The Astrology Of Annoying People

I had a client mail this morning with a concern. He hoped he did not sound “cold” or “smart”.

I mailed him back to tell him he sounded polite.  He mailed me back to say he was glad as he did not want to be annoying.

I wrote back:

“You are not an annoying person! I think people generally either are or they aren’t, don’t you?”

What aspects would you expect to see in the chart of someone who is annoying? What about someone who is easily annoyed?


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  1. Not sure about aspects of annoying people…but people who are easily annoyed angular Mars/moon interchange. People who are concerned about being annoying–Mercury/Saturn

  2. i tend to be easily annoyed by mindless chatter.
    but i have saturn squaring a taurus mercury.
    i’d say… loook at people’s saturn to figure out what annoys them…

    and is it mercury or mars that shows how someone can be irritating? i know my mars is where people tend to get irritated by me…

  3. I love this question.

    I do get easily annoyed if my blood-sugar is low, if someone is trying to manipulate or control me…

    Otherwise, I feel super patient.

    As I type I am realizing how easily annoyed I am lol I wonder if this is due my moon in virgo (fussy) conjunct the pluto

    There are certain cstegories of people that I have no tolerance for…… people who don’t listen, for example or people who constantly interrupt me.

    I know that I annoy controlling types or people who are alarmed by emotions, real emotions

  4. Btw, I like wyrding’s theory about saturn. Mine is in taurus and yes an over-emphasis on things annoys me. And yes I do know that is a reductive view of taurus….and it’s in the 9th house and some sag-fanaticism annoys me too! I know a fair amount of religious extremists with intense Sag aspects.

    So there you go. No doubt my generalizations annoy others but I accept that….

  5. I don’t know about particular aspects but pretty much every Libra/Scorpio cusp I’ve met has been annoying as hell. To me, anyway. They seem to vacillate between insecurity and manipulation. I work with one now, she talks and talks and talks and talks and talks and it drives me insane. At least if you’re going to talk that much have something interesting to say!

  6. I’d think Neptune and Jupiter would be involved somewhere — an inability to tell when enough is enough, and an inflated sense of self?

  7. Libra rising wants everyone happy and pleased… Too much fire? But then Sag’s blunt honesty can be as appreciated or annoying as Libra’s desire to please. So maybe anything that’s overdone? honesty becomes tactless and pleasing-ness becomes hypocrisy?

  8. Definitely, a strong and/or stressed Mars is someone who could be easily irritated and annoyed. As for someone who is annoying, that might well relate more to the chart of whoever is being annoyed. If someone’s Moon, i.e., their natural habit patterns and instinctive traits, squares my Mars, they might annoy the heck out of me, but if his/her synastry with someone else’s chart is more harmonious, that person might not find them annoying at all. I have South Node in Libra and no Libra anywhere else in my chart, so negative Libran behavior (as I perceive it) rubs me the wrong way–likely projection there–but might be quite agreeable to another person. A Capricorn might be experienced as efficient and professional to one person, cold and indifferent to another. A Cancer might come across as caring to one person, clingy to another.

    All that said, there are definitely people who don’t know when enough is enough as Piya said. Jupiter square Moon, too much emotion or drama, Jupiter square Mercury, too much talking, Jupiter square Venus, too sweet, too nice, etc.

  9. oh and, Jana: I have both aspects & agree. I’d add that my Mars / Moon square IS annoying when I take things too personal -both to me & others, btw. Wyrdling: me too! same aspect, same reaction!

  10. I have a Mercury-Mars conjunction in Gemini and I can sound irritated or edgy even when I’m not, or when I really am but don’t want it to show, and in that sense can BE irritating which embarrasses the heck out of my Cancer Sun.

  11. I’m not sure about people simply being ‘annoying’ – I have enormous tolerance for something that drives my husband mad but will be driven mad by something other people find OK.

    So I’d say what is annoying in others is as individual as synastry between charts.

    I know I tend to struggle with certain aspects of Saturn synastry (Saturn-Sun and Saturn-Mercury are typically frustrating for me as the sense in interacting is that my efforts and my communication is not good enough and that drives me batty).

    I’ve got a strong Lbra signature and I’m really annoyed by loudness or rudeness or overt inconsideration. I’ve got quite a sharp mind (Scorpio Moon-Uranus in the third, Virgo rising) so I’m really annoyed by wooly thinkers (if a story or an explanation is overlong and windy then my attention is lost and I start seething slightly – mainly the reason why I pay attention to only about 50% of what my husband talks about 😉 )

  12. One time I read an article, I don’t remember when or where or by who, sorry, but it said that when you find that you just can’t stand someone and you don’t know why the answer is likely in the twelfth house. They have sun, or moon or something personally significant in your twelfth. I find Leos to be vapid (which is my 12th coincidentally) but I always thought it had more to do with them not respecting my scorpio stelliums need for them to shut the eff up. Haha, Mostly kidding Leos, mostly.

  13. What one person finds annoying another could find endearing, so I doubt there’s an overall signature. It’s going to be tied to Mercury and Mars mainly I suppose, and how these relate to the rest of our own and A.N. Other’s charts.

    There’s also the theory, isn’t there, that what one finds annoying on others is really what one secretly dislikes in oneself?

    In my senior years I’m trying to feel less annoyed generally, but not always succeeding, especially when it comes to politics and religion.
    Mercury semi-square Jupiter in my natal chart might account for that.

  14. I have found that some Sun conjunt Mars people can be annoying, especially if in the sign of Virgo. That is to me they are annoying….especially when these people are bored…very annoying! I tend to like concise answers to questions and to the point conversations….I get easily annoyed or bothered with long-winded answers that go on forever or hyper analytical answers. Now, on the other hand, I know that I can be annoying to some because when I am onto something I won’t easily let it go…..Mars in Cancer…I can wear some out with my carrying on about a subject, especially with it being opposite my Sun, so argumentative too and confrontational…..whooey!…that doesn’t sound good….hahaha

  15. Lucy — I don’t know if that has to do with a Pisces moon! I have a Pisces moon and if anything I am a bit self-sacrificing.

    He is expert at re-directing every conversation back to himself- no matter what or who else it is originally about.

    Haha! This is not a Pisces trait. I’d say that was more akin to fire.

    Pisceans are sensitive, but we are not self-involved.

  16. Nina, me too. I’d also add selfishness, inability to share, inequality, unfairness. Rubs me the wrong way if it carries on too long. yuck

  17. Avatar

    I can’t stand people who pretend something they’re doing to serve their own purposes is for my benefit.

  18. Hey I‘m like 10 years late to the party … but I would agree strong Mars tend to get irritated quickly (Mars in adverse aspect to personal planet, especially Sun, Moon, Mercury or Uranus for transpersonal). Same goes for Aries placements!

    And constellations that can be annoying as hell to me (although I’m not easily annoyed, lots of Taurus in my Chart) are Mercury square/ opposite/ semi-square (…) Moon people and people with Mercury in hard aspect Jupiter :S

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