Second Saturn Return In Pisces

Pisces mccalls horoscopeElsa, Is the pressure equal for those of us in our second Saturn returns? Could you write more about this or any ways the experience may be different?

– Devonshire on Saturn Return in Pisces, Coming In Hot.

At the time of you first Saturn return, you can say, “I’ve been ’round the block”. You’ve experienced Saturn’s transit though all the signs and house in your chart. At this point you become an astrological adult.

At the time of your second Saturn return, you’ve finished another round. “I’ve been ’round the block more than once!  At this point you are an astrological “older adult”.

How you fare at the time of your Saturn return has a lot to with what you’ve done for the prior 28.5 years but the sign of your Saturn and it’s aspects is another factor. Some people have it easier than other. This is an observable fact. So if you’ve have a harder time than the person next to you, or if it seems this way, it doesn’t necessarily mean you failed at some point. Being hard on yourself during your Saturn return is not smart of helpful. Doing what you need to do, is!

Post your second Saturn return, you’ll be seen by others as an elder. It doesn’t matter if you see yourself that way. Something will occur to let you know this. At that point it’s about defining yourself as an “older adult”.  What kind of older adult to you want to be?

What you did when you were seventeen becomes irrelevant.  What you did when you were thirty is also irrelevant to pretty much everyone but you.

I’m not trying to be mean. Point is, your future is in front of you. You want to take the experience you’ve gained via your trips around the block, and apply it to setting yourself for the next 28.5 years. Because guess what? You may live that long!

Saturn is about security on some level.  People generally don’t shop as much as they get older.  They drive less. It’s common they downscale. You no longer try to keep up with what ‘the kids” are doing, overall.

I’m not saying to isolate yourself from younger people. You just realize that time and energy are more of premium.  If you’d have fought about something or stood in line to buy something when you were thirty-five, at sixty-five, you might pass on that.  You know your energy is diminishing. The job is to set your life up to be sustainable.

It’s fairly common to be blindsided, initially. The second Saturn return often coincides with an “empty nest” of some type. You parent for thirty years and then, wham!  Now what?

If this happens to you, try to find a role model. I’m talking about a person who is older than you who has successfully transitioned to become a defined “elder”.  You may not like this but the core fact that comes with this transit is that you’re older. Your doctor will refer to you as, “elderly”.  Brace yourself, right?

Last, on the other side of your second Saturn return, you’re likely to feel quite good. You’ll know who you are and what you can and can’t do.  You’ll set aside delusions and with Saturn in Pisces, you’re likely to be guru of sorts, meaning a person who is spiritually wise and appropriately compassionate.

Are you having your Saturn Return in Pisces? How’s it going?

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  1. It’s coming…Saturn in Aries here. Interesting that menopause coincided exactly with my Chiron return…that other “elderly” milepost.

  2. “Some people have it easier than other. This is an observable fact. So if you’ve have a harder time than the person next to you, or if it seems this way, it doesn’t necessarily mean you failed at some point. Being hard on yourself during your Saturn return is not smart of helpful. Doing what you need to do, is!”

    Yes to the latter!

    I had a hard time but actually, the worst was close to a year after… and had nothing to do with my choices, was totally out of control. Hit again by such tragic death/losses (Pluto rising).

    natal Saturn in 2nd, a few months before my return was exact I finally let go of a decade chapter that was no longer working and consolidated to confront the shambles of my financial life and started getting serious about improving my relationship with money … something I’d never been taught! no to mention my value/self-worth being tied up in the mix… so, while I had to deal with the consequences I also had to learn to have compassion for myself because all of my choices up until that point were indicative of what I knew/had been modeled (even if poorly so or not at all because of a lack of strong authority in my life). I always had to fend for myself as an adolescent (Aries moon stellium). I did the best I could and “failed” in many ways. But, I agree that the real failure would have been to recognize the mess that was my accumulated reality but not have changed. I did though. I grew up big time, it was a slow process but into my 30s I became a much wiser grounded version of myself.

  3. When I had my 2nd Saturn return I was 59.5. There were eclipses that year in the same sign as my natal Saturn. I certainly had major life changes. I studied astrology at that time, so I looked at it as turning a corner. Plus, I was ready for a change. I really wanted it. Previous to that happening, I became friends with a woman in her late 80s we remained friends until her passing at 95.

  4. I am a 0 degrees Saturn Pisces… coming in hot March 2023! I’ll be 58. I have just come off the Saturn/Uranus squares which have hit my Jupiter MC in Taurus/ and Neptune IC Scorpio (and my Leo ASC). It’s funny as I’m trying to figure out how this has been working for me.

    I won a major leadership award in my sector last year. It was unexpected. I got pro makeup, pro photos and had to do a video. I looked amazing for my age! I work hard for it though – eat properly, exercise & sleep. I’ve taken to heart what EE has said about Saturn returns, which is work hard, Saturn rewards those who work hard. So you know, I worked hard. The last 10 years have been career-focussed. I sat in my basement during the pandemic and worked 10 hour days for 2 years. Tiring? Yes, but I have also kept up my health.

    Yes, empty nester. But it’s okay. We all know it’s coming so I was ready. I have kept my own interests and have a great relationship with my young adult.

    1st time around Saturn in Pisces led me to move cities. It was a long haul of “what am I doing here & why?” So I left, I leapt and it was the best thing. Terrifying but the right thing.

    This time, I’m hoping to leap to a higher, bigger job. Taking my role as an elder stateswoman to heart. I don’t mind. I’ve been working towards this for a long time.

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      Miguel Melchizedek

      Ohh my goodness, so good to have come across your comment re the relocation bit. 👹$ATUrn🪐 is definitely about the roots and its return usually devastates what is not working to provide ‘new grounds’ for the building of the new roots. It all depends on what House 👹$ATUrn🪐 is ruling, gotta take that into account, if One is Libra♎️ or 🐑Aries♈️🔥 Ascendant then it may definitely mean moving to new grounds/city/nation/home situation and building out all that it implies.

      For those with the coming 👹$ATUrn🪐 in 🌊🐟🐠🐡Pisces♓️💦 this may even mean to have more than one base/foundation, to live on a 💦boat💦 😅, or to just have a flowing changeable housing situation but I’d say definitely close to a great 💦water💦 surface, not in the mountains or desert away from the 🌊Sea💦. And it’ll definitely be function of career so career change may be ahead.

      The fact One is looking ahead of the event may prepare one for it, making it not as destructive a 🌊Tsunami💦 but rather like a big tidal 🌊wave💦 one can surf or at least build Noah’s Arc submarine for 😹😅… preemptive type thing.

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    Gabriella L Garlock

    AM I already having my 2nd Saturn Return in Pisces? (1°) –curious about the orbs, how long before and after.

    My father recently passed away at 87 years, not quite his 3rd Saturn Return. As his oldest child, I AM feeling the weight of responsibility. A LOT. 😕

    Funny how I suddenly developed this illusion I could control the emotions/attitudes of my feuding sisters, for my Mom’s sake. As if I could ever replace my Dad. 😞

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    Miguel Melchizedek

    Elsa, what’s your experience with clients where transit Saturn🪐 went over their Natal Saturn🪐 twice in their Saturn🪐 return? I assume the process happened gradually in two stages…

    What about Saturn🪐 stationing for 5 weeks over any of your clients‘ Natal Saturn🪐 before moving on, ending their Saturn🪐 Return?

    I mean, this is really a wake up call! 😳🙀🤯

    Thank you so much for your invaluable service! 🤗

  7. Why do I feel like this second Saturn return stuff already describes a lot of my life? 😂

    How will it be when I actually get there? Haha.

  8. Coming soon and in Pisces. Also, about to get that empty nest. Trying to settle on a move, job, wanting to find a mate in the midst of all this. And feeling intense energy maybe from that, maybe as a Scorpio rising in the current climate.

  9. My return point is 13 degrees Pisces, sometime later this year I believe. I’m staying open and articles like this really help!!!

  10. My second Saturn return in Pisces, in my 5th house…. Father ill with I hope a short road ahead for suffering instead of a long one, younger boyfriend I’m hoping to become my life partner, renovating an old church into residence, self employed and moving away from going big or going home…. sigh. Should be interesting! My friend who dabbles in astrology suggested my father would pass before my return starts. What other indicators should I look for and/ or is this a common theme?

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      Gabriella L Garlock

      Weird! My 2nd Saturn Return near the end of the 5th. My 87-yr old Dad passed a few months ago. But you also have Pluto ploughing up things in your 4th House?

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