling dread. Last 2 years with Saturn transit my Moon have nearly finished me…What if the person doing the oppressing is a close relative and is mentally unstable? Can any strategy really be applied then?

    1. Hello Lissy, I also have mars in virgo, conjunct my NN and wide conjunct my Venus… I am also dreading this. I have Saturn at 0 virgo, conj mercury at 2 degrees, then my asc at 8 degrees, and then the 3 other (venus, mars and NN, and let me say that I have mars/NN at a karmic degree of virgo, which is the 29th, CRAZY) I want to see how all of this plays out. I already had a saturn return which crossed all those planets when saturn was in Virgo, then my progressed moon is in libra and yep… it got hit, then saturn in scorpio was squaring my natal sun in leo at 9 degrees (which is also a karmic degree!!!). Lets not forget that my asc is about to face an opposition to dear Neptune! yeah go me!!! hahahaha. What I love about astrology is free will. The energy is there and we must channel it. I want to believe that the squares I am about to face is in fact hard work, but now I have the tools and knowledge to deal with them. But I will keep sharing on the blog!!

      1. Thank you for sharing Luz. Certainly those transits are a bunch of challenges to be dealing with at once. I can relate.. I have transit Uranus opposite Natal Pluto at the moment..this has been the year everything changed..
        You are right it is all about free will..Good luck for the near future and I am sure you will handle everything well 🙂 Do let us know how things go.

        1. Ohhh wow me too lol… natal pluto in libra and squaring my moon in cancer which also means that transiting Pluto is opposing my moon right now

          1. Saturn (Sag) squares Mars (Virgo) in my natal chart. If I *react* without thinking, nothing good, and I learned this early on, so I don’t do it. I was mostly the sort that figures “karma will take care of it, but I’ll take notes anyway” –. Thus if needed, okay, I can plan, and prepare, and wait with a solid strategy in hand. If needed, I will create a strategy and make it matter.

            Conversely, I’ve let a lot of stuff hit me and screw up my life and I just walked away without defending myself. When I don’t defend, THAT is actually when things can suddenly slap me later and be worse, though. As if by not revealing the truth or defending myself, in a timely and serious way, the nonsense oppressing me grows like mold in the dark and smacks me later, ever more unfairly. So I don’t know…I am now of the mind “measure twice. cut once, but do something!” if needed! But I wouldn’t bother to address anything unless there was a very big. very good, vital reason. Family issues, work stuff, etc.

            I’ve had a v bad year and a half, and in this case, the result came from saying nothing, doing nothing about some serious transgressions against me. So now…I don’t know. It may well be time. talking with people this week, to do something and make it count. But with an eye to make it count to avoid another head smack.

            My question — this seems to assume that Fate will smack us once and then, smack us again if we defend ourselves per this planetary placement? Like….whaaaaaaat?

  4. Mars in Leo square Saturn in Scorpio… tight aspect, 0 degrees.

    Bad thing: constant, steaming anger, vengefulness, oppression, defensiveness, feeling you must slay the controlling status quo you are against, frustrated desire

    Good thing: sence of mission (to do good), army mission, mad planning skills, persistance (sometimes until its self punishing), ambition, knowing your own self limitations, looking at desire to see if what you want is worth it, hard hard hard work

    1. Hi Mike,
      I’m glad you pointed out the positive expression of this aspect. Our younger son (age 21) has this aspect. Mars in Sagittarius (3rd house) in wide separating square with Saturn (6th house) in Aquarius ( 9 + degree orb). When he was younger he had difficulties in school with his studies. However, he exhibited the positive expression of this square (after a bit of kicking himself while he was down about math problems).

      The same positive things you described are what I see him doing now.

  5. I like the picture you used to further express your subject. You have a gift in the recognition of the power of art as it relates to the human experience. Thank you for showing these powerful paintings. When we are exposed to art it is a visual dialogue of what it means to be a human being. You have used these images well and it shows your understanding of this. You use your words well but you reinforce this with so much more. I just want you to know that it is extremely cool, coming from a fine arts major though, so I would think so. Vincent knew so much about inner struggle, isolation and opression. He only had one person in his whole life who loved and supported him, his brother. His journey was extremely difficult. Thank you for using the beautiful artwork on the site.

  6. I have Saturn (26.09) Conjunct Mars (29.42) in Aquarius Conjunct my sun (0.19 Pisces) in my 7th house.
    Every time I tried to defend myself in my family I was told I have a chip on my shoulder. My self-esteem sucks, but I’m slowly trying to change that.

  7. I have Mars in Pisces (H 1) and Saturn in Gemini (H 4). Most of the time the Mars in Pisces takes over and I am really good at standing up against injustice directed at other people! However, do remember a time I needed to fight back after dreadful injustice done to self. Talk about planning, I had every duck lined up in a row and all my allies lined up with me! BullsEye!

    1. Oh there are a ton of upsides to Mars and Saturn aspects,trust me, the wise, indomitable, even-keeled old monk!??‍♂️

  8. I live with someone who has this. I think on one hand this person is extremely driven and this has helped propel them from the bottom to the top of the barrel. But I think it’s also afflicted in this person, or the flip side of this aspect comes out more and more the older they get. I used to have hope but I have come to realize they will always let that side win. And it is heartbreaking on so many levels, because this person is brilliant, a genius, hilarious…so many other positive qualities that just get blacked out because of this.

  9. As Saturn moves out of Scorpio into Sagittarius, it will leave my first house of Scorpio where I have felt most of the effects in terms of my health. I will finally on December 16th get my Rheumatology appoint which will have been a 15 month wait.

    As Saturn moves through Sagittarius it will immediately square my Pluto at 0 degrees Virgo, then a few weeks later, my Sun in Virgo–then pulling in a square to natal Mars in Virgo just after hitting by conjunction my natal Saturn in Sagittarius. It is all part of my second Saturn return at 7 degrees Sag. I am older now and hopefully I have learned how to handle this aspect. Self-reliance is key for me, as is patience, directness, ethical choices, and planning. I think the heaviest time for me was Saturn’s transit through Virgo in 1978 when I was 21.

  10. I have Mars in Aries 5 degrees square Saturn in Capricorn, 1 degrees.

    Most of the comments are right on target. Plan (Mars) then wait (Saturn). I also find it’s why I have ‘instant karmic retribution’ for my actions (Mars).

  11. I have a Mars square Saturn, very tight – one degree. I have a lot of determination to achieve my goals, and a lot of forbearance. I need it because there is a lot of frustration and many obstacles. Two steps forward and one back.
    I put in the hard work and do the hard yards. Rash, impulsive action does not pay off, but thought out bravery does pay off. Saturn needs to approve before Mars can act. Oh, and daily exercise is a must – that Mars needs the exercise , and Saturn needs the discipline.

    1. I’ve been told the solution to my Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter T-square was through exercise, but I feel as if something is inhibiting me. My Mars is debilitated in Libra, conjunct my Sun in the second house. I’ve suffered from depression and substance abuse periodically throughout my life (Another t-square involving my Sun, Neptune, and Jupiter).

      1. Oh, it seems I found my alter-ego. I’ve gone through same. Libra Mars applying sq Capricorn Saturn. Also Sun conjunct Mars. And 6th house NN.
        Depression and substance abuse are my trademarks. Also isolation, self-pitty and low self-esteem. But i’ll give you that, i am the most resilient person i’ve ever known. I don’t throw in the towel and i always get up and i’ve been seriously kicked to the ground a lot of times by life. I don’t stop until everything i want to do is done. I have learned how to control my anger and sometimes, when i am riding the wave, i am the most confident person in the world. Nothing can stop me.
        I feel that i will eventually master these energies and the positive sides will manifest for good. The best times do belong to the mature times and not to the young ones. That’s true.

        1. Heidi, your post made me smile as I sit here, dealing with yet *another* personal/professional setback. I, too, have Mars in Libra squaring my Saturn in Capricorn. My Sun in Libra conjuncts this Mars placement, adding to the feeling of frustration. But you said it best: eventually we can master these energies so that the positives will manifest for good!

          Endless, perhaps blind, optimism is the only alternative to eternally stewing.

          1. @Kiki,
            I am glad I made you smile, despite the sh*t life throwed at you. You know, i sometimes take comfort in knowing that i am not alone feeling like this, because others have these aspects as well(though can’t be the same as mine) and they definitely can relate. I sometimes find funny the way I was built, thinking that i am constantly being tested and this is my life while others are commiting suicide because their bf/gf left them…seeiously, people, please. Find some real reasons for that. But then again, life slaps me again seriously and i am pushed back in my favourite horror movie called “my life” and i am like “why are you doing this to me ? Please, cut me some slack, i am tired, how much longer are you going to torture me?” and then i am going to sleep.
            A new day starts and i realize that i am wiser and more resourceful and more confident and when i walk, the earth is shaking.
            This is my life. Cheers, ’cause i will drink to that no matter what.

  12. I am currently experiencing saturn conjunct mars and I know exactly how that person feels. You don’t have to resources to fight back (money, time or physical strength) against someone/something that can easily defeat you or pin your against the wall . You feel completely hopeless or self-destructive tending to do things that are completely irrational or down-right hurtful towards your ego. Many astrologers claim the transit can help develop some characteristics who have never seen before. To be honest, it does but it depends on how the person handles the circumstance.

    P.S I have noticed both my grandfather and grandmother both died during this transit. I don’t know much about death and astrology but it did occur.

  13. I wanted to add a bit. Since I have mars and Saturn both in cancer, not conjunct but close enough to it, I’m very familiar with this energy.
    Aside from the perpetually thwarted action, which I deal with by finding the one random open road, I’ve had to sort out this energy in order to maintain a happy home. (Since they’re in cancer in my chart.)

    Mars and Saturn at home can be pretty devastating. Violence, anger, rigid oppression…yuck. I’ve found I have to be very careful when choosing my housemates–especially because I’m an Aries with my sun conjunct Chiron, squaring Saturn. This mars/Saturn energy is going to be present in my home no matter what. I’ve found the best approach is to live with people who also have a strong mars/Saturn influence in their charts…but express it in a healthy way!!! So I look for folks who maybe do martial arts, are athletes, etc (for mars) and are really disciplined, or history buffs, maybe a bit curmudgeonly in a comical ‘grumpy old man’ kind of way, or something else pleasantly saturnine. I also make sure they have healthy cancer energy, are nurturing and like to cook. This combo uses up the energy without it turning into strife within the home. Right now I live with two nurturing, food loving, slightly miserly but pleasant hunters, one of whom is a nurse (mars) and the other in science. (Saturn) Much better than the oppressive rageaholic bullies I’ve encountered in the past!!!

    1. Very interesting strategy, Heather, regarding choice of housemates and taking into consideration your energy mars saturn cancer.

      1. Thanks Cris. 🙂 Incidentally, drummers are also a good example of healthy mars energy…as long as they aren’t playing drums in the house. 😉
        Entrepreneurs too. And scientists are probably the best octave of Saturn that I’ve found.

  14. I have natal Mars (Libra 2nd house) Square Saturn (Capricorn 5th house) @ 2 degrees and I’ve always been the passive one in any relationship, whether it be romantic or casual. I’m not sure I fully understand this aspect in regard to the house placements and signs both planets are in. If anyone could explain this to me, it may help me understand this horrible t-square I have involving Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter (Cancer 11th house).

  15. I thank you very much for this post, Elsa. Despite having an abundance of Venus/Libra and even Jupiter, my Mars (Virgo) square Saturn (Sagittarius) is the tightest aspect in my chart, less than 1 degree, and I most definitely feel even though I’m a woman. On the positive: relentless, dogged determination, endurance, work horse, perfectionist. On the negative: defensive, irritable, vengeful when crossed, like having a pot of hot water on constant simmer and the slightest rise in temperature can bring the whole thing to a boiling overflow, burning everything in sight. Humble hard work, efficient and organized planned action leads to the achievement of worthy goals. When I channel this energy in my work and in taking care of my body, the negative manifestations diminish. This is an aspect of long suffering… it definitely teaches Mars patience. Like some others very wisely mentioned in the comments, careful, thought-out action (- NOT flying off the handle-) brings the best results.

  16. I came here because tr Saturn is opposite my natal mars right now and thought I could gain insight. This is heavy. Hard for me to deal with. Seems to have affected my health. I am feeling heavy and slow. Not too quick to anger, but I am moving at half speed. This is very hard for me to digest. I cant compare it to anything I have been through. I feel like I am 1000 years old. 🙁

    Every single thing I do is taking great effort and I am up against one obstacle after the next. Matters not if I am trying to do laundry, work, grocery shop, pay bills… it’s one thing after the next.

    I would rather go back to Saturn in Scorpio. I feel like the walking dead

  17. I have Mars in Leo and Saturn in Taurus, but the orb is too wide – over 8d. However…

    Saturn in Scorpio squared Mars in Nov 2013, a year before this post. I was presented with a situation where I had to carefully rebuild. Any rash action on my part and the whole thing would have tipped over like dominoes.

    This approach was maddening for me, especially since I’m Mars ruled (ASC 28 Aries), but I got good results in the end.

  18. Mars in Capricorn square Saturn and Neptune in Libra opposed by Uranus in Cancer – triple whammy! Have gone through 62 years of it. When Saturn/Pluto transited over natal Saturn and Neptune and squared Mars at age 29 I met with violence that could have but didn’t end my life, possibly because of a natal Mars trine Jupiter. Mars square Saturn – guns, knives, violence, anger, the enemy, cuts, loss of blood, accidents. Victim of violence. If you do not positively express and control the anger you feel inwardly, you may become the victim of it. It this karmic? Yes, I believe that it stems from past life karma which had to be paid off, so I can be philosophical about it and let it go. This is what I have learned: Mars square Saturn – anger, frustration, victim of abuse, victim of violence, limitations as to what one can physically do or accomplish, failures, lack of business ability, struggle with building practical skills. Persistence needed but energy and ambition fluctuates – it sometimes there but often there is a lack of motivation and therefore a lack of success and accomplishment. Not a good relationship with father or men as they can be abusive or difficulty interacting with the elderly in active involvement. Not an overly strong body – must be careful with physical health and take real good care of yourself. Be careful of who is interacting with you or treating you (as in doctors) because they may also show lack of skill or ability (misdiagnoses and wrong treatments). All of this causes one to withdraw and seek to defend self against real or imagined attack. Over time you will come to realize what you can physically do and the successes will be well earned.

  19. I have mars in gemini the 9th square saturn in virgo in the 12 conjunct my northern node conjunct Kaylee? It’s supose to be the indego child aspect. What happens with me is I think I take so much in until i cant processes my own emotions and then I explode virbally. I know when I do, people run or back off . When I was Younger I would never have to much to say, I would just fight but I would always get scared fighting because it felt like once I started I would pump so much adrilene that someone would have to pull me off that person, it was like to the death type of feeling. I have alot more self control as an adult plus I really get scared to fight because of fear for them. I don’t want to hurt anyone nor go to jail, nothing is worth that.

    As far as childhood alot of abuse from people. Somewhere I turned out normal. I know I have a strong survival skill and a high intilect, a therapist did tell me that statistics say I should be a drug addict , insane or alcholic but somewhere I managed to find healthy people to bounce off of. The only thing that really goes on with me is that I get bored easily, need intillecual conversation and I have a rejection button that is very sensitive that causes relationship issues.

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