My 8th House On Anomalies

Talking to satori…

“Remember that gal who came on my blog… she told me how unusual the soldier’s life had been, how incredible his life had been and how fortunate I was that I got to be in his company being as I was so usual?”

“No, I don’t remember that,” she said.

“Oh. Well it’s happened more than once, those people irk me.  You’ve got a 17-year-old that comes to town and organizes a lawsuit against some bastard… no adviser, no nothing.  I did have a yellow bicycle but just think about it. Someone who is going to be able to do something like that has got to come from somewhere and I mean somewhere abnormal. I am not the poster for the thing, I am the thing, I am the one driving it.”


“My sister and I got jobs and moved to town when we were 13 and 15 years old, I have said it over and over. What do people think when they read that? Do they think this is a lark? Is it some kind of a game? They must think it’s some kind of children’s book story, I guess. I have no idea what they think outside of it seems squirrelly…”

People are trying to figure this out and let me give you a hand.  You are dealing with an anomaly here so if use rules that apply to the norm, you are going to come up with an improper equation.  The fact here is my situation (and my sister’s although hers is different) is not one that can be fathomed.

If you want a comparison, there is only one person in this world to whom I personally actually relate and equate my situation to and her name is Elizabeth Fritzl. When that story broke I thought, ah ha!

If you think you are going to ever comprehend her experience and get it to fit into one of your models, you are not.  All you are going to be able to do is project… and get it wrong over and over and over and  over and over.

“Was it like this?”
“You must have felt like this…”
“No. Hey! Do you mind if we quit talking about this?”

People are not comfortable with anomalies however this has no bearing on the fact they exist / occur in nature. This particular anomaly writes and astrology blog. Why is anyone’s guess.

9 thoughts on “My 8th House On Anomalies”

  1. I feel like something is changing on this blog. “Change” really isn’t the right word. I can’t find the words yet —

    But I think you are delving into content and themes in a new-ish way. Not deeper, because you are always deep. Maybe just another angle but it’s a more revealing angle? Revealing and concealing at the same time. More details maybe? Not details but filling in the blanks some? May not even be conscious although it may be–

    I’m just grappling here, trying to find words for something I’ve noticed– particularly the last few months– so please exuse my clumsiness.

    New levels, new layers. But they aren’t really new at all. Like a diamond, another side, another side, another side–

    I think you are telling us stuff that you haven’t told us before.

  2. moonpluto, I have decided not to concern myself with the “mass market” anymore as previously stated. I am writing for people who can think because this is who I want to work with and who I want to work for.

  3. I think that’s a great idea! Just write what you want to write because it is great and those that get it will ride it out with you. I think this is wonderful. Your life or your experience of it is an anomaly….you wouldn’t find people in a group or survey or study…(that you would fit into)’s not about race, culture, religion….it just happened that way, period. It was irregular….and what is outside the box tends to make others feels uncomfortable or suspicious of it.

  4. DenaMaria, I think it’s like the soldier. We don’t tell people because they don’t believe us when we do tell them so it’s a colossal waste of time and energy.

  5. And I think it just denies individuality. I could not have had an experience unlike yours. It’s ridiculous. My sister and I grew up in the same house with the same parents and while some things were shared, for the most part we had totally different experiences. How anyone could think it would be any way but this is beyond me.

  6. It’s the anomalies in your writing of life that make this blog so damned compelling. There is no ususal or typical and this is exactly what appeals to me as a reader. My 8th house sun enjoys the anomolies…its the spice of life. My Venus trine Uranus loves the individuality and uniquenes of your expeiences/stories.

  7. I’ve been a frequent, if not regular reader of this blog, but have never realized there’s an 8th house connection… Anyhow, I’m living with a person who has a very 8th house ladden chart. Must really be the Venus-Uranus conjunct in Scorpio that has always kept me curious about what other people might consider “anomalities”.

  8. “My sister and I grew up in the same house with the same parents and while some things were shared, for the most part we had totally different experiences. How anyone could think it would be any way but this is beyond me.”

    Beyond me, too. But then, I have a sister who imagines (I don’t even want to know what kind of) garbage about me. All logical, and, all missing everything essential. Nonessential too, as it happens.

    I hope. It’s one of the things I do. Who knows, huh?


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