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Madame_de_Stael“To understand everything is to forgive everything.”
-Madame de Stael

What a provocative remark. I tend to think this is probably true but I can’t check it because it’s impossible to understand everything!

I lean this way because I came to understand a lot of things that were previously hidden from me, during my 12th house Pluto’s transit. I began to catch on in 2015 when I wrote this: Humbling, When You Find Out You’re Wrong About Everything. I had to write that to progress. If I am wrong about all of that, what else am I missing?  This question opened the door and I really started to learn things I’d have never dreamed.

I’m probably more forgiving than average.  This is due to being fairly Mutable, with a strong Jupiter streak. I’m comparing myself to my husband, here. He’s a Taurus with a Scorpio moon. I asked him this morning, “Can you think of anyone you’ve ever forgiven?” The look on his face was hysterical. He knows he is supposed to forgive, but no names showed up in his mouth. Hey! I know we have different purposes in life but I still had to laugh out loud.

As my knowledge grew, my ability to forgive grew even faster. I mean, look at all the stuff I didn’t know.  How many stupid things have I said or done in my life because of my ignorance? Seeing as I act and talk, nearly all of my waking hours; I have many opportunities to step in it. If I am this wrong when I think I’m right, might another person be suffering from the same malady?

What do you think? Or more importantly, are you becoming more or less forgiving, as you age?

I feel a lot of people are going in the wrong direction, but I also think this is changing.

7 thoughts on “Knowledge & Forgiveness”

  1. This is a quote from the HBO series “John Adams” where he states, “The older I get, the less I seem to know”. I relate strongly to this. Also, this also ties up strongly with my faith in God. One of the greatest gifts He gave me is realizing we are all One and all human and imperfect. That levels the playing field for me. If I want to be forgiven for my imperfections, who am I to deny it to someone else? Admittedly, the mere of thought of certain people who have hurt me still makes me wince, but I try not to dwell on them unless there is a lesson to be learned. I figure I will understand when I get the Other Side (faith). This is on my good days. I have plenty of bad days where I can feel like a vengeful ass.

  2. Getting stuck in your viewpoints and being blinkered does seem to increase with age no matter how open minded you think you are being. I have a Jupiter/Moon conjunction in Sag so maybe it’s not as bad as i think…or is it?!

  3. Haha, I laughed out loud just reading that! I’m like you, mutable and plenty of Jupiter. And yes, I can be very forgiving because I have also found myself proven wrong many times. I remember having conversations about this about 20 years ago, and people looking at me like I had three heads. They didn’t understand how I could so easily give people who did horrible things the benefit of the doubt. Yet, I was also incredibly naive and optimistic, and still am to an extent. I also had a horrible habit of projecting onto others. So if I could imagine myself in a situation where I did X, then I would assume someone was trying, had good intentions, etc. Not always the case, obviously.

  4. I forgive myself ; I believe I am kind giving and patient,that should of could of would of fits hete.Those who have intentionally hurt me,may you burn in hell.It is a mystery to me why anyone goes out of their way to hurt me. I bother no one.Never did.

  5. I can forgive the people I’ve known, based on my knowledge or speculation of their background, current circumstances, and why they behave the way they do. But that doesn’t mean I want to resume a relationship with them!

    It’s the warmongers (VP in our current age) who kills and destroys so many people, their culture, the land, that I’m having trouble forgiving. Is this really part of the divine plan? I’m trying to wrap my head and heart around the meaning of such evil mass murder and pointless destruction. Is it the 8 billion of us that needs to be chipped away at randomly for earth’s sake? That’s the only way I can forgive the war monsters at this point.

  6. Interesting question. I have less tolerance for disrespectful people. I don’t give them as much benefit of the doubt as I did when I was younger. I think its just getting older and wiser. I can be naive. Can I forgive? For the most part, I don’t take it personally. I see it as a flaw in their makeup. Can I forget? Probably not, unless I see genuine regret and change. I don’t want the drama.

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