Profected Months – Find Your Monthly Ruler!

profection wheelProfections are an amazing way to get insight into the year ahead. Finding the ruler of your year and tracking transits and progressions to that planet is a is a little-used method that offers huge results. But an even less common technique is profected months.

We’ve talked already about profected years. Each year corresponds to a specific house, with special attention being given to which planet rules that house. The profected house changes every year, and this gives you insight into that year.

With profected months, you get something akin to a mini lunar return. You get a sense of what area of life and planetary energy will be highlighted for that month. To calculate, start with the profected house for the year, and calculate from there. Say your birthday is Feb. 3rd, and you are in a 4th house year. From Feb. 3rd to Mar. 3rd, you are also in a 4th house month. Then, from Mar. 3rd to April 3rd, you are in a 5th house month. This progresses by one house every month until your birthday, when you will calculate from a new profected house.

So how do we interpret this? Well, first, a 5th house month is likely to be more lighthearted and creative than a 4th house month. And if your 5th house is ruled by, say, Venus, you should have a really great time connecting with people and creating beauty! If the 5th house is ruled by Saturn instead, you may dedicate your time to creating tangible art.

While this technique is still relatively uncommon, it is gaining traction. I have personally found it to be every bit as valuable as a lunar return for gaining a sense of the month ahead and house to direct my energy. So the next time you’re looking at the coming months, give profections a try and tell us how it goes!

What profected month are you in? Do you think it applies?

9 thoughts on “Profected Months – Find Your Monthly Ruler!”

  1. I’m still lost.
    Another example my be nice. It seems dependent upon ones ASC, but that wasn’t mentioned.

  2. Sure thing! You can profect from the AC, but the method I’m talking about doesn’t.

    -Start with the profected house for the year. You can use the chart above and read a bit more about it in the first post here:
    -For every month that passes, advance the profected house by one. So if you’re in a 3rd house year, and it’s three months past your birthday, you’ll be in a 6th house month.

    Does that make more sense?

    1. It does.
      Thanks for the link too. Reading that gave me a thorough understanding due to the thorough explanation and example given.
      Makes a lot of sense.
      I just had a reading done in person by an astrologer who has been studying for over 50 years. He mentioned, besides Pluto, that Neptune has been an influence for some time.
      I just turned 36. The fog is clearing a little at a time.
      Thanks Midara. This is appreciated. Learning never ends.

  3. I have never looked at this, but oh boy here comes a Scorpio month; we shall see. Thanks for reading my mind, I was wondering how it worked. Another thing like lunar returns that reminds us that everything is always changing no matter how stuck you may feel.

  4. So with profections, the Lord of the Year would be the ruling planet of the NATAL house activated, not the Solar Return house?

    Makes sense if that’s the case, in April I entered my 8th house month … in Cancer. Almost literal with the lockdowns! ?

    May will start 9th house Leo month, which sounds better ?

  5. Interesting. I’m in my 2nd house year (Sept 11 to Oct 11) and next month (May 11 to June 11) I’ll be in my 10th house month. That coincides with Uranus transiting my Midheaven (exact May 7, moves off 7 Taurus May 22) and into my 10th house. Reducing my work hours a bit next month so at the very least gives me a bit more freedom.

  6. I’m terrible at math, so unfortunately I can’t figure this out.
    I know what my annual profection is: 9th house in Aquarius.
    Ruler of the Year: Saturn

    However, I’m lost as far as the Monthly Profection goes. It looks interesting though.

    If anyone wants to lend me their brain.:-)
    My birthday is 11/15/1976

  7. Avatar
    Mr Thomas J Provan

    one would put this together with their SR . And if you had a 12th house year with a cap natal ascendant you would have 1st house month with Saturn prominent in your SR chart, and one could also look at Saturn transits to the natal chart as more prominent?

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