Planetary Joys – Mars in the Sixth House

Mars fireMars – planet of strength, power, and war. Mars is aggression incarnate. He is the burning fire that drives us all forward. And when we think of Mars, we naturally think of the first house. After all, Mars is the tip of the spear, and the first house is where it all begins. But in traditional astrology, Mars is said to rejoice in the sixth house. So what is the connection?

The House

In traditional astrology, the sixth house is known as the House of Bad Fortune. It is the place where all of life’s debris piles up. It is the house of papercuts and dirty dishes, of overwhelming workloads and burning the candle at both ends, of bad bosses and painful illness. It’s where we’re reminded, as Dorothy said on the Golden Girls, “Life is full of crappy stuff to do.”

The Connection

It’s important to remember that, as vital and necessary as Mars is, it is also a malefic. Even in myth, Mars arrives on the battlefield along with the personifications of fear, panic, discord, and bloodshed. In hymns, Mars is said to delight in gore and things that embitter human life. Mars is not always a fun guy to hang out with. And so it makes sense that he finds his joy in the house that does, in fact, embitter life. Mars likes it best when the going gets tough, and it’s rarely tougher than in the sixth house.

However, Mars is more than just a bringer of chaos. He is often associated with smithing, and in this sense, we can call the sixth house a forge. It’s easy to be a good person when everything is going well. It’s easy to be generous when you have more than enough. It’s easy to be kind when the world is kind to you. But it’s the moments when our fortune disappears, our health fails, and our lives become crunched with pain that we really prove who we are. The way that we choose to respond to misfortune is what builds true character. The forge is hot and sweaty, the anvil coarse and rough, and the hammer a shattering force. But we come out of it refined, honed, and sharpened. . We become a weapon.

Or not. What is less known is that Mars also has agricultural associations in his myth. In his Orphic Hymn, he is even implored to give Ceres (goddess of the harvest, among other things) the weapons of the field. And that is the real beauty. A forge doesn’t just make swords. It makes ploughs and shovels and rakes. It makes the tools with which we tend our personal crops. Remember that the sixth house is not only about sickness and pain, but it is also the house of the common people, the peasants, the farmers. Mars in the sixth reminds us that we grow what we put our blood, sweat, and tears into. And if it’s not worth the pain, it’s probably not worth growing.

In the Natal Chart

Regardless of the sign he’s in, if Mars is in the sixth house, he’s going to be of prime importance in your life. Mars exalted in Capricorn will make you able to take anything that life throws at you and make it useful. You can’t be held back. But even if you have Mars in its fall in Cancer, you’ll still be able to fight to keep people together, making sure your little tribe weathers every one of life’s storms. You’ll know how to keep your cool and develop your grit even as you maintain your trademark compassion. Whatever sign Mars is the sixth house is found in, he will make you a finely-tuned machine.

Bringing it Together

The sixth house is where the pressure intensifies and life gets tough. Mars teaches us how tough circumstances can make us even tougher. The sixth house is where we face trials, often through no fault of our own. Mars teaches us that how we respond to those trials is what really matters. The sixth house is where we cultivate the things that belong in our lives and weed out what doesn’t. And Mars gives us the grit and the tools to do both. And when you meet someone with Mars in the sixth, you know you’re dealing with someone who can weather all of life’s obstacles and come out stronger every time.

Do you have Mars in the sixth house, or do you know someone who does? What is it like?

15 thoughts on “Planetary Joys – Mars in the Sixth House”

  1. I *do* have Mars in the 6th, conjunct Neptune by a degree, on the galactic center (Uranus is in there too, not conjunct though) I work for a chiropractor who’s north node conjuncts my Mars/Nep. I love my job, my work family and our patients ?

  2. Yes, I do (libra) my youngest son who has Down’s syndrome and we adore, changed out lives. I had to give up my own business when he developed leukhemia and decided to be his full time carer. He has survived and I’m now home educating him and his older brother. I was afraid I would get depressed but mars has turned the home routine into the workings of a Swiss clock. We work as a team and my busy Aries husband (with his Mars in Taurus) is pleased as punch. The freezer is always full and the garden is overflowing with tomatoes and flowery blooms. There are activities for my son and he’s thriving (I even have plans for a new home-based business for the future) When the odds were stacked against us, Mars helped us pull through and thrive. I’m grateful for that.

  3. I love how astrology can give you a light from unexpected reveals. Like Mars in the 6th House. Mars is not in the 6th in my Natal blueprint, but Uranus is sextile my Mars-Saturn conjunction in Leo. With this insight you’ve given us I see how that Uranus sextile has ignited my actions, health-issues and forged (Saturn and Mars) unexpected tools to tend my ground and survive.
    The joy factor comes into play, as I consider these evolving ‘genetics’ will feed my grandson’s potential. We are not separate though he has his own canoe to paddle for sure.
    Thanks for the expanded view of the 6th House!!

  4. Very true for this Leo Mars in the 6th, although it’s intercepted along with Venus and Uranus in Leo in conj. Work has been a constant challenge in many ways dealing with others random anger and aggressiveness. My daily routine is ever interrupted and I am in constant motion even at 62! I do enjoy gardening, cooking (steel tools again) and keeping a clean and organized household. I am much more disciplined than I was as a teen!

  5. This is a great read, and a great new perspective to consider!! I have Mars in my 6th house Gemini. It sextiles Venus and Chiron, trines Uranus and my MC, and opposes my ASC. So much of this makes so much of my daily life make sense!!

    Folks often describe me as driven, ambitious, motivated, and goal oriented. I’m all of those things and it applies to most areas of life. It has also been very lucrative financially.

    The challenge as I’ve matured (opposition to my Cap ASC) is to become smarter about going after what I truly want, what brings me joy and passion, and what brings me the most value in life. I’ve had to learn to innovate and prioritize myself and my own healing in this life.

    If it doesn’t feed the life I want for myself, then it doesn’t get my energy or focus.

  6. My Libra Mars is in my 6th. It’s conjunct 5th house Virgo Saturn and near my 6th house Pluto. I can be a little intense about struggle and challenges. I’m ready for a fight that is rooted in justice, fairness, etc. I will hold the line. Health is a huge theme in my life and has been one of my biggest struggles. I actually really like 6th house themes even though others can be put off by them.

    Mars is also my chart ruler, which I enjoy! ?

  7. Indeed. I have Mars in the 6th as the leader of a stellium in Capricorn including Neptune, Mercury, and uranus. All very tight in orb. My sun is also in Capricorn and Venus in the 6th. This is a wonderful insight into the 6th house which is often looked over. Trials abound but still I rise. A joyous 5th house sun helps all that heavy cap ?

  8. I do. In Scorpio opposite a 12th house Saturn. That’s a long, slow burn of a life lesson. But man am I great in a crisis.

    Calm like a bomb. My best skills are the culmination of a lifetime of hard work.
    I’m definitely ‘a fixer’. And fine with hard physical labor, that means working on my feet in a restaurant for 12 hrs., mucking 15 stalls to pay for my horses board, getting dirty for the cause.
    I fight for the weak and underprivileged too.

  9. I agree with this interpretation having Mars in Leo in the 6th. It’s conjunct Venus and Uranus in the middle degrees. I’m physically a hard worker and have worked in hot, strenuous and hazardous conditions in the past. I’m in an office now and like to keep tabs on my work tribe. I tend to lead as a boss and push my workers to only turn in their best work. It’s very satisfying. Health-wise i have had fevers that are usually deadly but somehow I pulled through with no damage. I love a good physical workout routine even at 63!

  10. I have mars in the 6th, in Taurus, not a happy house or sign for mars. I loved this article; no dancing about, just telling the gritty truth straight, and it helped me make sense of the frustrated energy. I have found a way to not only make peace but to use this tough mars placement to an advantage.

  11. I have mars in the 6th house. Great positive explanation. I will add if my mercury activates my mars, i am prone to headaches. If my mars is squaring, I tend to have more physical “accidents” (ex. Dropping something on my foot, breaking a toe. Cutting a finger with a knife, needing stitches.) I will agree when I am more calm with chaos around. I am also more adapt to pay attention to details.

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