How Do Virgo And Aquarius Differ In Relationship?

Blue aquarianHi Elsa!

I love reading your blog, and I came across a statement from you in one of your posts, where you said that Virgo is unmarried, even when they’re married.

I was wondering if you could explain that a little more. I always imagined that detachment is an Aquarian quality. So how’s Virgoan detachment different from Aquarian detachment?


This is a good question. I don’t consider Virgo to be “detached”. Virgo is an earth sign.

Aquarius – “I used to love you, but that was yesterday.”
Virgo – “I love you but I’m busy with these tasks…”

Virgo represents the sixth house. Work, health, daily routine. How can Virgo “detach” when they’re not attached in the first place? Attachment to others occurs in the 7th house.

Aquarius represents the 11th house. It’s been there, done that with the 7th house and is headed for the 12th – God. Clearly, they’re going to have to let go at some point.

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    I’m a Sagittarius sun with Aquarius rising. One thing I always enjoyed about the Virgos I dated was the feeling of freedom and space being around them gave me. I found their ability to totally immerse themselves in tasks great for emotional breathing room. Worked out well for me.

  2. I have a 7th House Virgo Venus (squaring 11th House Saturn – don’t get me started on “conditional love!” lol) and an Aquarius ASC. I constantly battle “come-to-me-verses-stay-away-from-me syndrome. After a while, I resent “doing” everything in a relationship I feel shackled and I want to bolt. And I usually do. I’ve got to lean more on the common (balancing) sense of my Libra Sun.

  3. I just said no to lunch with a friend because I need to clean and organize my house, study and get some work done……. it makes me so happy to do these things! It’s a very important part of my life. Virgo Sun, Mars and Mercury.

    1. I have the same planets in Virgo in the 6th & 7th. I like all these things too but I always feel like I’m busy and everyone is having fun around me. My moon Saturn and Pluto in Scorpio in the 8th so I feel like I wanna rebel.

      Enjoy your tasks! Lol

      1. I’m enjoying my clean home… ahhhh Thanks 🙂

        My Moon Saturn and Pluto are in Scorpio, too! (Sept. 1985 bday!?) …but in the 4th house. There is nothing more comfortable than being at home.
        BUT I’ve also got Venus in Leo and a Leo ASC… I let myself have some fun, too!! I went out last night, but came home early because I wanted to get a good nights sleep and wake up with energy to do everything I needed to do. If I don’t get enough sleep, watch out for my Scorpio Moon…. and considering Mars is transiting it, I need to take it easy least I exploooode with emotion!

  4. I’ve been reading that Gemini is even more detached than Aquarius. but I think this is generally an “air” thing. I don’t find libra as detached as Aquarius and Gemini. They are still air, but different, because they need to partner. but can play the role of here I am and then i’m gone, maybe because they are cardinal.

    I love that about 11th, it’s not 7th because it’s been there done that. lol lord oh mighty…that 12th. 😀

  5. Venus in Aquarius. My Virgo husband is pretty bossy! But so am I.
    The post about Pluto in Virgo re Virgo Suns having a greater affinity with Scorpio switched on a light. My husband has a natural tolerance for Scorpios, his mother and older sister both being Scorpio Suns. It’s a bit like water off a ducks back.

  6. Something to consider (Solar House):

    When Virgo is ASC – Aquarius is 6th house. A unique, individualized approach to matters inherent of the house.

    When Aquarius is ASC – Virgo is 8th house. An intense, compulsive drive to transformative desire to matters inherent of the house.

  7. I have a Virgo stellium including moon, venus, pluto MC and mercury married to an Aquarius Sun & Moon. I laughed when I read the comments about Virgo pluto having affinity for Scorpio my husband has a Scorpio ascendant. I get along well with all the Scorpios in our family as well. My Virgo especially moon and venus shows up through service. I “show” my love by doing for people. I do all of the housekeeping chores, cooking cleaning, mowing the lawn because I want to. My husband has a physically demanding job I enjoy taking care of everything at home so he doesn’t have to be concerned with mundane day to day tasks. I lovingly launder the clothes and lovingly put things away I love to love my people this way.

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