Moon Aspecting Mars: Explosive Or Constructive?

mother teresaHi Elsa,

What will happen to a Moon and Mars aspect? I know Moon rules moods. Mars is raw energy. Is this combo really constructive? Or an explosive combination?

Wondering in India

Hi Wondering. Mars is better defined as raw male energy.  The moon rules emotion. A person with these energies mashed in their chart may feel (moon) angry (Mars). But they may also be driven (Mars) to nurture (Moon).

Mother Teresa came to mind when I read your question. She was certainly motivated to care for people. I was not surprised to see that she had Mars in aspect to her moon.  Brave, hero (Mars) mother (Moon)

I always say, energy is neutral until directed. This is a fact!  So it follows, the Moon Mars combination can be explosive and/or constructive, depending on what choices a person makes.

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  1. My Mars and Saturn (which are conjunct) both trine my Moon; I can say when I was younger, this could have (and did) manifest itself in a destructive way because I carried around an immense amount of anger. As much as I thought that most of that anger had dissipated by now, I believe it is still there.

    Anyway, now that I am older I would agree that I am driven to nurture more, and most of my decisions are based on the desire to take care of someone, to be of service (Virgo Mars) and…yeah. Sometimes instead of having that angry reaction, I just feel like…I’m too old for this shit…and try to remember that for myself, doing the right thing is the only answer.

    1. I’d say the destructiveness here comes from the Mars Saturn conjunction. I have Jupiter Saturn conjunct, and my Saturn clearly curtailed my Jupiter, putting blockages in my way and slowing my success until my 40’s when years and years of hard work in my field finally paid off big time.

  2. It would also, perhaps, depend on the Moon’s and Mars’ placement? The moon in a stable house, like Capricorn, or Taurus – like Mother Teresa had (I looked it up), for example, would probably have a more constructive energy, while a Scorpio Moon would have a ‘wilder’, ‘not caring’, energy?

    The question marks are there because I am no astrologist.

  3. Bingo, Elsa.
    My moon and mars are both at 6* Scorpio. I started a successful babysitting business as a teen, and made all my own spending money and the kids I sat loved me, because I respected them and nurtured the hell out of them. They would say, `Can I do X?´ I would say, do your parents let you? Because if so, go ahead, but remember I will tell them you said it was ok to do. They self regulated their actions. I read to them whatever they wanted before bed. I loved them.
    One lesson I had early on was when both parents and two little sisters of a little boy all told me that if he was bad, I should spank him. I was 14. I didn’t know what else to do, and the girls were saying, that I had to spank him. He responded by spitting and fighting me like mad. Wow. I immediately backed off and apologized to him, and explained that I was told to react to him like that, but that I was sorry for listening to them, and that I was going to be his friend and never be aggressive to him again, and would he forgive me? He did, and we had a great relationship. I felt really bad that he was surrounded by people who hurt him, and did whatever I could to boost him up and guide him to avoid negative repercussions, and to channel his energy into productive pursuits. I also taught his sisters that it wasn’t appropriate to hit him and helped change the family dynamic for him.
    My explosiveness I channeled into bicycling, running, body surfing, singing and music, and my schoolwork. I was competitive in math class. I did have some explosive run ins with my siblings- but exclusively as a defensive mechanism.
    Actually I had a sister with undiagnosed Lyme disease, and she took out her rages on me, and my mother defended her, not me. She would attack me physically and verbally every time she saw me- we are talking kicks to the head, roundhouses, uppercuts, jabs when we passed on the stairs or we saw each other in the living, dining room, or kitchen. She would swear at me, curse me, and threaten me nonstop. Sometimes I would pin her down and ask her why she was acting crazy, but I was penalized for defending myself- although I never ever hit her or hurt her. Pretty soon my mom took my house key from me and wouldn’t let me enter the house unless she or my step dad were there- meaning 4 hours on the street after school. I accepted a scholarship for a student exchange program at age 16 to get away from the violence, and when I returned my mom actually put me into a foster home when I refused to sign the emancipation papers they had prepared for me.
    Yea, pretty sad situation, but big lessons in life.

    1. Oh good gosh! Manure, huh, which after enough time, can get used to grow what you want.. but at the time: pure crap. Seems you got your bearings, despite that senseless earlier time.
      I also developed my childcare skills young, along with storytelling for littles. Now, years later, I use that with grownups – who need stories to make sense of life, as much as tiny kids do.

  4. I have Moon square Mars. Growing up I had a horrible temper. Add to that my Aries rising. I’m sure my mom had her hands full with me. My fights with my siblings consisted of me getting mad in 2.2 seconds and throwing the nearest object at them. I am nothing like this now but I know how to control myself. As I’ve gotten older I do think I do feel a desire to really help people. I love doing that. It makes me feel good. Moon in Aqua.

  5. Spot on. I have Leo Mars square Scorpio Moon/Saturn. My anger does several things. It destroyed my health. It destroyed my friendships. It destroyed my self-esteem. It made me vengeful and vindictive. It was destruction every which way I turn. I’d get so mad, I did not know what to do. However, I recently discovered how my lifelong anger transformed into some sort of catalyst for change. Why does this job make me so angry? No benefits? No recognition? What should I do? Stay angry or do something about it? I learned to DO (Mars) something about it which was just to leave and open my own craft business and go back to school to become a teacher, a person that can help and nurture others. I can’t tell you how life-changing it was to use the anger in a productive and positive manner without throwing furniture at people at my workplace. Every time I get angry now, I get excited because I now know its an opportunity to take action and change. Physical activity/work-outs help with this aspect too when sometimes you just need to pour out your angry emotions into a punching bag.

  6. I have Moon, in Gemini (in 9th house, and conjunct my Venus in Cancer) aspecting Marsy Mercury in Aries (in 7th house). I had a wide-ranging mind – enthusiastically fascinated by a long list of topics. In person, I’m often a good listener, since the odds are, yes, that interests me, too. Even if not, I like to hear what people think, when they think.
    For me, difficulties pop up when I’m there’s an overload.. communication that must happen (for everything to proceed peacefully) backlogged. My Mars – ultimate ruler of both Moon & Mercury – is in Cancer. So, when my brain is in overwhelm, my communications get snarled in tangles.. in part because I know, it’s no one’s fault (Mars square AC) usually, when my irritation is triggered.

  7. So true! I have a Moon-Mars conjunction in the 10th. I’m intensely driven to nurture. It’s actually my chosen career path is in nurturing people and teaching them to nourish themselves. If that’s not expressed or blocked, then it becomes destructive in terms of inward emotional angst and selfishness.

  8. I have an Earth grand trine which includes my moon, mars and Saturn. I am driven to serve and I take it seriously 🙂

  9. I do not have an easy time with it I just ride it out. It exacerbates my worst water qualities. The irrationality subjectivity reactivity defensive anger inability to tag an emotion with what it is and confusion . Others may have more luck.

  10. I have a Pisces moon in the 6th opposite Virgo Mars in the 12th. I’ve done more nurturing and most of all,turned the other cheek than many. Some specific people I truly dislike, but I generally give people a break and try to help out if I can. Do unto others so to speak. And I am close to all of my family members, where others have varied relationships.
    And that’s an opposition, which is supposed to be crappy!

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