To Live In Reality Is To Be Anti-Social?

Vintage Saturn GirlI am a grounded person, one with common sense. I am astonished at how these qualities have made me some kind pariah these days but I just can’t seem to deactivate my brain.

For example when some guy gets on youtube and holds up a letter that essentially say,  “Hey, Chuck, get rid of this guy… if you kill him, we won’t prosecute you,” and it is signed “George Bush”, I tend to think someone is jerking my chain.

But since legions believe the thing (like the lying sociopath and the other lying sociopath and the other lying sociopath) and send it ’round the internet in a viral manner, if you raise any kind of alarm you become the bad guy.

It’s like the debt we’re in. I have known a number of people who have gotten themselves deeply into debt. I have known some that have gotten themselves out of financial trouble and every single one of them did it the same they way.

The way they did it was very low tech. They stopped spending and started paying things off?

If you say things like this these days, you are a big fat creep. Big fat Saturn / reality…  Virgo / logic creep. But most Pisces can tell you what happens when the veil you have held up for so long drops.

Elizabeth Taylor said it best, “I fell off my pink cloud with a thud.”

19 thoughts on “To Live In Reality Is To Be Anti-Social?”

  1. Well said Elsa. I am so sick of people always looking to blame something/someone else for their own bad decisions, and expecting those same things/people to get them out of the mess they got themselves into…because they didn’t think things through, just accepted it as given. WAKE UP AND LIVE! It’s called being a self-determined human being, taking responsibility for your actions…. Right, I’ll get off the soapbox now.

  2. with a tax rate of “i keep taking vacations on the pink cloud” and then it becomes reality, and then reality becomes a dark cloud. and i actually realize i’m in the opposite of the pink cloud and reality looks decidedly pink compared to where i am, and then… uh…
    and my saturn neptune aren’t _quite_ in aspect. but part of a messy bigger thing that often gets lit up by the moon or mercury or whatever…

  3. True to Pisces form, I live on a pink cloud. Thing is, I KNOW it’s a pink cloud and I’m up here because reality sucks.

    Common sense is not mutually exclusive, BTW, you can have both.

  4. Elsa, you have no idea how much I love the phrasing “Big fat Saturn / reality… Virgo / logic creep”
    The rhythm of it is divine. Please hold onto this as a title for something. Its too good.

  5. You probably don’t need someone to tell you this, but good for you. If reality is the truth, then everyone needs a dose of the truth.

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    Strawberry Fields

    I have strong enough “ground” — the bills get paid and all the earthly matters taken care of, without difficulty. This then allows the rest of me (the bigger part of me) to safely and almost entirely live “in the clouds”.

  7. Where is “I have Libra and can’t decide?”

    I otherwise have my finances under control. Bills will be paid. Debt has been shrunken down to a much smaller, manageable amount. I am hoping my unemployment benefits come in on time (this has been processed almost a month and a half ago, so it should come in on time). I’ve begun taking freelance makeup artistry jobs and am doing quite well.

    I should be ok… Or at least I believe I will be while I transition between careers.

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    Strawberry Fields

    haha I had written that too then deleted

    (but i didn’t vote cuz there was no applicable option!)

    stellium in Libra

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    Strawberry Fields

    “I had written that too then deleted” <— now if that isn’t Libra bahavior…. 😛

    (i do it all the time)

  10. La la la, pink cloud. Neptune conjunct ASC. With the Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron transit squaring my ASC and opposing my Jupiter-MC conjunction, the pink cloud has gotten soooo pink and foggy of late it’s becoming a problem.

  11. I’m really good at managing my money unless I’m crushing on a girl. Then my Libra moon/rising takes over and it’s like, ohh…I can hover on the edge of my credit limit, it’s okay, I can spend money on pretty gifts, I’m in loooooove. That’s the pink cloud for me.

    In order to cut back on overspending I need to become a hermit. Otherwise I just gravitate toward the ladies again and again and again.

  12. marlon that’s hilarious.

    I wrote ‘taxed’

    I work but also go to university and am stuck in this financial loop for another 12 months or so. I made some $ bad decisions when Jupiter/Neptune transited my 2nd House and opposed my Saturn. Felt like the money flow would never end…but it sure did!!
    My credit rating is good but I can’t wait to graduate and start working full time again at paid employment. Even if the monthly payments kill me, I like paying off bills.

  13. Say it with me ladies and gentlemen, “Don’t shoot the messenger.”
    We all have times of shooting messengers, and times of being messengers that are shot at.
    If a message is necessary, which many are, it will get through no matter how hard you make it.
    And, if you’re always shooting your life messengers… Do you think they’ll be delivered in less hurtful of ways in the future? Think again.
    “There are thing you can control, and things you cannot.”
    You cannot control what other people say to you.
    You cannot control what they say to other people about you.
    You cannot control how other people deliver messages.
    You cannot control when you recieve a message.
    You cannot control how the messenger responds to your response.
    You cannot control how others respond when you’re the messenger.
    You can control how you respond to the message.
    You can control how you deliver messages yourself.
    You can control how you respond to how they respond.
    The only person you can control is yourself.
    “Treat others as you wish to be treated.”

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